Currently February 2019

Oh, hi! I figured it was time for a Currently-styled post since my last one seems to have been back in November.


Currently Watching:

All my shows!

  • Manifest on NBC – SO SO GOOD. Did you see Monday’s episode yet?
  • FBI on CBS- Love it.
  • Siesta Key on MTV – Not loving it this season. Anyone else?
  • I Am Jazz on TLC- Finally had her surgery.
  • My Big Fat Fabulous Life on TLC- Really good season, do you agree? Love Babs. She is the best. Did you see the one when Whitney takes her to the gym for the first time?

And of course, Say Yes To The Dress on TLC. I always said that the best part of getting divorced was knowing one day I would get to pick another wedding dress!

Sometimes I forget that I’ve written articles for Kleinfeld (through work) and that I attended Bridal Fashion Week. I need to make sure I go again this fall!¬†I just love wedding gowns. ūüôā


Currently Reading:

Who has time to read when you have so many shows to stay on top of watching? I could use a light-hearted book to read, though. Any suggestions?

Currently Eating:

Call me boring at this point but it is either salad or pizza, or salad and pizza.

greek salad

I did go with a veggie slice instead of a margarita slice the other day — I missed my margarita slice while eating this so next time, it’s back to my usual order.


Currently Running Out Of:

Frozen blueberries. I put so many in my oatmeal every day that I can’t even keep up with myself.

frozen blueberries

Current Excitement:

DO YOU SEE WHO IS IN FIRST PLACE?! Do you know what this is like for me?! Do you understand this is a rare occurrence?!

Islanders first place

Currently Running Love:

I bought these GapFit High Rise Full Length¬†leggings in Eclipse and I LOVE THEM. I want to wear them for every run!¬†They are super soft, stay up when you run and don’t overly suck you in. I do not like to feel so compressed!

Product Details:

The full-coverage fabric is a studio-to-street essential with flexible compression and an all-around soft feel.

  • Breathable, lightweight high-performance interlock fabric with built-in softness. Sheer proof with maximum coverage.
  • gDry Moisture Wicking helps keep your skin dry.
  • Medium compression smooths and supports during your workout.
  • Four-way stretch allows freedom of movement while providing superior shape retention.
  • Elongating flatlock contouring seams create smooth lines and help prevent chafing.
  • Smooth, flat wide waistband increases comfort and support.
  • Built-in hidden pocket at waistband.

I also bought this GapFit Breathe Long Sleeve Top¬†in white– I love how soft it is while having lycra to it to make it stretchy. Very comfortable! It’s on sale so I will probably grab a few more.

Current Lip Love:

Dior Lip Glow in the Rose Gold

The Dior Lip Glow is my favorite sheer lip balm that has a touch of color so it’s perfect for wearing every day in place of lipstick. I recently bought the Rose Gold and really like it. It’s so very pretty.

Dior Lip Glow Rose Gold


Current Fascination:

My Adidas Solar Boosts¬†are still going strong. THEY ARE FROM JULY! It’s slightly unreal to me to not need a new pair of running shoes yet! Like, I know I run so much less than I used to but still! When you are used to replacing your running shoes every 3-4 months and then you find yourself in month 7, not feeling the burn out yet in your shoes. This is a¬†new experience.

running Adidas solar boost

It’s supposed to snow later today but I do believe I can get outside this morning to run! Totally looking forward to it, have a great day!

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If you are married, what did your wedding dress look like? Do you watch Say Yes To The Dress?

Favorite shows right now?

Do you have a favorite lip balm? Do you use the Dior Lip Glow? Which color?








Currently! November 2018

I haven’t written a Currently post in FOREVER so when I started putting together a Friday Favorites post, I realized I was more interested in structuring it Currently style.

So here we go!


Currently Watching:

Manifest on NBC: Is anyone else watching this show? It’s a little out there with the story line but I do like it.

You on Lifetime:¬†I first learned of this show last month while on the subway when a girl thought that I was the lead character, Beck, played by Elizabeth Lail. This isn’t the first time I’ve been in the city and people stop me thinking I’m someone famous but it’s usually for Renee Zellweger.

Not sure I see the resemblance with this actress¬†but I guess if you don’t know me and see the poster for this show on the subway, you just assume I’m the actress in the picture. HA.

90 Day Fiance on TLC: A new season just started so I’m working on learning the people and their stories. Always a good time.

FBI on CBS: Sometimes I like it, sometimes I fall asleep. It’s not as good as Homeland in my opinion but it’s the New York office so hey, I need to watch. This week’s episode I think was the best yet!

Currently Listening To:

Anything by Halsey. Her new song, Without Me, is my favorite. I’m also still loving One Kiss by Calvin Harris/Dua Lipa ¬†and Perfect by Ed Sheeran. When those songs come on the radio or while I’m running, I never turn them off.

Currently Loving:

This isn’t one you are expecting. What I am loving right now is work-related. I LOVE the challenge of fitting language into specific word counts. Give me your 15, 25, or 50 word count requirements and I will take your lengthy paragraphs of rambling text and make it fit perfectly while still getting the message executed. It’s so much fun for me! You have no idea. I really do enjoy it.

Currently Eating:

Limited list here. Pizza. And salad. Sometimes it’s a salad for lunch and pizza for dinner and sometimes it’s a salad for lunch with pizza and another salad for dinner.


I’ve also been making pizza bagels again for dinner (using whole wheat bagels) with a side salad. I need to remember to take a picture of my pizza bagel next time!

Currently Shopping:

I don’t only shop for clothes. Mostly clothes, but sometimes other things. This week it’s throw blankets. I want a new one for the couch and a new one for my room!

I found these at Pottery Barn Teen!

Cozy Pom Pom Throw Рon sale!

Pintuck Plush Throw Рon sale! In the pink, I think this is the one I will ultimately get.

St. Jude Faux Fur Throw – I love the light gray with white heart plus for every St. Jude product you purchase starting October 1, 2018, while supplies last, PBteen will donate 25% of the purchase price to St. Jude Children‚Äôs Research Hospital¬ģ helping support research and treatment for childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. I even like this one for the couch in the den!

And then some dresses! As I mentioned in Monday’s post, I have a few parties coming up. Even though I already have my dresses, I started thinking maybe I should look around to make sure there isn’t another dress I like better.

I saw this Aqua Smocked Velvet Dress and this short-sleeved velvet dress too. I may need to try them on.

And then I liked this Lace Inset Ruffle Dress and this sequined velvet fit and flare dress. Sequins + velvet + vintage rose color = so me! Also LOVE this Saylor Plunging Satin Mini Dress. Ugh, so many to choose from!

Listen, if I could wear this Bailey 44 dress to every event, I would. But I can’t. So I need other options.

Bailey 44 dress

Currently Wondering:

What are you watching? Eating? Listening to? Shopping for?

Are you starting your holiday shopping? Do you need my help with gift guides? Let me know what I should search for and put together!

Currently! (March 2018) + My E-book Update!


The last Currently post that I wrote was back in October. That’s not okay! Currently posts are a fun way to share some of the things I’m up to, interested in, and doing so I need to write these posts more often!

currently march 2018


The Islanders season slip away. it’s getting painful although I’m trying my best to toughen up, accept it, and move on to baseball.

Also, Siesta Key ended for the season. Sometimes I feel pathetic that I love an MTV reality series with people who are almost 20 years younger than me but then again, I don’t really feel my age.

So what am I watching? That’s a good question. ¬†I’m waiting for Imposters to start up again April 5 and Younger should start at some point in the spring/early summer.

Currently Wearing….

HEELS. I’m on a mission to wear the heels in my closet whenever I go out at night. At some point I started getting lazy in the heels and high wedge department and that needed to change. A girl should wear her heels!

high heels

Currently Craving…

I would like a repeat of my dinner of Thursday night at Rothmann’s please. Gosh I have always LOVED Rothmann’s. I also really love going out for nice dinners on Thursday nights. It’s not something I do as often as I did a bunch of years ago (Thursday nights became a regular out for dinner night after my divorce) but I think it’s time to try to bring Thursday night back when I can.

Rock shrimp tempura in a spicy peanut sauce was delicious but I need to always be mindful of how much “tempura” I eat because my body doesn’t love fried food. A little bit I can handle, more than a little bit can upset my stomach.

Rothmans rock shrimp

Rothmann’s makes a true quality sushi roll. Note the onion strings on the table. Uh huh, more fried food but¬†I LOVE onion strings!

rothmans sushi

Current Excitement…

I told you scrunchies were back! Do you know that I let out a high pitch happy giggle when I spotted this scrunchies display at Francesca’s the other day?! I was only in the store to kill some time before picking my son up from the gym and I was so pleasantly surprised!


Definitely get this pack or this pack! I love the velvets!

Currently Ordering…

I’m so NOT an online shopper BUT sometimes I do get inspired (and carried away).

Bloomingdales order

Bloomingdale’s had one of their sales this weekend (buy more save more!) so I ordered a few new things!

I had been waiting to get these  Splendid Sccop Neck Camisoles (I bought the black and the white) plus I ordered these Juicy Black Label Studded Joggers and this cute white off the shoulder dress for summer.

I try to stick to classic wardrobe staples and quality brands because then I know I can count on durability and the ability to wear what I buy season after season. This way, if¬†I spend a little more,¬†I know it’s worth it.

Currently Can’t Believe…

I was a guest on Dr. Oz exactly 5 years ago!! I wrote this post as a recap of my experience 5 years ago today. How crazy is that?! Did you know I was a guest on Dr. Oz?!

This picture of me in the dressing room with my half-opened eyes (it was early!) is so funny to me. I remember sitting there like it was yesterday waiting to be taken back for hair and makeup before getting dressed to be on air.

guest on dr. oz

I was a guest on Dr. Oz to discuss the topic of “healthy revenge after divorce”. The timing of the anniversary of my Dr. Oz experience is so ironic in a way because I’m currently in the process of finalizing my No-Nonsense Guide To Divorce and Co-parenting¬†E-book so that it can be available for download! I wrote the guide a few years ago when I was given the e-book deal on this topic. Long story short, I took over the rights to publish it myself — but then never did.

Until now. I decided it was finally time to get this guide ready and out there so that my readers who are going through a divorce and learning how to co-parent can benefit from my experiences!

I’m REALLY excited about this!¬†When I read through my draft over the weekend, the content is still bringing tears to my eyes. It’s not that it’s sad, it’s more that I cannot believe I wrote it and that I wrote it SO WELL. I just know that the content in my e-book guide will help people because the words still help me!

I will share more about this when it’s ready. ūüôā

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How was your weekend? Best thing you ate?

What’s are you currently watching, eating, ordering, and/or excited about?


Currently (October 2017)



The last Currently post I shared was in July so it was definitely time to put another one together!


Currently Watching:

A few of my favorite series ended for now (Younger and Siesta Key) but it’s okay, I still have the new season of the Kardashians going for me plus my 90 Day Fianc√© to watch on TLC! Gosh, we love 90 Day Fianc√©. Please please please tell me you watch too?

Also, hockey season is back which means I’m busy watching games again! We even went to the Islanders game Saturday night which makes for three regular season home games plus a preseason game already under our belts for this season.


Currently Reading:

I wish I could say there’s a light-hearted, chick lit novel like old times on my night stand right now but there isn’t. One of these days I will get back into my reading groove in the evening. For now though, scrolling Islanders gossip on Twitter plus my usual internet reads are going to count as all of the reading I do in my spare time.

This link especially, 10 Best Designer Handbags To Invest In,¬†¬†caught my attention. Most of my designer handbag investments happened years ago and I can still use those bags today. A classic bag never goes out of style so they can definitely be worth their money. If you need my help in rationalizing a handbag purchase that may equal a mortgage payment, just let me know. I’m here to help. ūüôā

Currently Listening To:

I’m still enjoying Pandora’s thumbprint Radio station while I run since it plays a great mix of all of the songs I like to hear. While Pink’s What About Us is still a current favorite of mine, I can’t let go of my all time favorite Air Supply song which 80s on 8 was playing all weekend!

Making Love Out Of Nothing At All is definitely THE BEST love song ever or at the very least, a top 5 best ever love song if you ask my opinion.


air supply

Currently Eating:

Sushi has my heart.


But so does pizza. I inhaled this pizza at the Islanders game the other night. Like really, inhaled. I wonder if the people around me noticed.

Whatever, I was STARVING. We had to take the train which was an extra long ride because of track work plus we still had to do the dreaded change at Jamaica so I worked up an appetite in that prolonged process. When are the Islanders going to move out of Brooklyn already?!


Currently Craving:

Per the usual, chocolate cake. We know chocolate cake is my love language.

chocolate molten cake

Currently Wearing:

So the weather here in New York still feels like summer, or at least spring, which means I can’t get into a fall wardrobe groove and never know what to wear. Are shorts finished? Will I be hot in a sweatshirt?

I end up living in the off the shoulder sweatshirts with my Lululemon Align crops as pictured here from Saturday when I was at Dior’s national makeup event.

I bought a new Dior brown eye liner which is a switch from my typical black liner along with a new Diorskin Forever Undercover concealer, and Diorshow Black Out mascara. 

Oh, and if you aren’t already using Dior Flash Luminizer Radiance Booster Pen, you need it. It brightens your face, doubles as a concealer at times and gives you a nice, highlighted bright appearance.

Dior Makeup

And then I walked through Bloomingdales and decided we may need this cold-shoulder sweatshirt.

Currently Laughing About:

I can make any situation funny which is one of my finer qualities. Of course there are certain things one shouldn’t laugh at but you know what I mean.¬†In general, my friends and I take the serious life stuff (and the not so serious stuff) and find a way to make the situation absolutely hilarious. We are not exactly normal but we are REALLY FUNNY and, what’s normal anyway?

The world of GIF images in text messages has been helping us when we need to back up our already funny conversation with an unrelated yet somehow related image to add to our humor.

This weekend it became the classic scene from Dirty Dancing. I carried a watermelon (but I didn’t actually carry a watermelon yet now we can laugh about this scene plus what we were laughing at, get it?) HA.

Currently On My List For This Week:

I’ve become really bad at using my planner to list out everything I need to do which is not good! I’m mentally more organized when I write things down but lately I’m just out of the habit.

Here are the important things I think I really need to remember to do in addition to my usual routine:

Call my son’s teen tour and sign him up for next summer! The early bird rate ends this week so I gotta make sure I get my deposit in!

Host a work webinar on Wednesday with Warner Bros.! You know I love my job and this week I get to chat live with the team at Warner Bros. Events to learn what it’s like to host events on the Warner Bros. studio lots in Hollywood. How cool?!

I think I have a teacher conference or two to attend this week too. This time of year is when we make appointments to meet for literally five minutes with each teacher one on one. Thankfully my son is doing AWESOME so far in high school. I am very proud.

Have a great week!

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Best thing you ate over the weekend?

How is the weather by you? Is it unusually warm or cold?


Currently (July 2017)


Have I ever shared a Currently type of post? I don’t even know, all I know is that I currently feel over the place so maybe talking about some of the things I am currently doing will help my brain to get organized for the week.


Currently Watching:

All of MY SHOWS are on right now!

Younger just started season four on TV Land. You have to watch it, we are addicted.

90 Day Fiance, Happy Ever After? is back! Please tell me you watch 90 Day Fiance?! I have been obsessed for years and love when they do the Happily Ever After shows so that we see what happens after all of the drama of getting married.

I Am Jazz < – Another great TLC show. Do you watch it?

Odd Mom Out started again on Bravo! This season’s opener with what the parents bring to sleep away camp visiting day is hysterical and on target, especially with the Lester’s reference. I loved that part.

Currently Craving:

Nothing. I haven’t a craving for anything specific at the moment at all. It’s the weirdest thing! When I am asked where I want to go for dinner, my answer is usually I don’t care or more recently, I answered with, “I don’t care. I could eat chocolate chips for dinner and be happy.”

I even left the house the other day thinking I wanted a Red Mango parfait for lunch but changed my mind on the way, deciding I wanted a salad from Chopt instead. Maybe this is simply a case of intuitive eating. I don’t think about what I want to eat until right before it’s time to eat and at that point, I just make some sort of decision.

Chopt salad

The only foods I am currently guaranteed to eat on a regular basis right now are peanut butter, chocolate chips and watermelon.

Trader Joe's semi sweet chocolate chips

Currently Learning:

My new MacBook Air. I am slowly coming around, really I am. It’s just my photo library organization and the transferring of my old files that has me a little bit confused. I’m trying to stay calm, not rush the process and take it each day at a time, rather than attempt to have it all working exactly how I want it to work right away. I have no interest or time to devote to freaking out over a computer. Instead, I just go with the flow and assume it will all come together at some point soon.


Currently Wearing:

I am currently living in the J Crew Vintage Cotton T-Shirts I have mentioned in previous posts. These J Crew T-Shirts have become my uniform during the day, especially on weekdays! It’s so easy to throw on one of these t-shirts with pair of jean shorts or sweat shorts and call myself dressed.

I also adore this Abercombie off the shoulder dress I told you about a while back. Although I despise selfies where you can see the phone in my hand, I want you to see the dress so please excuse me. It’s so comfortable and cute for summer!

Abercrombie off shoulder dress

Also from Abercrombie, I bought this  ruffle off the shoulder shoulder top (in a grayish/blue) and this cute tie cami tank top in white but now I want every color.

Current Songs:

In addition to remaining obsessed with 80’s on 8 and 90’s on 9 while driving, Pandora (which I listen to while I run) added a new station called Thumprint Radio. It plays a whole mix of songs from what I have previously given a thumps up over the years. It is the best station ever! I never find myself wanting to change the song while I am running which is huge for me.

This week I got all excited to hear my old favorite, It’s All Coming Back To Me. This has always been one of my favorites which I tend to play on repeat. I even wrote about playing on repeat in this post back in 2015!

all coming back to me now

Currently Laughing About:

Anything and everything with Meaghan and Heather. I am telling you, the three of us can be an absolutely hysterical (okay and maybe evil) trio. We had Heather on the phone with us while we were driving the other night and there were periods of time where none of us could speak because we were laughing so hard no sound was coming out. It really looked like this picture from the Bar Mitzvah all over again.

My cheeks were still hurting by Friday morning Thursday night’s round of laughing.

bar mitzvah

Currently Packing:

My son came home Friday night from what he deemed, “the best week of his life.” The kids were in Boston and Cape Cod for the week and he had an amazing time. It was clear to me that he was having a blast because I barely heard from him. I told him in advance that I would not text him and that it was up to him if he felt like checking in with me. I trust the teen tour program and counselors so I know he is in good hands. If something were wrong, they would tell me.¬†I want him to feel free to enjoy himself without¬†worrying about what his mother is doing or feeling as though he needs to check in with me.

He did at some point send me this picture of his hotel breakfast though most likely to annoy me.


I am currently packing him back up because he leaves again this morning! I feel like I am reliving my childhood through him at the moment. My teen tour days are some of my fondest memories of camp. It’s such a great age to be off on these trips with camp friends, finding independence and exploring different states and activities. Of course I didn’t appreciate it back then and of course he can’t fully appreciate it either but hopefully one day, he thanks me fully for giving him the opportunity. When I see him so happy and excited about where he has been/where he is going, it really makes it worth every last penny.

On a side note, you may know my camp best friend,¬†Alison Morris, from my teen tour days. She’s a news reporter for Fox 5 New York but had stints in Connecticut and Pittsburgh too! Since she’s a runner, I had asked her to give us a little bit of insight into how she juggles her workout routine and training for marathons while having such a busy job. I need to get back to her on that post!

Currently On My List For This Week:

I REALLY need a new pair of my Adidas Energy Boosts. It’s not even funny anymore! I felt them start to burn out a few weeks ago so I know I am on borrowed time right now.

HEATHER IS COMING ON WEDNESDAY! As you already know, Heather lives in Florida so the fact that she will be in New York this week is extremely exciting for me. I cannot wait to see her! Lots of shopping, eating and laughing is on the schedule for us in the city this week.

This picture of us from the Bar Mitzvah reminds me that I also need to add to my to do list finalizing the pictures for albums and portraits already. Ugh, I am so overdue with doing that.

heather and me

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Which shows are you currently watching? Any of my favorites?

Which 3 foods are you guaranteed to eat lately?

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