Workouts & Playlists

I am always coming up with a new workout routine to share as well as constantly updating my playlists so be sure to check back often!

Treadmill Running Series:


Treadmill Racing

Mental Thought Process For Treadmill Running – breaking down the mile

Treadmill “Speed Play” Workout

Fun Running Workout

Treadmill Workout (with intervals)

Peak In The Life Of A Treadmill Long Run – positive thinking

Treadmill Workout with Progressions

Long Run Pacing For Treadmill

Make It Through A Mile Workout

Treadmill Workouts To Try This Winter

For My Love Of Pure Barre:


pure barre from home

Why I Signed Up For Pure Barre

Pure Barre From Home

Pure Barre Pure Results Review/Pure Barre From Home Update

Pure Barre Tone in 10 Review

Pure Barre On Demand Review

Pure Barre Pure Results (focus on thighs) Review


13 Mile Long Run Workout

Run By Time Tempo Workout

Turkey Trot Running Roundup

Negative Split Workout:

running workout

Tempo Interval Workout:

New 8 Mile Workout which is engaging and challenging in a good way! Work on your tempo paces and customize it to fit your current training plans



Speed Workout:

speed workout

5k Workout

5k workout


10K Speed Workout

10k speed workout



Elliptical Machine: Tips & Workout Round Up

30 Minute Cardio Burning Workout

elliptical workout

progression interval workout

taper week workout plan

Mind Games To Play While Running

Pros and Cons of Treadmill Running

Guest Post from the fabulous Cait Chock, The Arty Runner Chick


Top 10 Favorite Running Songs- Playlist

Stadium Series Running Playlist <– favorite!

Awesome 80’s Playlist

Don’t miss the rest of my running fun!

Race Recaps

Running Essentials

How To’s, Tips & Advice


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