Friday Favorites (Glossier at Sephora!)

This week totally got away from me but I wanted to pop in today with some favorites worth discussing!

Friday Favorites

Glossier at Sephora!

Glossier is now available at Sephora! I’ve been writing about my favorites from Glossier for a few years now so it’s really nice to have it available in-person at Sephora.

glossier order

If you are new to Glossier, here are my top picks:

Lash Slick – Best everyday mascara!

Cloud Paint – A really pretty cream blush, a little goes a long way so it lasts a long time!

Balm Dot Com – My holy grail lip balm, get the unscented and then try one of the other varieties.

Haloscope – A natural, easy to apply highlighter.

Stretch Concealer – Excellent, easy to apply and wear concealer.

Also from Sephora, I recently bought the Ilia Lip Oil. It feels really nice on the lips and the color stays put. I’ve been alternating this lip oil with my favorite Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip Plumps. I never loved a gloss as much as I love these from Tarte!

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Fashion Favorites

I think I like these shorts with the matching top from Aerie for summer days at the beach, or after the beach.

Ohhh, a straw belt bag – so cute for summer.

I love Melissa sandals and this pair has my name all over them.

I’m finally ordering this star print denim jacket today. It’s still on sale and I will regret it otherwise.

I’m really trying not to need this mini clear cosmetics case from Calpak but the pink one has my attention.

How cute are these bow sandals from J.Crew?

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Friday Favorites (Glossier + Glowbar + Fashion)

I don’t know how it’s Friday already but I will take it! All week I was on call for jurty duty but each day at 5:00 PM when I called in, I was told by the recording to call back the next day. Well here we are at the end of the week and I didn’t have to appear and have been released from “duty” — I’m a very happy person!

I have a few favorites to share from the week, let’s take a look…

Glow Bar

I had my monthly 30-minute facial at GlowBar a few days ago — I these appointments so much! It’s just 30 minutes during which the esthetician decides which treatments your skin needs at that moment. Every appointment at Glowbar follows a format but looks a little different in terms of treatments and products used because your skin may require more or less hydration or exfoliation — I love the personalized attention.


Glossier Lip Balm

I placed a new Glossier order to restock what I think is the best lip balm – Glossier’s Balm dotcom.

I like to have several tubes available to me at all times. One for my gym bag, one for my makeup bag, one in my bathroom, and at least one unopened on reserve.

I ordered the Balm Dotcom trio which lets you pick three types while saving a few dollars. I chose two more unscented plus a birthday cake version for the light scent and sparkle.

These two tubes below were actually both in my makeup bag at once – in winter espcially, I can never have enough.


Oh! And I also ordered a Body Hero Exfoliating Bar for the shower! I will let you know what I think of it – I’ve heard great reviews but never bought it to try for myself until now.

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I noticed that lululemon has the Court Rival High-Rise Skirt in Sonic Pink. I lived in the white skirt last year, how could I not get pink?

Now is the time to shop lululemon’s We Made Too Much section for winter running accessories. Grab them on sale and use them this year or put away for next winter!

The belt bag in pink pastel is still in stock.

This full-zip sweatshirt in white from Aerie is right up my alley.

Already shopping beach cover-ups dresses for summer.

My Alo socks are my favorite socks. I need more pairs immediately.

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Friday Favorites (Stoney Clover + Fashion + Beauty)

Lots of Friday Favorites to discuss today!

Friday Favorites

Stoney Clover

Okay first, Stoney Clover. The fuchsia launch last week has me viewing the site every day trying to decide which pouch I might need. The open top with the mirror is a style I do not have – yet. But the classic small is always so useful to have in my Stoney Clover collection.

I do like the keychain wallet even though I have one in another color — the bright pink is so pretty.

Also! Stoney Clover brought back the classic clear mirror open top now too! I’m debating between the bubblegum and the flamingo pink.

Shopbop has many items from Stoney Clover including the fuchsia collection too.

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I LOVE this bubble skirt.

Rhinestones on sandals are very me.

These sandals are so pretty for every day while still looking a little more dressed.

This star print denim jacket is on sale!

If you are still trying to get your hands on a lululemon belt bag, there seem to be plenty back in stock at the moment.

The Alo Yoga fanny pack is back in stock too.

Do I need another water bottle from lululemon? I like this color combo a lot. The amount of compliments I get on my lulu water bottle at the gym isn’t even normal at this point. People love mine so much and how it always matches my outfits. I like that these water bottles look nice but they also wash really well – considering I use it every day, they are really worth the investment.

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I’m on the hunt for the new lip balm from Lawless. It’s already sold out on Sephora’s site.

I did recently buy the Lawless Forget the Filler Overnight Lip Plumping Mask. I definitely like it and recommend it but I still really like the lip mask from Tatcha too. The Tatcha lip mask is a little thicker – which I like at night! I put the Lawless one on in the morning before leaving for the gym, so I do use it as more than an overnight lip mask. I like the cooling sensation it offers while also hydrating the lips. The Tatcha mask does not have a cooling sensation.

I’m considering the Makeup By Mario Plumping Lip Serum because I tried on the petal shade and it looked pretty. But still not sure — I like the Tarte gloss and I think it stays on longer. And It’s not like I need a new lip gloss right now!

However, I’m also considering these tinted lip balms from Tower 28 Beauty.

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Have a great weekend!

Friday Favorites (Food + Fitness + Fashion + Finds)

It’s suddenly Friday and I don’t know how that happened! This week flew by in a real blur for me.

Favorite Food

I finally had lunch at The Shed!

It was easier to get a table this week so I was very excited. My friend and I both had the veggie bowl (shocker) – it was delicious. I could see by looking around at what everyone else was eating why the restaurant is so popular – the pancake stacks, waffles, various bowls, and burgers really looked so so delicious.


Favorite Fitness

This week feels like a blur to me. I know I took a barre class on Monday and ran both Monday and Tuesday, but it all feels blended together.

I did get to the Thursday morning yoga class yesterday which is such a good one — her flows are a little more challenging but I can keep up which makes me happy.


Favorite Fashion

This isn’t the best time of year for shopping because it’s a bit early to think about spring and I already have the winter clothes I need. I am going to Florida soon but I really don’t need to buy anything for the trip.

However, there are some decent sales going on!

Splendid is having a HUGE SALE.

Bloomingdale’s is running a long weekend sale with an extra 40% off a lot of already-on-sale items.

J.Crew has a long weekend, Epic sale with lots of discounts to take advantage of — use code EPIC.

Stoney Clover launched their Valentine’s Day collection yesterday – some pieces are already sold out but grab what you can while you can!

Favorite Find

I’ve talked about Olive & June nail polish products in the past (and you can get a lot of them at Target!) but right now, my favorite finds from Olive & June are the hand serum and hand/foot scrub. Both products are made with quality, clean ingredients and get the job done. The scrub is not harsh and leaves my skin so soft and smooth. And the hand serum – I love it! It adds a fragrance-free silkiness to my skin before I add moisturizer on top — no dry skin for me, that’s for sure!

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Quick Round of Friday Favorites

Friday snuck up on me this week!

I have a quick round of favorites to share so let’s jump right into things.


I took two barre classes this week and love them so much. While I said last week that I just cannot pick a favorite Equinox class, I’m always so happy during barre — really brings me back to my Pure Barre days.

Both classes used 2 lb weights and a ball, along with bands, blocks, and straps. So much variety for those little isometric movements!



I get very excited when Z Supply launches its Valentine’s Day capsule. I love the Classic Heart Joggers which match the Happy Heart Long Sleeve Top and Tank Bra. There’s also shorts to match this set. The material is SO SOFT.

The Gap does a heart print pajama set this time of year too.

These Converse Run Star HIke sneakers are cool.

I don’t run outside right now but this It’s Rulu Run Long Sleeve Shirt in the Pink Peony has my attention. Also, packs of scrunchies are on sale – always worth it.

Big sales going on at Shopbop. I’m a sucker for skirts like this. You really have to dig around and sort the sale to find what you may like. A few Stoney Clover items are included in the sale – always worth checking out.

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I bought this facial roller at Target recently and really like it. I was using a Gua Sha but I dropped it on the floor and it cracked in half.

I get monthly facials at Glow Bar for the last six months and really love the results and experienced. I asked the esthetician the other day if she feels facial rollers/gua sha tools are really worth the hype and she said YES. It’s a really small investment of time and money so it’s worth trying if you haven’t.

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Have a great weekend!

2022 Top Favorites From The Year

There’s no denying that 2022 was the most turbulent year of work I’ve ever had in my life.

Literally beginning January 1, up until last month, work wasn’t the same as in the past.

It was a wild year but an incredible 8-year career at the company. For someone like me who never cared AT ALL about having a career, I learned so much over the years, became a director of marketing, and managed worldwide teams — many who are now lifelong friends.

Even though work really took center stage for me in 2022, I did have favorites throughout the year that are worth highlighting!

3 Trips To Florida


I can’t believe I made it to Florida three times this year! Two of those trips were solely vacations to see Heather while one was work-related and coincided with Heather because we work in the same industry. You just can’t make it up that we both ended up working in the events industry — life works in mysterious ways for sure.


Florida Posts

Florida Trip March 2022

Florida Trip July 2022

Florida Trip October 2022

I’m already planning my next trip to Florida for early in the new year. Stay tuned!

Joining Equinox

I said this in Monday’s post — joining Equinox was the best decision I made all year. I love how it all worked out too. With the change to my job, I actually have the time to try all the classes at various class times vs only the classes early in the morning. I’m a lady of leisure for now and loving every second!

But don’t ask me to pick a favorite class, because I can’t.


5 Favorite Beauty Products

I narrowed down my top 5 favorite beauty product finds from 2022 — not easy to do and this is in no particular order!

Charlotte Tilbury Highlighter Wands

Tarte Juicy Lip Plump

Elf Halo Glow Liquid Filter

Skinfix products

Milk Makeup Sunshine Skin Tint

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Bonus: Favorite Beauty Product Dupes From Target

5 Workout Apparel Favorites

I invested in a lot of new workout apparel this year, these are my top 5 favorites in no particular order!

Alo Glow Sweatbands

Lululemon Sculpt Tank

Alo Emulate Bra

Lululemon Base Pace Tights

Lululemon Power Stride Socks

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Stoney Clover Favorites

Who can forget the Stoney Clover X Target collaboration? That was so much fun to shop.

Stoney Clover target

I continue to use what I bought during that collaboration but really took advantage over the summer at the beach by using the Stoney Clover beach towel, pouches, and beach bag!


In addition to the Target collaboration purchases, my favorite Stoney Clover purchase of the year was the pink terry hat with embroidered pearl letter M that I got for my birthday. I lived in it all summer!


Favorite Food

I can’t end this post without picking a favorite food from the year. My quick response is a bagel with vegetable cream cheese. Definitely my favorite post-run meal!


Have a great holiday weekend and a very happy new year. 🙂

P.S. – my blog turns 10 in January, it’s crazy how time flies!

Cupcakes and Friday Favorites

I’ve had a really tough week work-wise.

Really tough.

Honestly, it’s been a really hard year at work in comparison to the many years I’ve been with my company but this week was the hardest one yet.

I stopped for a cupcake one day to make myself feel better.


And then I figured I should pull together my list of favorites from the week to bring me out of the work stuff and into the happier stuff.

Friday Favorites

Can we discuss that Stoney Clover launched an exclusive to Bloomingdale’s collection?! How cute is this pouch with the iconic Bloomingdales patch?!

I love the FortyCarrots frozen yogurt patch too. It looks just like the giant Forty Carrots frozen yogurt I enjoy eating while I walk around Bloomingdales.

Speaking of Stony Clover, I’ve been debating a jumbo fanny pack and especially love this one for winter which is available through Shopbop too.

My favorite black cashmere dress is on sale – totally get it if you want a classic.

I love these pink pajamas with the sweet little bows. It’s a total plus that the material is so soft.

And I keep coming back to these black faux fur gloves with the pink hearts in the center. I can always use another pair of gloves!

Oh, how cute is this Bubble Knit Pom Beanie from lululemon? I love it in the pink.

If you can get online to Alo Yoga today in time to still make their SITEWIDE SALE, do it!

As a reminder, Alo Yoga makes my favorite sports bra for running and I can’t live without the headbands,

From this sale, I will likely grab the Keep It Dry Fitness Zip Pouches for my gym bag.

And I love the Alo Yoga coats! I’ve been eyeing this Knock Out Faux Fur Jacket.

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Have a nice weekend!

Lululemon + GapFit Finds plus Sephora Sale!

Oh my goodness, I have so much to catch up with you on regarding recent purchases and Friday Favorites!

I don’t even know where to begin so let’s just jump right in, starting with workout apparel.

Sit down, this is a long post filled with great finds!

What I Bought From Lululemon

I ordered a few new things from lululemon and was very excited when they arrived on Wednesday!


I bought another Sculpt Tank, in white. I love these tanks for running and for spin.

I have the Energy Long Line Bra in sonic pink but wanted another one so I bought it in black. It looks nice on its own or with something over it.

I have the Energy High Neck Longline Bra in white so this time I chose the Moonlit Magenta (which looks like a bright lavender). I wear this bra on its own (so nothing over it).

The Uplifting Bow Scrunchies were on sale so I bought a few colors.

And this Hold Tight long-sleeve top, which is not for workouts but for every day, is already my favorite and I haven’t worn it yet. It fits incredibly and is soft, stretchy, and just perfect.

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What I Bought From The Gap

With cold weather approaching, I realized that I needed some tops that I could throw on over tank tops and sports bras either at the gym or to and from the gym under a jacket.

I’m still a huge fan of GapFit for certain items and after ordering a bunch of long sleeve tops at a really great price, I’m here to say that you need them too.

First, this is actually a GapFit Breathe Shrunken Short Sleeve T-Shirt, not a long sleeve. But the fit is PERFECT and so cute. You need it.

Here are the long sleeve tops that I ordered:

GapFit Breathe Boatneck Long Sleeve T-Shirt – I got two colors (black and hot pink)

GapFit Breathe Open Back Long Sleeve T-Shirt – bought the black, love it.

GapFit Brushed Jersey Hi-Low Sweatshirt – don’t hesitate on this one!

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What I bought From Alo Yoga

From Alo Yoga, I ordered another pack of Glow Headbands and then this Rhythm scrunchie. I love the bow on the scrunchie!

Also, I want the Faux Fur Ear Warmer and the Faux Fur Tote Bag.

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Sephora Sale!

The Sephora savings events happen twice a year and during both sales, I stock up on EVERYTHING.

I start with one Sephora order and then place one more, while also shopping in-store.

The below photo was round one.


From Drunk Elephant:

C Firma Serum (best vitamin C serum)

F Balm Electrolyte Waterfacial (best hydration mask)

Bronzi Drops

Cocominos Shampoo and Conditioner

Peekee and Juju Bar – Travel Size

Also from the Sephora Sale:

I ordered the Charlotte Tilbury Glow Kit and Tatcha Kissu Lip Mask.

I’m loving the FaceGym Hydro-Bound Hyaluronic Acid + Niacimide Serum

I bought the refill for my new favorite moisturizer – Skinfix Triple Lipid Peptide Face Cream

Restocked Olaplex Shampoo and Conditioner

The Sephora Collection Retractable Brow Pencil receives great reviews so I’m trying it!

Still to Get From Sephora Sale

While rattling off the above list makes me feel like I’m a beauty product junkie, I’m still not done taking advantage of the sale. I’ll go through my bathroom counter and cabinets today to see what else I need or should stock up on in order to save money.

I will share the rest of what I grab next week (likely makeup) but if you get anything during the sale at Sephora, make it the Tarte Juicy Lip Plump!

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Favorite Workout Apparel/Accessories + Last Week’s Workouts

I hate that I haven’t had time to put together a Friday Favorites post in a while so I decided to share my current favorite workout apparel and accessories of the moment today!

Favorite Workout Apparel

Sculpt Tank Top – This is by far my favorite top for running. Obviously, you can’t wear it for outdoor running when it’s cold but it’s great for the gym (and then again in the summer).

Emulate Bra – Best sports bra for running and high-impact activities.

Energy Long Line Bra – I love this bra for spin, barre, and pilates.

GapFit Breathe Twist Back Tank Top – I love these tank tops from the Gap for spin, barre, and pilates. They look really cute over a colorful sports bra, fit well, aren’t expensive, and keep me from feeling sweaty.

Base Pace High Rise Tights – My favorite pants for running.

Another Mile Vest – I LOVE the new purple colorway of this Another Mile Vest. While I won’t be running outdoors as much this winter since I now belong to Equinox, this vest is worth the investment. You will have it for years.

Alosoft Hooded Runner Long Sleeve – I always say I love this top more than the lululemon Run Swiftly — it has a hood that makes all the difference.

Power Stride Socks (3 pack) — I love these socks so much – they are the only socks I wear for running now.

Alo Yoga Glow Sweatbands – I don’t know how anyone runs or does any activity where they sweat without these sweatbands.

Back To Life Sports Bottle – This water bottle has become my best friend.

The sherpa belt bag from lululemon keeps selling out but then is quickly restocked — so cute for winter!

For a gym bag, I actually got lucky and found that I had one in my closet to use from Henri Bendel. However, I think this packable tote from Alo Yoga would be perfect, or this Side-Cinch Shopper Bag from lululemon. Obviously, I use a Stoney Clover small pouch in my gym bag to hold things like my lock, deodorant, AirPods, hair ties, and everything else.

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Last Week’s Workouts

Monday – 3 Mile Run + Spin

I had time this morning for a spin class (which had a pitbull theme to the ride- so fun).

Tuesday – Melissa Wood Health Combo

It was raining again and a truck overturned on the expressway which closed the road right where I exit for Equinox. I realized it wasn’t worth the traffic nightmare to rush myself to the usual 7:00 AM class that I like so I stayed home.

  • 28 Min Spicy Pilates Sculpt (1 lb weights)
  • 10 Min Arms (body weight)

Wednesday – 5 Miles

Yet another morning of rain (five days in a row now!) but it was light enough for me to want to run outside. I needed air by this point!

Thursday – Barre (2 lb weights + ball)

Friday – Pilates (2 lb weights + ring)

I love this pilates class so much.


Saturday – 3 Mile Run + Barre (2 lb weights + yoga block)

The instructor I really like was subbing for today’s one-hour barre class so I changed up my usual spin choice and took barre today. It was so great, I am just so happy to be back to doing barre.

Sunday – Pilates (ring)

I slept a bit later so I missed the start of the usual Precision Walk treadmill class that I take before pilates. I did, however, get to Equinox with enough time to walk on the treadmill on my own prior to the start of pilates. The instructor from Friday’s class was subbing for today — love her.

Friday Favorites From The Week

Oh boy have I had a crazy week at work. I’m ready to share some favorites with you today as I’m really happy that it’s finally the weekend!

Friday Favorites

This unplanned matching moment made me really happy when I sat down to stretch the other morning at the gym.


YES to this! This is exactly why I do not know how to cross streets anywhere but here!

This really only becomes a problem when you are driving in the city — it’s very annoying and difficult to drive when people keep walking but as a pedestrian, you just keep walking and don’t care.


We had dinner at Dos Caminos the other night. I hadn’t been to Dos Caminos in a few years but had the naked grain bowl with the cauliflower taco filling which is similar to what I ordered last time too.


Favorite Finds:

I got the last Pixie Blush Stick at Target last weekend and yes, it’s as good as the reviews you may be seeing everywhere lately. Grab it before it’s sold out! It looks really good with the must-have e.l.f. Halo Glow Filter which I mentioned recently.

Flutter leggings with the font slit at the ankle – yes or no?

I don’t need a clear fanny pack but they are definitely a good option if the sporting events you attend require clear bags.

This is a cute “Gym & Juice” t-shirt!

Some colors of the Sculpt Tank from lululemon are on sale right now.

The Run For It Ear Warmer is on sale too – get it now for running outside in the winter. Oh, and the Down For It All Mittens are on sale too! I don’t love the color but who cares. It’s on sale and you only wear it for running anyway.

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