Currently! (March 2018) + My E-book Update!


The last Currently post that I wrote was back in October. That’s not okay! Currently posts are a fun way to share some of the things I’m up to, interested in, and doing so I need to write these posts more often!

currently march 2018

Currently Watching…

The Islanders season slip away. it’s getting painful although I’m trying my best to toughen up, accept it, and move on to baseball.

Also, Siesta Key ended for the season. Sometimes I feel pathetic that I love an MTV reality series with people who are almost 20 years younger than me but then again, I don’t really feel my age.

So what am I watching? That’s a good question.  I’m waiting for Imposters to start up again April 5 and Younger should start at some point in the spring/early summer.

Currently Wearing….

HEELS. I’m on a mission to wear the heels in my closet whenever I go out at night. At some point I started getting lazy in the heels and high wedge department and that needed to change. A girl should wear her heels!

high heels

Currently Craving…

I would like a repeat of my dinner of Thursday night at Rothmann’s please. Gosh I have always LOVED Rothmann’s. I also really love going out for nice dinners on Thursday nights. It’s not something I do as often as I did a bunch of years ago (Thursday nights became a regular out for dinner night after my divorce) but I think it’s time to try to bring Thursday night back when I can.

Rock shrimp tempura in a spicy peanut sauce was delicious but I need to always be mindful of how much “tempura” I eat because my body doesn’t love fried food. A little bit I can handle, more than a little bit can upset my stomach.

Rothmans rock shrimp

Rothmann’s makes a true quality sushi roll. Note the onion strings on the table. Uh huh, more fried food but I LOVE onion strings!

rothmans sushi

Current Excitement…

I told you scrunchies were back! Do you know that I let out a high pitch happy giggle when I spotted this scrunchies display at Francesca’s the other day?! I was only in the store to kill some time before picking my son up from the gym and I was so pleasantly surprised!


Definitely get this pack or this pack! I love the velvets!

Currently Ordering…

I’m so NOT an online shopper BUT sometimes I do get inspired (and carried away).

Bloomingdales order

Bloomingdale’s had one of their sales this weekend (buy more save more!) so I ordered a few new things!

I had been waiting to get these  Splendid Sccop Neck Camisoles (I bought the black and the white) plus I ordered these Juicy Black Label Studded Joggers and this cute white off the shoulder dress for summer.

I try to stick to classic wardrobe staples and quality brands because then I know I can count on durability and the ability to wear what I buy season after season. This way, if I spend a little more, I know it’s worth it.

Currently Can’t Believe…

I was a guest on Dr. Oz exactly 5 years ago!! I wrote this post as a recap of my experience 5 years ago today. How crazy is that?! Did you know I was a guest on Dr. Oz?!

This picture of me in the dressing room with my half-opened eyes (it was early!) is so funny to me. I remember sitting there like it was yesterday waiting to be taken back for hair and makeup before getting dressed to be on air.

guest on dr. oz

I was a guest on Dr. Oz to discuss the topic of “healthy revenge after divorce”. The timing of the anniversary of my Dr. Oz experience is so ironic in a way because I’m currently in the process of finalizing my No-Nonsense Guide To Divorce and Co-parenting E-book so that it can be available for download! I wrote the guide a few years ago when I was given the e-book deal on this topic. Long story short, I took over the rights to publish it myself — but then never did.

Until now. I decided it was finally time to get this guide ready and out there so that my readers who are going through a divorce and learning how to co-parent can benefit from my experiences!

I’m REALLY excited about this! When I read through my draft over the weekend, the content is still bringing tears to my eyes. It’s not that it’s sad, it’s more that I cannot believe I wrote it and that I wrote it SO WELL. I just know that the content in my e-book guide will help people because the words still help me!

I will share more about this when it’s ready. 🙂

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How was your weekend? Best thing you ate?

What’s are you currently watching, eating, ordering, and/or excited about?


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