Currently February 2019

Oh, hi! I figured it was time for a Currently-styled post since my last one seems to have been back in November.


Currently Watching:

All my shows!

  • Manifest on NBC – SO SO GOOD. Did you see Monday’s episode yet?
  • FBI on CBS- Love it.
  • Siesta Key on MTV – Not loving it this season. Anyone else?
  • I Am Jazz on TLC- Finally had her surgery.
  • My Big Fat Fabulous Life on TLC- Really good season, do you agree? Love Babs. She is the best. Did you see the one when Whitney takes her to the gym for the first time?

And of course, Say Yes To The Dress on TLC. I always said that the best part of getting divorced was knowing one day I would get to pick another wedding dress!

Sometimes I forget that I’ve written articles for Kleinfeld (through work) and that I attended Bridal Fashion Week. I need to make sure I go again this fall!¬†I just love wedding gowns. ūüôā


Currently Reading:

Who has time to read when you have so many shows to stay on top of watching? I could use a light-hearted book to read, though. Any suggestions?

Currently Eating:

Call me boring at this point but it is either salad or pizza, or salad and pizza.

greek salad

I did go with a veggie slice instead of a margarita slice the other day — I missed my margarita slice while eating this so next time, it’s back to my usual order.


Currently Running Out Of:

Frozen blueberries. I put so many in my oatmeal every day that I can’t even keep up with myself.

frozen blueberries

Current Excitement:

DO YOU SEE WHO IS IN FIRST PLACE?! Do you know what this is like for me?! Do you understand this is a rare occurrence?!

Islanders first place

Currently Running Love:

I bought these GapFit High Rise Full Length¬†leggings in Eclipse and I LOVE THEM. I want to wear them for every run!¬†They are super soft, stay up when you run and don’t overly suck you in. I do not like to feel so compressed!

Product Details:

The full-coverage fabric is a studio-to-street essential with flexible compression and an all-around soft feel.

  • Breathable, lightweight high-performance interlock fabric with built-in softness. Sheer proof with maximum coverage.
  • gDry Moisture Wicking helps keep your skin dry.
  • Medium compression smooths and supports during your workout.
  • Four-way stretch allows freedom of movement while providing superior shape retention.
  • Elongating flatlock contouring seams create smooth lines and help prevent chafing.
  • Smooth, flat wide waistband increases comfort and support.
  • Built-in hidden pocket at waistband.

I also bought this GapFit Breathe Long Sleeve Top¬†in white– I love how soft it is while having lycra to it to make it stretchy. Very comfortable! It’s on sale so I will probably grab a few more.

Current Lip Love:

Dior Lip Glow in the Rose Gold

The Dior Lip Glow is my favorite sheer lip balm that has a touch of color so it’s perfect for wearing every day in place of lipstick. I recently bought the Rose Gold and really like it. It’s so very pretty.

Dior Lip Glow Rose Gold


Current Fascination:

My Adidas Solar Boosts¬†are still going strong. THEY ARE FROM JULY! It’s slightly unreal to me to not need a new pair of running shoes yet! Like, I know I run so much less than I used to but still! When you are used to replacing your running shoes every 3-4 months and then you find yourself in month 7, not feeling the burn out yet in your shoes. This is a¬†new experience.

running Adidas solar boost

It’s supposed to snow later today but I do believe I can get outside this morning to run! Totally looking forward to it, have a great day!

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If you are married, what did your wedding dress look like? Do you watch Say Yes To The Dress?

Favorite shows right now?

Do you have a favorite lip balm? Do you use the Dior Lip Glow? Which color?








LOVE Party Details + Dior Makeup (Friday Faves)


This week got away from me but I do have a few favorites to share before we get to the weekend!

LOVE Party:

I was lucky enough to attend the LOVE Party again this year, hosted by Marcia Selden Catering and Ron Ben-Israel. I am always happy to attend these event industry parties because hello – amazing food and dessert!


I didn’t get pictures of what I ate aside from dessert –wait– I did get the giant pretzels which were strategically placed around the room at cocktail tables. It was fun to pull off pieces of the pretzels and dip in the mustard choices.


Of course, I was in love with the flowers at the party. I even took a picture of the arrangement in the bathroom.

bathroom roses

The dessert rooms were the best. Ron always does a cake room where he features several sample bites of a variety of his specialty cake combinations. He’s amazing. Remember when I toured his cake studio? Here’s that post.

cake room

cake room

cake room

In another room, Marcia Selden Catering designed two walls of donuts and desserts. I made a big box to take home for my son while eating the chocolate babka and brownies as I put his goodies together. ūüôā


Dina and I had fun. We work in the best industry with the best people. If you want my opinion.

love party

I wasn’t able to get pictures of my outfit but here are the details:

Moving on to Dior Makeup:

It’s been a while since I last talked makeup!

I last mentioned this Dior Backstage Eye Shadow Palette a few months ago but I learned to love it all over again when I took it to my Dior makeup artists last weekend to really teach me how to combine the colors. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Dior Backstage

They came out with a Dior Backstage Lip Palette now too! 9 colors for a great price.

And I recently bought this Dior Blush. They tell me this shade called Hologlam is their most popular blush right now. I really like it!

Dior hologram blush

Also! It’s worth mentioning that I ran outside both Wednesday and Thursday morning this week! I love that the sun is rising earlier again as well as slightly warmer (for now) making it possible for me to run outdoors. I can’t wait for spring!

Friday Flashbacks:

LOVE Party 2018

Holiday Party with Marcia Selden Catering & Ron Ben-Israel 2016

Dior Favorites

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Who else got to run outdoors this week more than usual for this winter?!

Any fun plans coming up this weekend?

New makeup to tell me about??

My Daily Beauty Product Routine (Skincare/Makeup)


I received an email from a reader recently asking me to list my daily beauty product routine, including what I use for skincare and makeup on a regular/daily basis. While I’ve written TONS of beauty product posts in the past, it’s always good to update the blog with what I am currently using in my routine on a daily basis. Some products are my forever favorites and some become my favorites as I switch things around.

It’s also worth mentioning that although I wrote an¬†e.l.f. skincare¬†review a few months ago, I am no longer using their products. At some point, out of nowhere, my skin reacted to an ingredient causing an abrupt end to using e.l.f. skincare. I can’t say that you should stop using e.l.f. skincare though, it was only my experience.

Since then, I went back to using a few things from Clinique because I find their products to be very mild. I’m still a Dior Addict but using Clinique in my daily routine works well for me, and my wallet.

Please note that although I do love beauty products and will switch things around from time to time, I do not like to experiment too much. Not only can it be overwhelming, I do have sensitive skin and really don’t want to cause a problem! I try to stick with what works while still filling in with a few new things on occasion.

So this is my current list of beauty products for skincare and makeup that I use daily. Please let me know if you have any questions!

daily beauty routine


Clinique Naturally Gentle Eye Makeup Remover-I NEVER run or go to bed with any makeup on, especially eye makeup. EVER. And you shouldn’t either! I do have sensitive eyes so this eye makeup remover from Clinique is always so perfect for me. It gets my eye makeup off easily without irritation.

Clinique Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam-Also from Clinique, I love this cleansing foam because it’s mild and gentle, removes my makeup, and keeps my face nice and clean. Used morning and night.

Clinique Clarifying Lotion 1- After washing my face with the cleansing foam, I use this clarifying lotion with a cotton swab as a toner. Used morning and night.

Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum-I recently switched to this serum, which goes on after the Clarifying Lotion. While I tend to bounce around on brands for my serums, I do think this serum from Clinique is a good one, just as good as the more expensive serums from Dior and other brands. Used morning and night. A little goes a long way.

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Ferulic + Retinol Triple Correction Eye Serum-¬†There’s debate over if you need to use both an eye cream and eye serum, or if just one does the trick. Over the last year, I am finding that just using this serum is enough for me. Note: This serum when used in the summer can irritate your skin. It contains Alpha Hydroxy which reacts with the sun, causing redness and burning. I do not use it in the summer for this reason. Sometimes¬†I only use this product once a day.¬†

Dior Capture Totale Multi Perfection Creme (extra rich)-¬†The ULTIMATE in moisturizers! Every time I try to spend less on a moisturizer, I come back to this one. It isn’t cheap but I do find it worth the money. Used morning and night.

Daily Makeup:

It only takes a few minutes to put on the few makeup products that can make all the difference when you look in the mirror. Even if you don’t have big plans, you should put your face together so that when you see yourself, you look and feel good!

Capture Dreamskin Fresh & Perfect Cushion SPF 50-¬†I’ve mentioned this product many times. If you only put on one makeup product, make it this one! Evens skin tone, contains treatment and has an SPF of 50! I wear it as my sunscreen in the summer and you can wear it while you run to protect your face from the sun without clogging pores. Most days of the week I wear this without foundation over it, only adding foundation if I am going out at night.

Diorskin Forever Perfect Foundation SPF 35- I currently use the Dior Star foundation but they no longer sell it. I recommend this foundation if you need one.

Dior Forever Undercover Concealer (for my eyes) – Best eye concealer!

Dior Backstage Eye Shadow Palette-¬†I wrote about this eye shadow palette recently. It’s fairly new and THE PERFECT, all in one palette.

Dior Backstage Glow Face Palette- Another perfect, all in one palette for the cheeks! Bronzer, blush, and highlighter all in one.

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara- While all Dior mascaras are terrific, I do love Iconic for the curling factor.

Giorgio Armani Smooth Silk Eye Pencil –Recently purchased this eye pencil on a whim. I like how smooth it goes on for a pencil.

Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Shine Lipstick (#101) –¬†New lipstick for me! Very hydrating and stays on nicely. I wanted a nude lipstick that still gave some color to my face. This does the trick.

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Please tell me you are good about washing your makeup off before running and going to bed!

Any beauty product questions for me?

Are you looking to purchase anything new right now?



Friday Favorites (Mostly Fashion!)


Sharing some favorites today — Happy Friday!

Friday Favorites

First, I’m so happy that I ordered the new Dior Backstage eye shadow palette¬†which I did tell you about recently. ¬†The price for this eye shadow palette is terrific as it includes eight Dior shadows AND the primer. Highly recommend it!

dior backstage

From Abercrombie, I like this boyfriend shirt which is a light weight/soft white button down with little navy hearts. It runs a bit on the big/looser side but you can tie it at the front to make it fit a little cuter.

Bloomingdale’s is having their “Denim Days” so one pair of jeans is currently 15% off and if you buy two or more pairs, you save 25%.

These are my most favorite skinny jeans. I was thinking I could use the Grey version, also from  7 For All Mankind.

The side stripe is all the rage right now so how about this shimmer stripe pair of jeans? It’s the same high waist ankle skinny style that I love too.

Did I tell you that I got this choker top from Bailey 44 on sale? I can’t even remember.

I LOVE this small Crosby crossbody bag from MZ Wallace. I don’t need it but I visit it every time I’m in Bloomingdales. My pal Lisa has it and we always like/buy the same things so it’s no surprise it’s one of her favorite bags right now.

I can’t get these Prada bow slides out of my head. I tried them on and totally adore them but just can’t justify the price. Yet. Give me some time.

Last but not least, this is a great price for a cold shoulder blouse!

Have a great weekend. ūüôā

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Any fun plans this weekend?

Are you looking to buy new jeans for this winter? Which style/brand is your favorite?

Top 5 From The Weekend


Another weekend over in a flash! I came up with exactly 5 weekend highlights to share so let’s call today a top 5 from the weekend.

The Royal Wedding

Gosh I’m a sucker for a good wedding, especially a Royal Wedding that appears like a fairy tale! I started watching the coverage from home and then once Meghan got out of the Rolls Royce, I quickly made it over to my gym to continue watching (which I mentioned in yesterday’s workout recap).

I’m done discussing her wedding dress. She looked beautiful and it was the dress she wanted so who am I to chime in with my opinion or to say it’s not my style or that the top reminds me of my white¬†boatneck tee from the Gap or that the creases in the front would have made me nuts? It wasn’t my wedding so my opinion of the dress does not matter at all.

royal wedding from gym

I am however feeling extremely inspired to get back to reading historical romance novels again. Philippa Gregory’s historical romance novels based upon 15th and 16th century British Court (Tudor Court series) were my absolute favorite! I stopped reading a few years ago (just fell out of the habit) but I want to get back! There are a few of her novels that I have yet to read although the lineage gets so confusing for me that I feel like I need to reread my favorites first just to remember who everyone is, specifically. Who else read The Other Boleyn Girl, Queen’s Fool, and Virgin’s Lover? Those were my favorite!

My Salad at The Cheesecake Factory

It felt as though we hadn’t been to The Cheesecake Factory in a really long time so I was thrilled to have my salad for dinner again.

Cheesecake Factory salad

Dior Beauty Event!

We had so much fun playing with skincare and makeup on Saturday! Um hello, did you know that Meghan Markle wore Dior makeup for the wedding?! And guess what was on her lips, the very LipGlow (in coral) I tell you about ALL THE TIME. Her Dior eye shadow palette isn’t available for a few more weeks but it’s EXTREMELY similar to this one which¬†I have and recommend for any skin coloring.¬†

Anyway! I didn’t take many pictures at all on Saturday as I was way too busy chatting about skincare, my favorite products, blogging and whatever else. It would have been smart to take a group picture probably. Ah well. I got two pictures.

It was so great to meet everyone, thanks for coming out in the pouring rain!

dior event

dior event

For those of you who missed the fun on Saturday, there will be more Dior event opportunities coming up this spring and summer. 

Chocolate Chip Cookie Perfection

Is there anything better in life than a delicious chocolate chip cookie which is so soft and gooey that you need a knife and fork to eat it?

chocolate chip cookie

First Watermelon of the Season

It’s a little bit late for me in terms of cutting my first watermelon of the season. I had been putting it off because I didn’t feel like lugging it from the store to then cut it all up at home. For a minute there I considered not buying watermelons this season and resorting to paying more for pre-cut but then the financially savvy side of me said that’s crazy because Trader Joe’s sells full watermelons for $3.99 right now.


I sure hope this week goes fast! I’m already in the mood for the long weekend ahead. ūüôā

How was your weekend, did you watch the Royal wedding?! Any thoughts to share?

Do you read Philippa Gregory? Which novels are your favorite/do you recommend?

Best thing you ate over the weekend?

Royal Wedding + French Fries + Dior Faves!


It’s been a rainy, dreary week (OMG I can’t take it anymore) but hey, it’s Friday. ¬†I have a few Friday Favorites to chat about today!

Friday Favorites

The Royal Wedding!

Working in the wedding industry, you can be sure I’ve felt the hype over the Royal Wedding since Harry proposed to Meghan months ago. I live, breathe, and write wedding articles all day when I’m not writing here on the blog so obviously I am interested in the Royal Wedding planning details, and of course the wedding dress! I still want to know who did the floorplans and seating arrangements. Something tells me they are old school and used pencil and paper. Time to¬†digitize, royal people!¬†

I think I’ve told you that my best friend Heather is also in the event industry with me, right? She is managing partner at Atlas Event Rental which makes our conversations double fun. In addition to talking clothes and makeup all day, we can also discuss the industry, including royal wedding tablescapes. This week she was sending me Royal Wedding set up ideas that they have been playing around with in their showroom!

royal wedding tabletop

A few articles of interest:

Lessons From The Royal Wedding (including Podcast) < РMy best industry pal, Meghan Ely, is a self-proclaimed Royal Wedding enthusiast (she hosts her own royal wedding parties!) and writes/speculates a whole ton on the subject. 

Tips For Hosting A Royal Wedding Viewing Party < РIt may be early by why not have a party anyway?

The Nail Polish Meghan Markle Will Likely Wear For Royal Wedding < РI always wear light, sheer pink on my nails and love Ballet Slippers too!

Whole Foods Crinkle Cut French Fries

I stumbled upon these Whole Foods 365 crinkle cut French fries last week and we are obsessed. Crinkle cut french fries were always a favorite of mine and trust me, these do not disappoint. They get nice and crispy while still having their crinkle cut texture. We love them and I’ve already been back for another bag! An added bonus is that the nutrition information for a store-bought French fry is terrific.

This Sarcasm Only Instagram:

I coined the term re-mad¬†YEARS AGO already, using the word whenever I get mad about something from the past. So, when I saw this post on Instagram yesterday speaking about being re-annoyed, I nearly fell over! Clearly I’m not the only one to get re-bothered about things! Re-mad was a term I started using after my divorce. I would think about something or talk about something from the past and then get so re-mad!


Dior Beauty & Skincare 101 Event is tomorrow!

I’m all excited to meet a few readers tomorrow morning! For those of you who can’t attend because you are running the Brooklyn Half tomorrow, good luck and I hope the rain holds off!

Since a lot of you aren’t local, I forced myself to select my top 5 favorite Dior beauty products as I will definitely be pointing them out tomorrow in person.

Note that this is a top 5 Dior list of makeup, not skincare. As much as I do love Dior skincare, I am currently favoring the products I reviewed recently from e.l.f.’s skincare line so If you are working with a limited beauty budget, I vote for saving ¬†money through e.l.f. skincare products and spend more on the Dior makeup.

It’s a happy balance.


dior favorites

Dior Star Foundation/ Dior 5-Color All In One Professional Palette/Dior Lip Glow/Dior Flash Luminizer Radiance Booster Pen/Dior DreamSkin Perfect Skin Cushion

And if you ask me to pick just one to purchase, go with the Perfect Skin Cushion!

Have a great weekend. ūüôā

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If you are local and want to join me tomorrow morning, please leave a comment or contact me directly!

Are you planning to watch the Royal Wedding?



Join Me For A Dior Skincare & Beauty 101!


Who wants to join me for a Dior Skincare & Beauty 101 event at the Bloomingdales located at Walt Whitman Mall?!

I was talking with Jill (my favorite Dior Makeup Artist) and she kindly offered to host a special Dior Skincare & Beauty 101 event  for my readers!

dior makeup

This is an event for my local readers as it would take place at the Bloomingdale’s here on Long Island but please feel free to travel to New York so that you can join us!

Have I ever introduced you to Jill? This is Jill, my favorite makeup artist turned really good friend.

She is really excited to show you how to take care of your skin and which makeup products to use!

dior makeup artist

Covered at this Dior Beauty & Skincare 101 event will be the following…

  • Learn the type of skincare regimen you should be following for your age and why
  • The types of skincare products to use daily (morning and evening routine)
  • Summer Skincare and SPF (so important, especially for outdoor runners!)
  • Makeup Must-Haves
  • Makeup Application Tips & Tricks
  • Samples (!!)
  • An opportunity to ask any and all of your own skincare and beauty questions

And obviously, the opportunity to meet me and play with makeup. ūüôā

dior skincare beauty 101 event

We did not pick a date yet for this event. I wanted to put the opportunity out there first¬†to see the response and then try to determine the best date and time for everyone to make it. If you are interested in joining me, please leave a comment or email me directly so that we can start to put this event that’s just for us together.

I’m really excited!

A Few Flashback Friday Favorites Posts Including Dior Products:

Friday Favorites: LOVE PARTY, Corelife Eatery & DreamSkin

Friday Favorites: Baked By Melissa & Dior

Fashion Finds: Dior, Forever 21, Lululemon

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Are you interesting in joining us?

What would you want to learn about at the event? Anything specific?

March 1! Plus Things You Maybe Didn’t Know About Me




thinking out loud

March 1! March 1! I’m not one to get ridiculously excited about dates on the calendar but March 1 is always a big one for me. My friend Lisa and I always refer to it as our unofficial start to spring as we pray every year that we are super close to warm weather and flip flop season! So yay for March 1!

If you didn’t already know that I loved March 1, here are a few other things you maybe didn’t know about me too.

I’m a lefty. They say lefties are more creative, do you think that holds true? As a kid, I loved art projects, coloring, and drawing. Honestly, the sight of Crayola markers and crayons still excites me and puts an instant smile on my face when I see them. When my son was old enough to use crayons and do art projects, I bought every art box, Crayola product, and paint set possible — we still have them all in the closet!

And I guess since I’m some sort of writer, that creativity is still there, just without the markers.

I’m a constant radio station changer. Always have been, always will be. And with XM Satellite Radio? I think my issue has gotten even worse. I just HAVE TO keep changing the station! What if I miss a really good song even if I already like the song I’m listening to? What if something better is on?! Like an 80’s classic?! An even better 80’s classic than the one we are currently listening to?! I cannot miss it. I need to know what else is playing at the same time on the other stations.

I’ve never been a Sephora shopper. That may seem weird to you given how much I like to discuss makeup/beauty products/skincare but Sephora overwhelms me. I have always preferred to have a go-to makeup artist at one of the beauty counters in a department store who I enjoy chatting with, who knows what they are doing, and can recommend the best products for me. In my opinion, it’s the same as having your favorite hairstylist. You wouldn’t take your hair just to anyone, you know?

dior makeup

My makeup artist turned friend, Jill at Dior, has been my go-to makeup artist for like 12 years now.¬†Sometimes yes, I do pop into Sephora to see what they have yet still, I’m overwhelmed. I do like that they will make you samples of whatever you want to try though, so that’s nice.

And here’s an interesting one about me which I remembered after seeing this link about Whole Foods Secrets Revealed. In the article, it says the best day to shop at Whole Foods is on Wednesday’s because that’s the biggest sale day of the week. Once I read that, I instantly remembered that back in high school, I learned that the best day to shop at the Gap was also ON WEDNESDAY. That’s when everything would go on sale so it became the day that every week my friends and I would head to the Gap after school just to see what went on sale and what we could buy! Ah, the memories. Now I think I need to pay extra close attention to all of the other stores because I bet that Wednesday is a universal sale day.

On This Day:

3/1/17: Recent Eats-¬†¬†So many of my favorite foods in this post including Linda’s Fudge Cake. I was just talking about Linda’s Fudge Cake yesterday and how I need a slice!

linda's fudge cake

3/1/16: Letting It Go¬†– Woah. I had no idea that I published this post two years ago until I looked up my posts to do the On This Day section. I can’t even reread it. While I know that letting it go was what I felt I needed to do at the time emotionally and for the Bar Mitzvah, I also learned after the fact that sometimes we don’t have to force ourselves to do what we think is right, what we think is the kinder, more positive route. Lesson learned. See My Story To Tell after reading Letting It Go. I will now forever only do what I feel I want to do, not what I think I should do.

3/1/15: The Mental Breakdown Of A Routine Treadmill Run –¬†Still one of my more popular running posts! I’m happy to say that I’ve really reached a point of truly enjoying my treadmill runs. Although, I will also say that running, especially on the treadmill, requires a lot of mental strength, not just physical.

3/1/14: Peanut Butter Lover’s Day-¬†Today is Peanut Butter Lover’s Day! Remember when I was obsessed with Crunch Time peanut butter from Peanut Butter & Co.?

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Are you a lefty or a righty?

Who else is a constant radio station changer like me?

Which peanut butter is your favorite right now?


Friday Favorites For The Last Friday In February!


Happy Friday! I’m very much ready for the weekend and some time away from my computer screen. Here are some of my favorites from the week!

Friday Favorites

Favorite Fitness:

Picking a favorite workout from my week is getting increasingly hard to do! I had 3 great runs so far plus an awesome “cardio Pure Barre” workout that I created for myself on Wednesday. I was going to discuss that workout more in-depth on Sunday but for now, I think it was my favorite. Or maybe yesterday’s run was my favorite. UGH! See, I can’t choose.

What I can say, is the last section of thighs that I chose, which was a 5 minute Pure Barre workout for thighs, was so intense I didn’t know what to do with myself. Here’s a screenshot below from the workout. If you think this looks simple, try doing lunges with your back foot up against the wall without really releasing for 2 1/2 minutes each leg. It hurts so good.

pure barre on demand thighs


Favorite Food:

Hmm. My favorite food from the week was probably last night’s homemade pizza bagels. While I didn’t get a picture, my pizza bagel resembled the pizza bagel in this post.

I saw this infographic on Facebook this week and it cracked me up. Can you see the small little red dot of where the good bagels are in the country? That’s where I live. And I agree. I don’t think there’s much to argue here. ūüôā


bagel map

Favorite Fashion:

Let’s talk about one of my favorite Henri Bendel accessories today. I’m pretty sure I mentioned the Bendel packable bags collection in the past but let’s discuss how I use this packable hobo on a regular basis.

The packable bags zip up small and flat like this picture below which means you can easily take them anywhere! They are perfect for traveling, and as I’ve been using mine lately, perfect for stashing in my everyday bag.

Henri bande packable hobo

Why do I always need to have it with me you ask? Well, since Suffolk County put the 5 cent for plastic bags rule into effect, anywhere you go, you may need a bag, including the mall! I never know when I may purchase something so having this packable hobo tote with me solves the problem.

This packable hobo is awesome as a pool bag by the way. I used it while in Las Vegas and will continue to pack it as my pool bag any time I go on vacation.

Henri Bendel packable tote

Other Henri Bendel Packable that you may like are the packable overnight bag, packable backpack, and reversible packable tote.


Favorite Find:

Lately I’ve been trying to mix up my makeup products just a bit. And, if I can save money, all the better! But here’s the thing. Some products shouldn’t be messed with and some don’t have, what the fashion/beauty bloggers call a “dupe”, which refers to cheaper products that they find just as good as the more expensive items.

I wanted to see if I could find an alternative to the Dior Flash Illuminizer Radiance Booster Pen but honestly, no such thing exists. This pen is really the best for highlighting, brightening, and softening the complexion. I’ve been using it for a few years already and when I ran out recently, it was totally missing from my face.

“Radiance Booster Pen fuse with the skin to capture light around the eyes and across the face for a dewy glow. Formulated with Dior’s beautyfier complex™, the blend is enriched with hyaluronic acid microspheres to combat fine lines and wrinkles for petal-soft, youthful-looking skin. Signs of fatigue are concealed, the eyes are visibly revived, and facial shadows are illuminated for a contoured and radiant complexion.”

It glides on and is perfect for taking with you anywhere for touch ups. It’s a must in our daily beauty routines. A must.

Dior Skin Flash


Oh! And if you are looking for a new long-lasting pretty lip gloss, my friend Heather is obsessed right now with her latest favorite find from Mac. They line of Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolours in the Metallics she said are amazing. She bought the violet shade and said it literally stayed on and shiny for 8 hours. She even sent me a picture to prove it. I think I am going to go to the store to try this one which is a soft, pinky beige.

Have a terrific weekend!

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Any fun plans this weekend?

Do you have decent bagels in your area?

Have you tried the metallic lip glosses from Mac?


2017 Friday Favorites!


It’s the last Friday of 2017! Since I tend to post a round-up of favorites on Friday’s, I figured I would make Friday Favorites a whole bunch of favorites from the year.

Friday Favorites

Three Fun Trips!

I was in Chicago back in March and still think about the deep dish pizza.

gino's east pizza

A few days at Foxwoods with a stop out east at the wineries is a quick little road trip I would like to take again this coming summer!

wineriesAnd our recent weekend in Boston was really special too! It all happened so fast but my son and I had a great time at the Islanders game, meeting the players and I got to see Sarah too. Oh and the Max Brenner fondue. That counts as a favorite for sure.

max brenner fondue

My 39th Birthday

2017 was my last birthday in my 30’s — um, how crazy is that? I spent the afternoon and evening doing just what I like to do best – shopping in the city, eating frozen yogurt at Bloomingdale’s, playing with makeup and out for dinner at Hillstone.

brownie sundae

Best Summer Ever.

A major favorite from 2017 was the summer. My son had the time of his life on his teen tour while I had my summer of freedom.

So many great highlights from this summer which I featured in this best of summer post back in August.

fire island

Favorite Races:

I can’t really say that I have a favorite race because I only ran two and honestly forgot about one of them (the 10 mile race) until writing up this post! I didn’t even run a half marathon this year which is really weird for me but I can’t complain because it was my choice.

Rather than pick a favorite race, it makes more sense to say that my favorite running moment from this year was making the decision to drop my usual running routine. I run less on average these days and don’t really care. Some weeks are closer to what I used to run and some weeks are less and that’s just fine. It’s where I am in life right now. ūüôā

That being said, I still plan to enter the NYCM lottery in a few weeks! Why not, right? I’m not getting any younger.

Favorite Meals.

If I stop to think super quickly about my favorite meals from this year, I come up with the vegetarian tacos at Dos Caminos and the Cauliflower Pizza at Refuge.

dos caminos dinner

Favorite Dessert.

I ate a whole lot of dessert this year but I can easily pick two favorites. The Dancing With The Devil dessert at View and this monstrous chocolate cake from Pizzeria Uno.

chocolate cake

Favorite Beauty Product.

I’ve written countless posts about some of my favorite beauty products this year and I just cannot pick one favorite! I can’t even pick two.

Dior Makeup

Without writing a novel here, the three beauty products I do use every single day and can’t live without at this point are¬†The Dior Flash Illuminizer, Hydra Life Lotion to Foam Cleanser, and Nars Liquid Blush in Orgasm.¬†Okay, and this Diorshow Khol Pen in black.

Favorite Fashion Find.

If I struggled to pick a favorite beauty product, you can be sure I am struggling to pick just one favorite fashion find from 2017!

How about glitter. Let’s go with glitter.

I wore these glitter sandals all summer.

glitter sandals

And now I will live in these glitter Tretorn sneakers that I finally picked up this week which were originally mentioned in my super cute sneakers post from last month.

tretorn glitter sneakers

Best Nine on Instagram.

Instagram said these were my best nine posts for 2017. I was not surprised that each one was food!

2017 best nine

Top Viewed Blog Posts.

I pulled the top 5 most viewed posts of the year. It’s always fun to see which posts make the list!

How To Roast Frozen Vegetables

Pure Barre On Demand Review

Cold S’mores (no bake & super easy)

Quirky Eating Habits or Disordered Eating?

Ways To Use The Everything But The Bagel Sesame Seasoning

I’ll be sharing my weekly workout recap post on Sunday but in case you miss that, have a very Happy New Year!

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Any big weekend plans?

Can you think off the top of your head what your favorite food, meal, or dessert was this year?


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