Friday Favorites (Stoney Clover + Fashion + Beauty)

Lots of Friday Favorites to discuss today!

Friday Favorites

Stoney Clover

Okay first, Stoney Clover. The fuchsia launch last week has me viewing the site every day trying to decide which pouch I might need. The open top with the mirror is a style I do not have – yet. But the classic small is always so useful to have in my Stoney Clover collection.

I do like the keychain wallet even though I have one in another color — the bright pink is so pretty.

Also! Stoney Clover brought back the classic clear mirror open top now too! I’m debating between the bubblegum and the flamingo pink.

Shopbop has many items from Stoney Clover including the fuchsia collection too.

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I LOVE this bubble skirt.

Rhinestones on sandals are very me.

These sandals are so pretty for every day while still looking a little more dressed.

This star print denim jacket is on sale!

If you are still trying to get your hands on a lululemon belt bag, there seem to be plenty back in stock at the moment.

The Alo Yoga fanny pack is back in stock too.

Do I need another water bottle from lululemon? I like this color combo a lot. The amount of compliments I get on my lulu water bottle at the gym isn’t even normal at this point. People love mine so much and how it always matches my outfits. I like that these water bottles look nice but they also wash really well – considering I use it every day, they are really worth the investment.

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I’m on the hunt for the new lip balm from Lawless. It’s already sold out on Sephora’s site.

I did recently buy the Lawless Forget the Filler Overnight Lip Plumping Mask. I definitely like it and recommend it but I still really like the lip mask from Tatcha too. The Tatcha lip mask is a little thicker – which I like at night! I put the Lawless one on in the morning before leaving for the gym, so I do use it as more than an overnight lip mask. I like the cooling sensation it offers while also hydrating the lips. The Tatcha mask does not have a cooling sensation.

I’m considering the Makeup By Mario Plumping Lip Serum because I tried on the petal shade and it looked pretty. But still not sure — I like the Tarte gloss and I think it stays on longer. And It’s not like I need a new lip gloss right now!

However, I’m also considering these tinted lip balms from Tower 28 Beauty.

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Have a great weekend!

Quick Round of Friday Favorites

Friday snuck up on me this week!

I have a quick round of favorites to share so let’s jump right into things.


I took two barre classes this week and love them so much. While I said last week that I just cannot pick a favorite Equinox class, I’m always so happy during barre — really brings me back to my Pure Barre days.

Both classes used 2 lb weights and a ball, along with bands, blocks, and straps. So much variety for those little isometric movements!



I get very excited when Z Supply launches its Valentine’s Day capsule. I love the Classic Heart Joggers which match the Happy Heart Long Sleeve Top and Tank Bra. There’s also shorts to match this set. The material is SO SOFT.

The Gap does a heart print pajama set this time of year too.

These Converse Run Star HIke sneakers are cool.

I don’t run outside right now but this It’s Rulu Run Long Sleeve Shirt in the Pink Peony has my attention. Also, packs of scrunchies are on sale – always worth it.

Big sales going on at Shopbop. I’m a sucker for skirts like this. You really have to dig around and sort the sale to find what you may like. A few Stoney Clover items are included in the sale – always worth checking out.

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I bought this facial roller at Target recently and really like it. I was using a Gua Sha but I dropped it on the floor and it cracked in half.

I get monthly facials at Glow Bar for the last six months and really love the results and experienced. I asked the esthetician the other day if she feels facial rollers/gua sha tools are really worth the hype and she said YES. It’s a really small investment of time and money so it’s worth trying if you haven’t.

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Have a great weekend!

Friday Favorites – Belt Bags and More!

I don’t know where this week went for it to suddenly be Friday!

I tried that TRX Max class yesterday at Equinox which I mentioned in Monday’s post. We can discuss it further on Monday because for now, I have so many things to share for Friday Favorites.

Friday Favorites

Lululemon just came out with the Everywhere Belt Bag in sonic pink! And, if you wanted the fleece belt bag version, it was back in stock the last time I looked. By the time you may look however, it could be gone. These belt bags are selling out SO FAST. I can’t believe how trending the lululemon belt bags are this year.

I like the Mini Velour pouch too. Of course, I do, because I love any type of pouch.

Z Supply makes a Sherpa Fanny Pack that is still in stock and priced well too for a belt bag.

I’m sure Stoney Clover will launch a sherpa fanny pack again at some point during the winter. In the meantime, you can customize one of their many classic options.

One of my most popular posts focuses on what fits in a Stoney Clover fanny pack. Check it out of if you are interested.

Also from lululemon, this Ribbed Merino Wool Knit Cozy set features a hat and mittens in Pink Peony. It looks like it’s only available online. I love the pink peony colorway.

Faux Fur mittens from Alo Yoga — YES.

I’m a huge fan of Olive & June nail products. Check out this cute Olive & June holiday Mani Maintenance Mini set available at Target. It features essential products in mini sizes. LOVE!

Also, my favorite Olive & June nail polish for my toes is Hot Strawberry and it’s available at Target.

OMG, I love beads and I loved Friendship pins as a kid! What a fun gift.

I love a pajama short set — this J Crew Long-Sleeve Flannel Short Set is so cute and on sale.

If you prefer pants, this is a pretty pajama set on sale from J. Crew too.

Also from J.Crew, I love the bow on these flat slingback shoes. They come in heels too.

UGG Fluff Yeah Slides are ON SALE. Sizes are left the last time I checked. These slides can be worn as shoes or slippers.

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Have a great weekend!

My Excitement Is Not Normal (Friday Favorites)

My level of excitement over using the Alo Keep It Dry Fitness pouch in my gym bag this week was definitely not normal.

I put my wet clothes in the Alo pouch after a sweaty five-mile run on Wednesday and was so quietly excited in the Equinox locker room about the organization and functionality of the cute accessory. At that moment, I knew I was slightly nuts to be so happy over something so minor.


These Alo pouches are so great for your gym bag. Or a beach bag. Or for travel. I ordered two pouches (one silver and one black) during the Black Friday sale and put them both in my gym bag to use for wet or dry organization.

This one Alo pouch held my after-workout sweaty headband, pants, socks, sports bra, and shirt, with room for more. You need it, trust me.

Friday Favorites

I finished my favorite shade of Tarte Juicy Lip Plump and clearly, I’m not the only one who loves this plumping lip gloss because Sephora is sold out of every shade.

I’m thinking I’ll get the Kosas Lip Oil Plumping Gloss in the meantime.

I’m very happy with this eye cream from Skinfix right now. If I think it’s hydrating, it must be. And even better, it doesn’t burn or irritate when it touches my skin. The skin around the eyes is so delicate and mine is even more delicate than that so this product is a real win so far for me.

I love these Crystal Accent Pop Top Gloves with the matching hat. While I don’t really need them, the price is great. Can you ever have enough gloves?

I’m always drawn to the style of Voile Blanche shoes. These Shearling Lowtop Sneakers are no exception.

Grab these Faux Fur Slippers from J.Crew on sale before they are sold out.

I have my eyes on the Like a Cloud High Neck Bra from lululemon in the Pink Peony. I like the high neck styles and would wear this for barre or pilates.

The lululemon belt bag obsession is real — they are completely sold out and each time they add more stock, it’s gone in minutes. There is the new Crossbody Camera Bag (and still available!) if you are interested. The white opal is pretty.

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Friday Favorites From The Week

Oh boy have I had a crazy week at work. I’m ready to share some favorites with you today as I’m really happy that it’s finally the weekend!

Friday Favorites

This unplanned matching moment made me really happy when I sat down to stretch the other morning at the gym.


YES to this! This is exactly why I do not know how to cross streets anywhere but here!

This really only becomes a problem when you are driving in the city — it’s very annoying and difficult to drive when people keep walking but as a pedestrian, you just keep walking and don’t care.


We had dinner at Dos Caminos the other night. I hadn’t been to Dos Caminos in a few years but had the naked grain bowl with the cauliflower taco filling which is similar to what I ordered last time too.


Favorite Finds:

I got the last Pixie Blush Stick at Target last weekend and yes, it’s as good as the reviews you may be seeing everywhere lately. Grab it before it’s sold out! It looks really good with the must-have e.l.f. Halo Glow Filter which I mentioned recently.

Flutter leggings with the font slit at the ankle – yes or no?

I don’t need a clear fanny pack but they are definitely a good option if the sporting events you attend require clear bags.

This is a cute “Gym & Juice” t-shirt!

Some colors of the Sculpt Tank from lululemon are on sale right now.

The Run For It Ear Warmer is on sale too – get it now for running outside in the winter. Oh, and the Down For It All Mittens are on sale too! I don’t love the color but who cares. It’s on sale and you only wear it for running anyway.

Catching Up On Friday Favorites!

It’s been a few weeks since my last round of Friday Favorites so let’s catch up on some recent favorites today!

I bought a few things at the Stoney Clover store in East Hampton a few weekends ago.


Definitely get yourself a terry bucket hat. I had mine customized with a new style pearl letter M. I really need to take a picture wearing the bucket hat because the fit is SO CUTE.

I also grabbed a keychain wallet customized with a gingham glitter pearl letter M. It’s perfect for summer, travel, or anytime you want to carry less with you.

In other Friday Favorites news…

I started using this Alba Botanica Very Emollient Unscented Body Lotion and really love it! While I have so many other clean moisturizers that I like for the body, I noticed that I use so much at a time that spending top dollar on a body cream wasn’t the best idea IF I could find a cheaper option of high, clean quality. This giant bottle from Alba Botanica gets the job done, is clean in terms of ingredients, and is available at Target for barely fifteen dollars.

I also went back to the Drunk Elephant F Balm Electrolyte Waterfacial Hydration Mask and realized all over again how great it is for the skin. While I had switched things up to using Youth To The People’s Hydrate and Glow Dream Mask for a while, I do think Drunk Elephant’s mask gives better results.

This LOVE pouch isn’t a Stoney Clover pouch but looks similar and is a really cute cosmetics case.

I want this hair clip.

This strapless smocked linen dress is on sale at J. Crew.

This top, also from J. Crew is not on sale but I think I’m going to get it anyway.

I always come back to looking at this racerback flared active dress.

This dress, plus others from Melissa Odabash, is on sale right now.

I bought this GapFit Breathe Racerback Muscle Tank in neon green and I love it for running. I keep choosing it over my other running tops.

I also needed a new pair of the GapFit leggings I wear for running so I grabbed them on sale! I’m not one for compression pants so this style, in particular, is perfect — and always priced so reasonably.

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Have a nice weekend!

Friday Fashion Favorites

I didn’t want to miss today’s post so I’m here with a few fashion favorites to discuss!

Friday Favorites

From Stoney Clover’s latest launch, I love the pearl heart bag charm and the embellished small tote. I also want a crystal & heart scrunchie, likely in the pink shade called ballerina.

Shopbop has some Stoney Clover on sale – always worth checking!

Just letting you know that I finally bought the lululemon court rival high rise skirt in white. I think this is the high neck sports bra that I have in white — it looks nice with the skirt.

Also, I LOVE the pack of neon running socks I bought at lululemon. I may not have my running shoe situation figured out but at least I like my socks.

I like this BEACHY tee from Z Supply, and the terry shorts.

I missed out on buying this terrycloth shirt and shorts last summer but it’s back for this year — I want the hot pink.

I’ve been browsing slides for the summer. These are my tried and true everyday white slides but I’m also browsing shearling slides so that I can wear the sandals when it’s not quite summer weather. I have my eye on these.

This Alo Yoga sports bra is on sale and already in my Bloomingdale’s cart. I love everything Alo and the sports bras fit so well.

I don’t see much from J.Crew that I like these days which is disappointing but I did spot this sculpt stretch high neck sports bra and I’m curious about it. There are also matching leggings – I am going to check in stores this weekend to try both on!

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That’s it from me, have a great weekend!




Friday Favorites (Planning for Florida + Which Stoney Clover Pouches Do I Need?!)

I missed my usual Wednesday post but I’m back for today and today is Friday!

My plan is to share a larger round of recent meals next Wednesday but for today, it’s all about Friday Favorites.

I quickly planned a trip to Florida (!!) which is coming up before I know it so this week was all about browsing warm weather clothes and things I may need. While I’m sure my summer wardrobe would suffice, a girl needs a few new things, right?

Friday Favorites

I already ordered this Rock n Ruffle Mini Dress in white. This Spring Fling Dress caught my eye but I already have one similar so I didn’t buy it – yet.

Grabbed this Tiara Hawaii Swim Cover-Up Maxi Dress on sale before it was sold out.

I liked this Ruched Sleeveless Midi Dress for the color and the style.

Oh, this Smocked Beach Dress is a classic.

This pretty pink sweatshirt with Kiss print in the corner from J. Crew is really sweet. I like that they make matching shorts — need this try this on in the store before I buy it.

I need to get my hands on the right shade for my skin of the new Kosas Revealer Skin-Improving Foundation. It’s tricky to decide when shopping online but my local Sephora didn’t have the new foundation in stock as of last weekend. I will check the store this weekend and if they don’t have it, I will go to another Sephora until I find it!

The reviews on the foundation are basically all five stars which don’t surprise me – I’ve been a fan of the Kosas Concealer since it launched a couple of years ago.

Obviously, I am over here planning which Stoney Clover pouches I will take with me to Florida.

In addition to the pouches I need for my makeup and skincare, I’ll bring my Stoney Clover terry tote (now sold out) for the beach and also my clear pouch for sunscreens. Oh, and my fanny pack for the plane. My ‘What Fits in a Stoney Clover Fanny Pack” post is one of my most popular posts these days, by the way!

Stoney Clover fanny pack

Maybe it’s the perfect time to break out the woven collection too. I get very excited when I need to plan my pouches! It’s an obsession.

Stoney Clover woven

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It’s a long holiday weekend ahead for me, I hope for you too. Have a great weekend!



Friday Favorites (Alo Yoga in Pink!)


I don’t know about you but I had such a busy work week that I don’t know how it’s already Friday. However, I don’t recall Monday or even Tuesday. All I know is that I was able to run outside this week because it’s been slightly warmer which made me very happy.

I had a little time to browse my favorite websites and here’s a short list below of what I’ve been looking at!

Friday Favorites

I was so excited to see that Alo Yoga launched new products in PINK this week! Obviously, I want everything but here are the items standing out the most to me:

My go-to winter running top, the Hooded Runner Long Sleeve, now comes in Pink Fuchsia!

This Polo Henley Pullover in Pink Sugar.  Oh, and the Muse Shorts – I like this as a set for the spring.

Was it just last week that I mentioned the Accolade Hoodie? Well, now it comes in Pink Sugar which makes it perfect for everything including paired with the Muse Shorts.

This Love Knots Tie Scrunchie in Pink Fuchsia is on my list.

The Glow Sweatband 2-pack comes with one headband in pink fuchsia and one in powder pink. I wear these sweatbands for running when I’m not wearing a hat.

Aside from Alo finds, I’m considering these leggings from Splendid.

Cute tank and it’s on sale.

Sticking with the pink theme, I love this ruffled trim top.

You know I love a tote. I saw these straw totes last year and think I will need one of them for this summer.

In makeup news, I need to restock Glossier Futuredew. I like to mix it with my Ilia Foundation because it gives the right amount of brightness while also being like a primer. I never order just one thing from Glossier so I’ll probably throw in a Cloud Paint since I’m almost out of Puff which is a light shade of pink.

And finally, if you are a Disney Fan, Stoney Clover has a BIG launch tomorrow at 10:00 AM EST for their Disney collaboration. If you think that you may want something, plan to be online at exactly 10:00 AM because it will most definitely sell out fast.

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Have a great weekend!

Friday Favorites! (mostly fashion)


All week I thought it was Thursday so I’m really happy for today to be Friday. Don’t get me wrong — the week went fast in some ways but winter is just…long. With the blizzard last weekend combined with working from home, I feel like I need to get out a bit!

I have my eyes set already on Spring and even as far as Summer, especially when it comes to fashion. I’m ready for warm weather clothes which is a problem since it’s only February.

Here’s a quick look at what I’m browsing right now during this in-between shopping season.


Friday Favorites

I love this Beyond Yoga tank and matching leggings with the heart detailing. I live in Beyond Yoga sets year round so this is perfect for me.

The cult-favorite Alo Yoga socks now come in half-crew size! Also from Alo, I want one of these Everyday Full-Zip Hoodies.

I’ve mentioned my velour pajamas from Kate Spade before but I’m mentioning them again because they have kept me warm this winter in the bitter cold. If you live in a cold winter climate, you need these pajamas. Plus, the hearts are so pretty.

Shopbop is running big sales right now and that includes select Stoney Clover products. Get them while you can and if they sell out, the regular-priced Stoney Clover items will ship for free which is a great saving too.

This is a really cute tennis dress from Aerie. They also have tennis skirts on sale right now.

I hope Aerie brings back the rock n ruffle mini skirt because I have two and want more! These skirts are the best and so much cheaper than the LOVESHACKFANCY version. I see no need to buy the LOVESHACK skirt when the Aerie version is that good.

While I have a quilted coat like this from J.Crew, I love the bright pink color of this version from Aqua.

This is my style dress and it’s on sale.

I’m going to Sephora this weekend to restock my favorite Drunk Elephant Micellar Water, Tatcha Lip Mask, and Briogeo shampoo.  

Oh! I bought the Olaplex Blonde Enhancing Toning Shampoo — I use it once a week (or once every two weeks) and I think it’s the best one I’ve tried yet.  I LOVE all Olaplex products so I’m not surprised!

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