I Know When To Stop Running (weekly workout recap)


I’m so glad that I’m the type of runner who knows when to stop running.

In Saturday’s run class, the instructor suggested I start the first speed section at 8.0 — that’s fast for me at the start of a workout and I should have known that.

However, I went with what he said because I had already run a one-mile warm-up. I also figured that running is mostly mental and for sure the 8.0 speed range is within my abilities, I just don’t push myself very often anymore.

The first couple of minutes into the intervals I was fine but by the third or fourth round as we increased the speed, I felt my hamstring more than I should and I JUST KNEW not to continue in that speed range. My hamstring didn’t feel right for me.

This was too fast too quickly into the workout so I slowed down to an easy run but after maybe 15 minutes (I don’t know for sure), I switched to walking.

Being in the class setting is sort of like a race environment and you feel a bit bad to “drop out” but I couldn’t care about it — I don’t do injuries, and certainly not injuries I can prevent.

I’m not stupid. I don’t need to finish a run if there’s a risk I may injure myself. It’s more important to me to catch whatever I feel and then it goes away fast than continue because I don’t want to stop in front of others, risking my chance of causing a real injury.


I’m so glad I stopped when I did to only have a little hamstring soreness now — I spoke to Laura immediately to tell her what happened and she told me NOT to run for three days (no problem with that at all!) and to skip Sunday’s incline walking class (I had no problem with that either!).

Again, better to be smart and deal with minor issues than be selfish and stubborn only to have major problems that sideline you from everything!

Last Week’s Workouts

  • 3 Runs (1 class, 2 on my own)
  • 2 Pilates Classes
  • 1 Walking Class
  • 2 Yoga Classes

I didn’t get to barre or spin last week! I was more in the mood for running than spin, and barre was just an accidental miss due to timing and choosing pilates fusion on Tuesday which I don’t normally do.

love matching moments!

Monday – 30 Min Running Workout (Equinox+ App)

My abs felt a bit sore so I skipped barre today and chose a running workout from the Equinox+ App! I don’t recall the exact workout but it was intervals with inclines going from 4% down to 0% and my speed ranged from easy at 6 to as high as 8.7. At one point I was at 8.3 on a 4% incline and that’s HARD.

I finished with a cool down to reach four miles total.

Tuesday – 60 Min Pilates Fusion (ball + 2 lb weights)

I really enjoyed today’s pilates class. The instructor who usually teaches the evening pilates fusion class subbed today’s morning class time – I really liked her style and structure for pilates fusion.

Wednesday – Outdoor Walk

Thursday – 45 MIn Precision Walk Elevate + 60 Min Vinyasa Yoga

Friday – 4 Mile Run (treadmill)

I made up today’s running workout on my own. Since I plan to do tomorrow’s run class, I didn’t go too fast in this workout. I think my fastest speed was 7.6 with easy sections at 6.0.

  • 10 min warm-up
  • 10 min 1 min hard/1 min easy
  • 10 min 2 min hard/1 min easy
  • cool down to 4 miles

Saturday – Precision Run + 60 MIn Vinyasa Yoga

Things started out okay with me running a warm-up mile before the run class started. But then we quickly jumped into the workout after two minutes and the instructor suggested that I be at 8.0 with a 2% incline, which in hindsight, was definitely too fast for me so soon into the workout. By the time I was at 8.5, I knew my hamstring did not like what was going on so I slowed down to 6.0 and held that for a while before deciding to switch to walking to finish out the class.

Sunday – 45 Min Pilates

I listened to Laura’s advice and skipped the incline walk class for today. PIlates felt great!

I may try running outside on Wednesday but I’m not sure yet! For now I will stick to barre and pilates, maybe spin once I feel nothing in my hamstring. I’m fine with not running until the weekend too! I’ll just see day by day. I already feel much less in my hamstring but I don’t mess around — I will wait until I feel nothing in that spot of my leg so I don’t cause an injury.

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Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

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