Graduation Day + Friday Favorites

In Wednesday’s post, I mentioned my latest pizza superstition.

It had come to my attention that the Islanders were winning their playoff games against Tampa on the nights that I had pizza from La Piazza, and losing on the nights I didn’t.

Is it a coincidence that I had La Piazza for dinner Wednesday night and then the Islanders WON GAME SIX, forcing a GAME SEVEN tonight?

I think not. It’s all about the pizza.

We now know what dinner needs to be tonight after my son’s graduation.

My son graduates from high school today.

lindas fudge cake

Who wants to tell me where the time has gone?

Let me preface this to say – I am not old. I keep telling people this when I say my son is graduating from high school. That statement makes me sound old but my story is — I’m not old, he is. I just got married young and had my son at the age of 25. See, I’m still young. He’s old.

When my son was little, I would watch the school buses drive through our neighborhood and think to myself that my baby will never take a school bus, let alone go to school.

I couldn’t imagine letting him out into the world like that.


Of course, he did go to school, starting with preschool three days a week at the age of three.

But I didn’t actually want him to go.

The kid kept me on my toes but I loved hanging out with him all day, every day. I loved our mommy and me classes so much, and he was my best out for lunch buddy starting at two weeks old when the doctor said I could take him with me to the diner. He was ordering my food for me before his words were fully formed (vegetable pizza was set-a-ables pitz-da).

My favorite picture

Elementary school graduation feels like yesterday. I even had my blog at that time to write about how we went to Maureen’s Kitchen for brunch after the ceremony. And Max Brenner the next day with friends.

Four years ago, during middle school graduation, I thought about how high school graduation would come in a flash. I remember thinking that I would feel as though I was just sitting at the middle school graduation ceremony as if it was yesterday.

Yep, that’s the truth. Feels like yesterday. All of it feels like yesterday, including the Bar Mitzvah.


Two weeks ago, my son received an email from a local, private university. We’ve been all set for him to go upstate to Buffalo but out of nowhere, this local university appears with an offer of a full-tuition four-year scholarship.

We were NOT expecting that.

I think I went into shock when I heard this was on the table and my son was considering it. I have been very focused on preparing myself for him to leave, not to mention my full focus on all things dorm room for the University at Buffalo.

Long story short, he has decided to accept the local offer (and will likely live on campus – they are holding the dorm room for him) which means everything I bought for his Buffalo dorm room will still be used, only closer to home. This is what I’m thinking about – I have invested so much time and money into that dorm room decor!

In all seriousness, I really wanted him to go away for college to experience life outside of Long Island but in a really selfish way, the fact that he’s staying local is making this whole graduation from high school thing a whole lot easier.

In Friday Favorites news, I bought this Lily Pulitzer dress to wear to graduation later today. Thankfully it is a nice day and I don’t have to think about rain. What I do have to think about is dinner and getting a last-minute order together from La Piazza in the house for everyone to eat. We decided to cancel our dinner reservation in favor of a mad scramble out of the graduation ceremony to get home to watch the Islanders game. 

I get so excited to read beauty articles professing love for my lifelong favorite hairbrush.They aren’t cheap but I swear by Mason Pearson hairbrushes. Totally worth the investment.

You know I love a tote so I couldn’t resist this one from the Gap. It opens up so big and is great for the beach, not to mention, it’s super cheap.

I finally got my hands (and lips) on the Lawless Forget the Filler Lip Plumping Gloss. Every time I tried to buy it, it was sold out. I definitely recommend this lip gloss – it does what it says and feels really nice on my lips. The only issue – there isn’t a ton of product it seems in the tube so don’t go crazy using it unless you want to be buying another one super quick.

I also bought the Kosas Brow Pop Clean Dual Action Defining Eyebrow pencil. I’m not overly nutty or particular about brow pencils but I gave into the hype over this one from Kosas and can see why people love it so much.

Shopbop added new styles from Stoney Clover which is great because you likely get fast and free shipping.

I think that I would like to get these Nike socks.

Oh, and I’ve mentioned Glossier’s Balm DotCom several times but seriously, you need it. Not only is it amazing for the lips, but it’s also a universal skin salve which means you can apply it anywhere. I’ve been using it on my eyelids (because they tend to be really sensitive and can get irritated/dry) and it’s been like a magic cure.

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Have a nice weekend and please eat pizza so that the Islanders win tonight!



Fanny Pack Issues + Friday Faves (Friends & Family Sales included!)

A few favorites on this last Friday of winter!

I’m so happy about the start of the spring season this weekend. While we aren’t totally free from the cold weather, I know we are that much closer to consistent warmer weather…and summer! Although, summer this time around also means my son leaves for college at the end of August. I’ve got a lot to get in order before that happens so maybe I shouldn’t rush the seasons.

I loved this view from the escalator inside the Prudential Center at Sunday’s Islanders game in New Jersey. When you sit in the traffic between New York and New Jersey, you feel so far yet you are still so close.

New York City

So get this. I used my Stoney Clover Fanny Pack for the Islanders game but they wouldn’t let me in at security. Apparently, my fanny pack was too big and not allowed into the building. I was not aware of the security changes for COVID restrictions but it seems they wanted either no bags inside or something even smaller than my fanny pack because they aren’t fully touching/searching bags.

Stoney Clover fanny pack

Many of us were walking back to our cars to put our bags away to then reenter the arena.

As I held my wallet and phone throughout the game, I spent my time thinking of the other bag options I already own that I could have used had I known the rules in advance.

I also found a better-sized fanny pack/belt bag to get just in case. The lululemon everywhere belt bag is smaller and would be acceptable under these types of restrictions. It’s at an amazing price too! GRAB IT so you don’t run into this problem as I did. I’ve been meaning to get the lululemon everywhere belt bag for summer running anyway.

Speaking of bags, I’m obsessed with this Be Mine Straw Tote for summer. The straw clutch is adorable too. I will likely get the tote. It’s only a matter of days before it happens.

If you want a LOVESHACKFANCY skirt but don’t want to pay the price, this Rock n Ruffle Mini Skirt from Aerie will serve the same purpose. I hope you can still find your size! They keep selling out.

It’s Friends & Family at Saks until Monday. Now is the time to shop their collection of Stoney Clover while many of the pouches and bags are 25% off! The cozy fanny pack is on sale, I’m considering this BEACH flat pouch for this summer, and this mini pouch is in my favorite sparking cider color.

Splendid is also running a Friends & Family sale right now with items at 30% off with code FAM2021.

I already bought these platform slide sandals because I know they will be sold out shortly. If you want to spend less, Steve Madden has a copy in both pink and black.

Target has cropped hoodies that looked nice in the store. It’s soft too! I’m all about touching the clothes, especially at Target, to ensure the quality feels right to me before I buy it. I think I’ll get the black and I wish they sold it in white.

Oh, I heard these cropped tees from lululemon fit really well. I’m going to check it out in-store either later today or tomorrow. I get nutty about the sleeve length, it needs to hit my arm in the right spot so I need to try it on!

Also, do we want the new Align High Right Pants with pockets? I LIVE in my Align pants this winter but not sure I need this style to have the pocket as I would, let’s say, the pants I wear to run.

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Workouts From Last Week (getting closer and closer to spring!)

A few quick notes before getting to last week’s workouts:

We will not discuss the time change. I do not want to think about the later sunrises or the struggle it is to wake up for the next several days.

The weather last week was warm for this time of year which totally gave me spring fever. I knew it would be short-lived but I’m fine with it — we are getting closer and closer to spring and summer.

The plan right now is to get outside each morning for a walk or a run as weather permits. I ran three days last week and loved pushing my pace for a change. With no snow or ice on the ground, I feel motivated to run faster!

And not workout related but important to note is that we went to an Islanders game yesterday! In-person! I might feel almost normal again!

islanders game

Monday – 22 Min Power Yoga/30 Min Run

I couldn’t pass up the new power yoga practice from MWH Method so I started with that and then headed outside to run. One mile easy, one mile fast, one mile slightly easier plus cooldown until I hit 30 minutes.

Tuesday – 22 Min Lower Body Standing Chair Series/35 Min Walk

Wednesday – 30 Min Run

I ran three miles, cooled down to hit 30 minutes, and then switched to a walk for about 10 minutes. No formal yoga or pilates today — I made up my own routine to stretch after my run before getting the shower.

Thursday – 27 Min Full Body Using Own Body Weight/40 Min Walk

Friday – 32 Min Full Body Yoga + Pilates Flow/3 Mile Walk

Saturday – 5 Miles

It was much colder this morning than it had been all week along with a relentless wind. UGH! With the wind literally going up my nose the entire run, somehow I still put in a nice effort.

1 Mile Warm Up + 3 Miles Increased Effort + 1 Mile Easy

Sunday – 25 Min Cardio Warm-Up + Full Body Flow/One Hour Walk

Note: I take walks during the workday but they aren’t listed as part of my workout recaps. I don’t track these walks as they vary in frequency and duration. My daytime walks are more like a mental break and recharge for me than a workout. Have a great week! 

Stoney Clover X Hello Kitty + Fashion Finds + Pizza (Friday Faves!)

Woah, another fast week. I saw a funny Instagram post yesterday that said something to the effect of…Funny this summer is almost over since it never even really started. Makes so much sense for this year, doesn’t it? It’s definitely not a typical summer although I’ve taken advantage as much as I can to bring some normalcy to life.

Anyway, Friday Favorites time!

Playoff Hockey = Pizza

We ordered a margarita pie on Wednesday, right after I posted all about how much I like the margarita pizza from Stew Leonard’s. This Stew Leonard’s margarita pizza did not disappoint once again and was the perfect food to eat while watching the Islanders game. I’m still in awe that I’m watching playoff hockey in the summer. Talk about a strange form of jet lag, I truly don’t know what day, month, the time it is as I watch these games? This is the playoffs? I’m watching the Islanders? In the summer? It’s August?

margarita pizza

Stoney Clover X Hello Kitty Collaboration

Well the Stoney Clover X Hello Kitty collaboration launched earlier this week and my worlds collided. If you know me, you know that I love Hello Kitty and I have (what I like to call) the largest Hello Kitty collection easily in the state of New York. Try to challenge my collection, which I started back in the early ’80s…I just dare you.

Anyway, I am an adult now so I try not to go goo-goo over Hello Kitty anymore BUT this is a Stoney Clover collection and it does feature my favorite little kitty so I had to get something.

With lots to choose from in terms of pouches and patches, I had to make some decisions. I really didn’t want to overdo this so I went with the bow print in both the Hello Kitty Pencil Case and Hello Kitty Large Pouch. I left patches off the pencil case (which will hold my unsharpened Hello Kitty pencil collection) and designed the large pouch subtly with a Hello Kitty Bow and a Hello Kitty Patch. The large pouch is known for holding SO MUCH but the pencil case too is an awesome pouch for more than just pencils. It really holds the world in there and you would never know it until you have one. I have one already that I use for makeup and so much fits inside!

Stoney Clover hello kitty

I took the liberty of designing some additional Stoney Clover X Hello Kitty pouch combinations to give you more ideas. It’s overwhelming, I know! Everything looks amazing and the combination possibilities are endless! Like, you can’t make a bad decision which actually becomes the issue – am I making the right right decision? The wrong right decision?

Money-saving tip: If you choose a clear travel pouch or a clear front pouch, you can stick the patch on without needing it sewn. This will save you the additional sewing fee. And I love the clear pouch options!


Stoney Clover hello kitty



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Fashion Finds:

I’m still over here obsessed with the underwear I mentioned in my workout recap post on Monday. So soft and comfortable, I don’t want to wear anything else.

I would like to try the new Unlimit High-RIse Tight from lululemon. It appears (although I won’t know until I try them on), that they aren’t going to compress me — I HATE compression in leggings so much. I’m assuming the buttery soft and weightless description means these are right up my alley.

Grab the Swiftly Tech long sleeve on sale now before you need it.

Maybe we both need the Fast and Free run belt.

What are these Jelly Superstar Adidas Sneakers? HOW COOL! I can’t even pick a color.

No need to thank me for finding this cropped tie-dye hoodie at Target. It’s soft too, I made sure to feel the material in person. Also, have we discussed these tie-dye high rise vintage sweatpants yet? Super cute.

How many totes are too many totes? I really like this Nike Sportswear Essentials Tote and need it, right?

Shopbop carries the Stoney Clover tie-dye face masks and offers free shipping so there’s a savings right there.

Don’t forget to check out my picks for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

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Hockey In Summer + Fanny Packs + Fashion Finds

Lots of Friday Favorites to discuss today (how is it Friday already?) so let’s jump right in!

Hockey Playoffs In Summer?!

Never in my 42 years of life have I experienced a hockey season during the summer. Until now. Looking back at this photo from an Islanders game in December, I had NO IDEA when I took the picture that the hockey season (and the rest of the world) would be coming to an abrupt halt due to a pandemic, only to have the hockey season resume with the playoffs in the summer. Who could imagine such a thing?!

islanders gloves

So while this year has been anything but normal, I’m not complaining about the hockey part at the moment. I’m pretty excited to have hockey games to watch, and it’s playoff hockey! Should be quite interesting. Usually around now the talk turns to training camp and the start of the new season in October. I have no idea what fall will look like so I’m happy to enjoy hockey in the present moment. Even if it is basically 100 degrees outside.

Stoney Clover Fanny Pack

Should I do a “what’s in my Stoney Clover fanny pack” post like I did a what’s in my clear pouch for summer running? Yes, I think that I will. I have a lot to say about the fanny pack especially since I was never a fanny pack person BUT the new fanny pack option from Stoney Clover was too cute to resist. And don’t get me started on the new Love Shack Fancy X Stoney Clover Laguna blue glitter pearl letters either. I already have another pouch in the works using these letters. The glitter plus the pearls plus the Love Shack Fancy floral pattern of the letter is just so delicately pretty with that extra level of detail. Can’t get enough.

Stoney Clover fanny pack

Fashion Finds:

In this heat, I’ve been all about dresses and skirts so naturally, that’s what I’ve been searching this week because I need
want more.

I ordered this comfortable and pretty eyelet skirt from the Gap and it arrived very quickly. It’s a perfect staple to have in the closet because you can dress it up with heels (if we ever get back to normal life and do normal dress up things) or you can wear it really casual with a t-shirt and flip flops or sneakers.

Here’s another eyelet style in this Eyelet A-Line Skirt.

I also love this super cute taffeta ruffle miniskirt. And this sweet and simple white tiered miniskirt 

Oh, and this court Rival High Rise Skirt from lululemon. Good luck with finding your size. I may go to the store today in person to try to find my size.

I’m always drawn to dresses like this Ruffle Strap Midi Sundress although midi is never my favorite style. It really depends. I’m more the above the knee or right at the knee style since I’m short. However, I can wear midi when the fit is right and there’s some a-line, high waist something to the dress so I don’t look so lost in the length.

Ok, I love this Nike Cover Up Dress with a hood and I would wear this Nike tennis dress every day. Did I ever tell you that I used to take tennis lessons as a kid? I should take them now to wear the dress with purpose.

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And yes, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts for everyone in a few days. I don’t love this sale each year but I will continue scouting it to report back on my findings.

Have a great weekend!




Never Say Never Plus Friday Favorites

So I thought I would put together a food post on Wednesday but then I went into my photos to see I had already deleted all pictures of recent meals that I took for the purposes of the blog. In my head when deleting the photos, I guess I thought that I had already edited them for the blog — I was wrong. Sure, I could have gone into my deleted photos, recovered them and then edited for the blog, but that was just not happening. The effort of monotonous tasks is something I struggle with on a daily basis so adding in extra steps to an already monotonous task combined with thinking I already did it was just not going to work for me.

But! Here is one recent meal and it’s a big bowl from Maoz. The roasted cauliflower and roasted broccoli are always so delicious.


Should we discuss the Islanders/Rangers game from Tuesday night? While the Islanders did lose in overtime, it was an incredible game. It had every element of the rivalry and the crowd was as loud as ever — there is really nothing quite like the Islanders/Rangers rivalry.

Islanders Rangers game

Gosh, I do despise Rangers fans though, always have, always will. It’s just a way of life, you know? Can’t like a Rangers fan.

And, I always said I would never date a Rangers fan. Never. Oh, you are a Rangers fan? Next.

A lesson in life, never say never.

Somehow, I’ve made the exception for one specific Rangers fan for a really long time now (since 2018) although the concept of him being a Rangers fan will constantly fascinate me. How is this possible? What is he thinking? HOW DO I EVEN LIKE HIM?

But I do.

Throughout my life, I would see those couples at games wearing rival jerseys (YOU KNOW THOSE PEOPLE? YOU KNOW WHO I MEAN?!), and I never quite understood that dynamic. I still don’t understand, but I’m starting to — but not really. But I can see how it happens. But not really.

It’s quite confusing.

So anyway, he was not with me at the game (traveling, usual) but I did have a very good time by text throughout the game. We only have an issue when he gets all Rangers fan on me, as seen below.

He just cannot do that. There are rules here. 

Friday Favorites:

I’m obsessed with Olaplex no. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and Olaplex No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner for every reason they claim I should love the two clean hair products. As stated by Sephora:

  • The Olaplex shampoo repairs and protects hair from everyday stresses—including damaged hair, split ends, and frizz—by re-linking broken bonds. No.4 is color-safe and proven to reduce breakage and strengthen all types of hair.
  • The Olaplex conditioner is for all hair types and leaves hair easy to manage, shiny, and healthier with each use. It is color-safe, leaves hair stronger than ever, and benefits all hair types and textures.

My fave Yummie bodysuits are on sale – here’s the short sleeve, and here’s the long sleeve. 

Don’t look at the price of these shoes, just look at how cute these Mary Janes are.

I may need this tote and I like these satin cargo pants. 

And these rainbow star leggings!

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Finishing things off for today with this great article of  Eight ways to tell a real New Yorker from a fake New Yorker — the part about crossing the street, I never know how to cross the street in other areas. Do people really wait for the walk signal?

Opening Night + My Baby’s Birthday + Stoney Clover + Friday Links

This week went super fast in a sense since Rosh Hashanah took up Monday and Tuesday. I’m not complaining because I’ve been excited for later today and this weekend all week.

First, for our sporting excitement:

Tonight is opening night for the Islanders (of course I will be there) AND it’s game one of the Yankees postseason. I’m the Yankees fan, my son is the Mets fan. Too bad for him come postseason time. HA.

Sunday is my son’s birthday. This little boy, who I dressed up in his Islanders gear for Halloween when he was two years old, is about to be 16. We will not discuss this fact any further as I do not know what to do with such a concept. Nor will we discuss that my baby will now, by New York state law, be old enough to learn how to drive my car. Insert deep breathing and maybe 10 minutes with a daily meditation app here.


How about we just look back at his sweet little face for a second. I love how he let me put the birthday king crown on his head on his first birthday. Such a nice little kid once we left the miserable infant phase. I ask him all of the time why he had to cry those first several weeks of his life while not sleeping through the night…for so very long.  He does not have an answer for me but finds my miserable stories from motherhood funny. That’s nice. I’m glad I can amuse him.

With his airbrushed Elmo shirt and jeans. Such a trendsetter.


Okay, maybe just one more picture…because…that face. Feels like yesterday. I mean, I still see him this way which always leaves me a little perplexed when he walks in the door from school – same face, same loud mouth — but SO MUCH taller.

He took the Barney ride at Chucke E Cheese so very seriously.


I’ll be sure to catch the birthday cake photos and other fun things from the weekend to share next week!

Stoney Clover

My Stoney Clover obsession continues to be strong. I finally narrowed down my latest small pouch combination (guava small pouch with guava glitter varsity letters). Now it’s time to design something else!

Stoney Clover small pouch

In all honesty, if I am not writing a blog post, it’s because I am too busy designing pouches on the Stoney Clover website. I can’t get enough. I’m a total accessories girl! So far I have a Stoney Clover crossbody bag, GLAM pouch, and the Meri small pouch, and the pencil-case below which I use for all of my lipsticks.

Stoney Clover pouches

I will let you know what else I design in the coming weeks. From what I understand, they will be launching some new products soon, so I am sort of holding out to see what will be released! I am already in the market for a mini pouch, the duffel bag, and maybe a large pouch. I don’t make my Stoney Clover decisions easily (so much to choose from!) but I am working on narrowing down ideas and finalizing purchases a little quicker. 🙂


From Charlotte Tillbury, I’m looking at the new Starry Eyes to Hypnotize Eyeshadow Palette and the Pillow Talk Diamond Lip Topper. 

MAC is by far my favorite brand for lipsticks and lip gloss right now so this deal at Nordstrom is enticing — Receive a cosmetics bag and deluxe samples of Strobe Cream (0.2 oz.), Prep + Prime Fix+ Finishing Mist (1 oz.) and a lipstick sampler in three assorted colors with your $45 MAC purchase. Online and in U.S. stores.

I love their Prep + Prime Fix + Finishing Mist so this is a great deal, not to mention the lipstick sampler.

Pretty sure I want the MAC Up Close and Personal Travel Size Brush Set at the moment. Such a great deal! Also considering a MAC Dazzleshadow Liquid Eyeshadow.

In skin care news, I ordered new sets of the Drunk Elephant Rise & Glow Brightening Duo and Nightbright Resurfacing Duo.  The duo options are great sizes at terrific prices, and the products last a few months which is great.

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Love this pretty Crystal-Embellished Knotted Headband.

Thinking about a new pair of J Slides. This pair of wedge booties are waterproof which is great for winter.

I bought this Banana Republic Silk Cashmere Star Sweater and this cute Sherpa Hoodie. It’s so soft and actually cold enough this weekend to wear it!

Thinking about these Theo & Spence Zip Hem Track Pants plus this heart print sweater.

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Have a great weekend!

Friday Favorites (September 20, 2019)

Since I missed Wednesday’s post, I will share a few recent favorite foods in today’s Friday Favorites post.

First, though, we are SO CLOSE to hockey season — the offseason really flew by so quickly! We went to the preseason game Tuesday night at the Coliseum. Two weeks and counting until opening night —and my son’s 16th birthday is that weekend too – um, how did that happen? He will now be old enough for a learner’s permit to start driving my car? I don’t even understand. Can’t talk about it.

You know how I love my Islanders. I’m so excited for the games to get going.

islanders game

I had to have my popcorn. Thankfully a popcorn vendor was walking around during the game because I still cannot locate the darn popcorn on the concourse. Makes a lot of sense, I know. Who can’t locate popcorn at a sporting event? Apparently, me. I cannot find it.


Who remembers my Maoz obsessed days? I had this Maoz bowl the other day. It was delicious!


And Red Mango! It’s so rare that I have Red Mango but every few months (in comparison to a few times a week as I used to in the past), I do have a parfait.

red mango parfait


I love these Friday Favorites posts for the fashion. 🙂

So, I’ve been browsing cashmere sweaters this week.

The J.Crew Long-sleeve everyday cashmere crewneck sweater is a great idea. It comes in 24 colors so there’s something for everyone! I will definitely grab a shade of pink (or two shades of pink) plus the lavender, and a black I bet.

Then there’s the cashmere V-neck Boyfriend sweater in navy with stars.

I’ve had my eye on this star-drawstring hooded cashmere sweater for a while. In the black or the pale pink.

And then, I branched out to hoodies while browsing sweaters. How can it be that I don’t have enough hoodies? I want a pullover hoodie, not a zip-up. I live in this pull over hoodie, still, from my son’s Bar Mitzvah, by the way. These sweatshirts were worth every penny that I spent. My son will still spot some kids wearing his sweatshirt! Makes me so happy. 🙂

bar mitzvah sweatshirt

Anyway, I found this leopard trim hoodie. And I really like this Wildfox patchwork heart hoodie too.

I have matching black sweatpants with white stars down the legs to go with this star print hoodie so maybe that would be cute.

Okay, and I know I just said I want a pull over but I am not opposed to trying the lighter version of the Scuba hoodie from lululemon. The pink is pretty. Or maybe I will try the Scuba pullover. I have one Scuba zip-up hoodie but never really loved it. Recently, I did pull it out of my closet and like it a little more (I wore it one morning when I went for a walk), I just always felt it was too thick which is why the lighter one might be better for me.

This Street to Shore hoodie looks nice but its final sale so make the decision carefully.

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Friday Favorites: Rainbow Cookies + Macaroons + Fashion Finds (flip flops!)

Anyone else thinking that this has been a super long week? Well, it’s finally Friday! Insert my happiness right here. 🙂

Time for some favorites.

I can’t write a Friday Favorites post and not include my Islanders. It’s a very exciting time around these parts for sure after sweeping the Pittsburgh Penguins! I can’t wait for the next round to begin (although who am I kidding, playoff hockey stresses me out more than anything else in life).

I broke out my now-vintage Islanders jacket for one of the playoff games. I’ve had it since I was oh, like 12 years old. If only it had rhinestones or crystals to bling the logo.

vintage islanders jacket

Favorite Food:

I’m skipping over my usual mention of a favorite fitness from the week because I honestly do not think that I have one. I’ve run twice since Monday and completed two Pure Barre workouts but nothing is standing out as worth discussing today.

Instead, let’s chat rainbow cookies.

Who doesn’t love a rainbow cookie?! Well, imagine my excitement when I found that I had chocolate covered rainbow cookie cake bites in my freezer from Smallcakes yesterday. Yum.

rainbow cookie bite

I’ll be trading in my rainbow cookie cake bites for chocolate covered macaroons by tonight once Passover begins. I do love a good chocolate macaroon, especially if I keep them in the freezer. So delicious straight from the freezer!

chocolate covered macaroons

Favorite Fashion Finds:

Spring’s Most Lust-Worthy Shoes Are Naturally Gucci– Of course they are and of course, the three pairs of Gucci loafers that I have are all black. I wish I had bought a color back in the day! You have no idea how this bothers me.

Slim Glitter Flip Flop – NEED. Like absolutely need! You know how I love glitter! I also plan to grab a pair of the Havaianas Slim Flip Flops in the gold or pink.

I really like these knot slide sandals (looks like a bow sort of, more than a knot?) from Abercrombie maybe in the cream or the pink?

Also from Abercrombie, I ordered this cover-up in black (it’s on sale as is a lot in the store right now!)

Are you getting on board with the neon trend? Right here for real cheap from Forever 21 are neon jelly slides and neon jelly flip flops. Definitely, must-haves if you ask me.

Even if the neon trend doesn’t last, it’s cheap enough to wear it for one season. And if you get the hot pink, why not continue to wear it year after year regardless (well, if you love pink as I do, that is).

Also! I ordered this ruffle-trim bikini top from the Gap in both the black and the white. I have the matching black bottom from last year and can wear the white with either a black bottom or a different white bottom that I already have. It’s always good when you can mix and match.

Have a great weekend and a Happy Passover or Easter, depending upon which you celebrate!

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Are you cooking for the holidays this weekend? What are you making?

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Playoff Hockey Fan Food Highlights (recent eats)

Well, I might as well make today’s food post all about our hockey fan foods as life right now is all about Islanders playoff hockey for sure!

On the way to the Islanders game last Friday night, we stopped for dinner at Piccolo. The main reason we chose Piccolo was for their bread basket which always includes a slice of Sicilian pizza. They will refill the bread basket as often as you wish which is an awesome added plus.

piccolo bread basket

I forget the name of the chopped salad that I ordered but it was terrific. The roasted peppers and mozzarella cheese gave it all the flavor and I ordered it without the chicken that is usually included.

piccolo salad

Flashback post: Here’s what I ate the last time I had dinner at Piccolo!

This basic greek salad counts as fan food because I had it, with a side of pita bread and hummus, while reading the sports section at my parents’ house. It’s nice to still read an actual newspaper sometimes.

greek salad

Sunday’s Islanders playoff game had a noontime start which is early! My son had slept by my parents Saturday night so the plan was for me to arrive by noon to watch the game and order pizza (and mozzarella sticks). On the way to their house, my son called requesting chips and dip so I quickly ran into the first grocery store I passed on my way.

game snacks

No picture of the mozzarella sticks but the pizza (from Stella’s) was so good.


For last night’s game which was in Pittsburgh again, my son had Chipotle and I had the usual salad that I make at home. I bought the mini ice cream cones from Trader Joe’s to eat as we watched the game.

hold the cone ice cream cones

This game was so nerve-wracking that I’m not sure how I managed to not hide in my closet (playoff hockey is really stressful!). It’s a happy morning here in New York as the Islanders did win and sweep the Penguins. On to the next round!!

Islanders sweep penguins

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Have I turned you into a hockey fan yet?


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