About Me


Hi! I’m Meredith! Please join me as I run through life and share my love for fitness, food, beauty, and fashion along the way.

A little bit about me:

I received my BA in Marketing from Hofstra University. Prior to my son being born in 2003, I worked in the promotions industry.

I was a stay-at-home mom for the first seven years of my son’s life. I wouldn’t trade those moments with him for the world!

Following my divorce, I got back into some part-time event industry work and then completed my Professional Certificate from The University of Stonybrook in Nutrition for Optimal Health and Sports Performance.

I was the Nutrition Representative for my son’s elementary school and love to help others learn how to achieve a balanced diet/lifestyle.

As a divorced parent, I’ve also taken my own divorce experiences and personal co-parenting techniques to use in order to help others.

I share my knowledge, thoughts, and experiences through my personal blog posts, freelance articles and most recently, published an Ebook, No-Nonsense Guide To Divorce & Co-Parenting. It’s also available on Amazon!

In addition to writing this blog, I am a healthy living freelance writer while also doing a ton of content work back in the events industry.

How I came up with the blog name, The Cookie ChRUNicles:

As most runners know, one often experiences their best and most creative thoughts while running. During one of my long runs early in January 2013, the name The Cookie ChRUNicles came to me. Baking cookies was my favorite thing to do at the time AND I loved to run. The rest is history.

The Cookie ChRUNicles is a funny yet informative chronicle of my daily mileage as a divorced mother in New York.

Questions? Interested in working with me? Just want to say hello? Need divorce, fashion, running, or makeup advice?  I would love to hear from you!

Please feel free to email me at uptowncookieny@gmail.com.


Disclaimer: Although I have completed the Professional Certificate Program in Sports Nutrition and Performance through the School of Professional Development at Stonybrook University, I am not a registered Dietitian or Nutritionist. The health advice, opinion and information I provide in this blog is based upon my knowledge, beliefs, experiences and what works for my family and me. 

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