Amenorrhea is affecting females at an alarming rate.

I can’t stress enough how important it is for us girls to get our periods every month.

As female runners especially, making sure that we are balancing our calories in with energy out is critical for keeping our bodies working the way that they should.

Not getting a period is a really big deal. You may think that it isn’t but inside, your body is in complete disarray without happy functioning hormones.

The risk of injury, the damage to your metabolism, organs, bones, muscles and even risk of infertility is dangerous and should not be ignored.

I have written several posts regarding my experience with amenorrhea, the importance of a regular menstrual cycle and why I gave up the scale.

The feedback I receive whenever I share these posts is amazing!

I put together a collection of posts on the subject of amenorrhea just in case you missed one. Although I am certainly not a doctor, should you ever have a question, feel free to contact me!

How Disordered Eating Can Start

What Would Happen If I Looked At The Scale?

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Letting Go Of Caring About Food

Never Forget (Disordered Eating Post)

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A Life Without The Scale

A Life Without The Scale Part Two

Amenorrhea Talk

Girl Talk: Body Image Chat

Disordered Eating Chat

NEDA Week 2016 – Female Athlete Triad

Achieving A Balanced Attitude Towards Your Weight

Finding Balance Between Our Diets & Our Workouts

Finding Balance Between Our Diets & Our Workouts Part Two

Do You Really Need To Lose 5 Pounds?

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Iron For Female Runners

Learning to Eat, Indulge and Enjoy

Put Away Your Measuring Cup –

Raising My Son Without A Scale

Food Over Medicine

Waiting For Monday


I am always updating this list so make sure to check back again soon!









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