Sick Food Favorites & Weekend Stuff


I mentioned in yesterday’s workout recap post that I was really sick Thursday night so I have spent the weekend trying to feel better. There’s never a good time to be sick but at least it happened now instead of in two weeks for my son’s Bar Mitzvah!

Um, can we believe that the Bar Mitzvah is really so soon? Yeah. I know. And, if I start to think about it too much, I become a deer in headlights which I can’t have right now because I still have a lot of coordinating left to do.

I was supposed to meet with the caterer on Friday as a finalizing details appointment but obviously I had to cancel. I also had to cancel my dress fitting but what can you do? It will all get done and everything will work out fine. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

On Thursday, before I realized how sick I was about to be, I went food shopping at our newly renovated Trader Joe’s.

They took over another store so now my main Trader Joe’s location is huge!

I don’t know if you can tell how huge it is but I took a picture anyway because it was fascinating for me to see how big this location is now (for local readers, this is the Plainview store). I just have to work on learning where everything is, they changed up the locations of where they keep which foods.

Trader Joe's

Unfortunately I bought a butternut squash at Trader Joe’s and roasted it for dinner Thursday night. Anything I eat right before being sick becomes off limits for me, sometimes for life.

So add butternut squash to my forbidden list, maybe brussels sprouts and peanut butter at the moment too. I hope to come back to peanut butter soon but as of today, it’s still no.

I want to say I have been a terribly boring eater since Thursday but that’s not really true. My sick food favorites are actually really yummy!

My dad brought me bagels from Stew Leonard’s on Friday so I have been eating French toast bagels with jelly (no picture but it looks like this one) and plates of eggs with plain mashed potatoes.

eggs and potatoes

I always crave a nice bakery cookie as I start to feel better from viruses like this one.

I had a big black and white cookie on Saturday and I swear that I instantly felt close to 100 percent. My stomach was so happy. 🙂

black and white cookie

The Islanders are back in action by the way, training camp started this weekend!

You know how I love hockey season. After my son’s own hockey practice Saturday morning, we headed over to Islanders training camp for a bit.

Islanders training camp

Sunday morning I watched several episodes of Say Yes to the Dress. Does anyone else love that show? I have always loved wedding dresses even before working in the industry. Did I mention I am going to Bridal Fashion week next week? Gosh I love my job.

We went to Bagel Boss for lunch yesterday. I had the French toast bagel there too but I didn’t love it as much as the Stew Leonard’s French toast bagel. This surprised me actually since Bagel Boss really does have terrific bagels.

bagel boss french toast bagel

Oh, and I am not a political person but I think it’s pretty cool that tonight’s debate is not only local but at Hofstra University, where I went to college!

My son and I took a ride over to Hofstra yesterday afternoon just to see what we could see.

presidential debate at Hofstra

We saw lots of police, security, barricades and some people who must be interested in politics on an insane level based upon their costumes and what they were shouting about. It was pretty funny actually but my son asked me not to share the pictures of the weird guy with the big Trump head because he was convinced the man would find my blog and come after us for making a bit of fun.

Just to put Hofstra on the map for you, it’s located right by the Long Island Half Marathon start line. The first mile of the race runs by some of the dorms. It’s also next to the Nassau Coliseum where the Islanders used to play, few miles south of Roosevelt Field Mall and not far from the city.

I definitely feel well enough for an easy run today and I am hopeful to jump back into the speed workout listed in the training plan tomorrow. I have the slightest hint of a cold but I don’t think it should affect me. Besides, with the amount of carbs I have been eating, my body should run real happy for days!

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Linking up with Meg’s week in review!

Where did you go to college?

Best thing you ate over the weekend?

Do you have a favorite type of bakery cookie? Or a favorite kind of bagel?

Thinking Out Loud – Cookies, Sprinkles and Blog Redesign


Notice anything different?

You know that feeling inside where you “just know?” The feeling that tells you, “this is the one”, “this is me”, “this is right?”

I found my wedding dress at the very first store on the very first day that I began the search (second dress tried on), I had my son’s name decided upon before I even knew he was a boy and the moment I walked into my old house during an open house? I just knew it was mine.

I am the same way with people I date but that’s a story for another time. We should talk about dating sometimes, shouldn’t we? It almost becomes taboo topic but shouldn’t be taboo topic since we all have so many stories to share on the subject.

I never had that feeling with my first blog redesign and I just couldn’t shake it. Now though? Oh my gosh, I am in love with the new design of my blog to the point where I got up extra early today to look around and play with it.

Is this what Christmas morning feels like? I always wondered.


If I want to be honest, part of me wants to rush on through this blog post just so I can see it live on my site. The pink and green color combination are so my favorite that they immediately put a smile on my face.

In fact, the green gingham pattern is the exact shade and design of the comforter I had back when I was 18. Wow, that may have been a long time ago now that I think about it yet it feels like yesterday.

I don’t have a ton of time today to play around with the site though and really, that’s just fine with me. My brain has been on overload this week, especially after yesterday’s site technological issues unrelated to the redesign (so sorry if you tried to leave a comment and were unable to do so).

After my run this morning, I am heading into the city for a few hours of mental freedom and hopefully a really good lunch. Yes, a good time to me is defined by good food.

So last night the little boy informed me that he was having an extreme cookie craving.

unnamed (239)

Being the person (and awesome mother) that I am, my freezer is always stocked with both bakery cookies as well as cookies I have baked and frozen for emergency cookie craving situations.

Please tell me you have had a black and white cookie. I have this sheltered New Yorker attitude which doesn’t understand how most people outside of this area have never had or heard of the big black and white delicacy.

What about rainbow cookies? Have you had a rainbow cookie?


It breaks my heart in several pieces to have learned that our Thinking Out Loud host, Amanda, has never had a rainbow cookie. I am so sad about this fact that I think I will be shipping her some very soon.

Speaking of rainbows, let’s talk sprinkles. Or jimmies as I hear some people out of this area call them. I can never call them that though, sprinkles are sprinkles.

unnamed (242)

See, even the label says they are sprinkles.

I love sprinkles because they are cute and little and pretty but if you are only eating them because you think they are saving you calories over choosing another topping, think again.

I know we never talk calories and I really don’t count them but I can’t help myself from informing you that the caloric value of sprinkles is basically the same as chocolate chips only sprinkles are far worse in the ingredients department.

unnamed (241)

One serving of sprinkles, which is 20 calories, is for ONE TEASPOON. Let’s get real here – if you are eating sprinkles, you are certainly eating several teaspoons.

Three teaspoons = One tablespoon therefore one tablespoon of sprinkles = 60 calories.

Far worse than caring about the calories is the ingredients. Yikes. Hydrogenated this and that, a bunch of stuff we can’t pronounce as well as all of the artificial colors of the rainbow including red #40 and yellow #5  which are lurking in the chocolate sprinkles too.

Now, one tablespoon of chocolate chips will run you only a few calories more than the sprinkles (each serving of chocolate chips is around 70-80 calories depending upon the brand).


You can enjoy true chocolate chips which taste much better and contain far fewer ingredients and no artificial colors.

If you are eating the sprinkles because they are pretty or because you love the texture and taste, I totally hear that.

I will continue to eat the sprinkles that wrap around my favorite chocolate dipped waffle bowls but at the yogurt store toppings bar? Chocolate chips all the way.

My goodness, I just remember my dream: I arrived at next week’s half marathon with about 30 seconds to spare before the start, no jelly beans in my pocket and worst of all – no ear buds to listen to music.

That wasn’t a dream, that was a nightmare.


Be sure to check out what everyone else is thinking today!

Sprinkles or Jimmies?

Favorite bakery cookie?

Do you have dreams/nightmares before races?


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