Friday Favorites: Rainbow Cookies + Macaroons + Fashion Finds (flip flops!)

Anyone else thinking that this has been a super long week? Well, it’s finally Friday! Insert my happiness right here. ūüôā

Time for some favorites.

I can’t write a Friday Favorites post and not include my Islanders. It’s a very exciting time around these parts for sure after sweeping the Pittsburgh Penguins! I can’t wait for the next round to begin (although who am I kidding, playoff hockey stresses me out more than anything else in life).

I broke out my now-vintage Islanders jacket for one of the playoff games. I’ve had it since I was oh, like 12 years old. If only it had rhinestones or crystals to bling the logo.

vintage islanders jacket

Favorite Food:

I’m skipping over my usual mention of a favorite fitness from the week because I honestly do not think that I have one. I’ve run twice since Monday and completed two Pure Barre workouts but nothing is standing out as worth discussing today.

Instead, let’s chat rainbow cookies.

Who doesn’t love a rainbow cookie?! Well, imagine my excitement when I found that I had chocolate covered rainbow cookie cake bites in my freezer from Smallcakes yesterday. Yum.

rainbow cookie bite

I’ll be trading in my rainbow cookie cake bites for chocolate covered macaroons by tonight once Passover begins. I do love a good chocolate macaroon, especially if I keep them in the freezer. So delicious straight from the freezer!

chocolate covered macaroons

Favorite Fashion Finds:

Spring’s Most Lust-Worthy Shoes Are Naturally Gucci– Of course they are and of course, the three pairs of Gucci loafers that I have are all black. I wish I had bought a color back in the day! You have no idea how this bothers me.

Slim Glitter Flip Flop РNEED. Like absolutely need! You know how I love glitter! I also plan to grab a pair of the Havaianas Slim Flip Flops in the gold or pink.

I really like these knot slide sandals (looks like a bow sort of, more than a knot?) from Abercrombie maybe in the cream or the pink?

Also from Abercrombie, I ordered this cover-up in black¬†(it’s on sale as is a lot in the store right now!)

Are you getting on board with the neon trend? Right here for real cheap from Forever 21 are neon jelly slides and neon jelly flip flops. Definitely, must-haves if you ask me.

Even if the neon trend doesn’t last, it’s cheap enough to wear it for one season. And if you get the hot pink, why not continue to wear it year after year regardless (well, if you love pink as I do, that is).

Also! I ordered this ruffle-trim bikini top from the Gap in both the black and the white. I have the matching black bottom from last year and can wear the white with either a black bottom or a different white bottom that I already have. It’s always good when you can mix and match.

Have a great weekend and a Happy Passover or Easter, depending upon which you celebrate!

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Are you cooking for the holidays this weekend? What are you making?

Have you bought new flip flops yet for this spring/summer?



Filling You In Friday



When school is closed for two weeks and lots of holiday hoopla is thrown in the mix with a trip to Disney in between, I struggle to know/care what day it is.

But it’s Friday and I need to know that it’s Friday so that I am aware of my long run on tap for tomorrow.

I really look forward to my Saturday early morning long runs if you want to know the truth.

There’s something really fun¬†about knowing it happens every week;¬†the thinking about it, getting up for it, making my way through it, fully exhausting myself, working up a crazy appetite and then relaxing for a bit while on an endorphin high before enjoying the rest of a weekend.

Fridays are slowly becoming that day where I tell you everything I forgot/hadn’t had a chance to tell you about all week.

Yesterday’s first birthday party was really the perfect way to start the year.

bagel buffet

Just seeing rainbow cookies (okay and my family too) makes the little girl in me smile.

rainbow cookies

I really love the Lulu Vinyasa Scarf and have taken to wearing it however I want if it’s correct or not.

Lulu Vinyasa Scarf

If you follow me on instagram you may remember this early morning airport selfie I shared before going to Disney.

I found the¬†vinyasa scarf to be a great travel companion. It’s super soft and lightweight yet keeps you real cozy.

I wrap it as a scarf, sometimes I unbutton the snaps, I have tried it as a vest, a shirt, worn it long to around my neck to reach my hands as a handwarmer yet I still check in with the multitude of YouTube videos displaying a bazillion other variations to keep coming up with more.

In fact, this scarf is helping me to hide the fact that I have NOTHING TO WEAR. Sure, I found a few tops to wear in the warm weather of Disney but now it’s January in New York and winter clothes I have none.

I don’t even want to talk about it.

I got my dad the best birthday gift ever.


It’s the thought that counts and I was thoughtful enough to realize he deserved a 26.2 for his car.

He ran the New York City Marathon three times when I was little (did you read his guest post? It was a good one)¬†and that’s three more than me.

We joke that people may report his car stolen now¬†because he doesn’t look the part of a 26.2 finisher but he did it and deserves to flaunt it.

Not everyone can sport a 26.2 on their car and it doesn’t matter how many years ago someone completes the distance.

There’s no expiration date on completing a race. It’s always yours for advertising.

It’s on my mind, you know. The New York City Marathon? Yeah. I am thinking about it.

Just thinking for now but it’s more thinking than in previous years and even though I said I would never, we know you should never say never.

I know my base mileage is in place. I know that I can do it. I even have a three-tiered goal that starts with just finish and ends with the time I should strive for if I were to really try:

1- just finish in one piece 2- finish under 4 hours 3- finish 3:45 or under.

It’s just, do I really want to do it?

My body operates really well with what I do right now. Part of me gets nervous to up things any further and feels like I should leave well enough alone.

But, when I tell my dad I ran 15 miles on a random Saturday morning, he likes to tell me how many more miles until I reach 26.2 and that I am not far off.

Hmm. I don’t know but when I know, you will be the first people I tell.

Have a terrific weekend!


What’s the next race on your calendar? Are you training for a marathon?

Do you have a race magnet on your car?

Favorite store to buy clothes? Have you found anything good recently for winter?


#NYTough Plus P&G Giveaway!

As soon as my son gets on the bus this morning for school, I am off to the city for the Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet.

I am super excited to attend once again this year but the stress of driving through midtown rush hour traffic in the rain and somehow making it home in time for my son is certainly on my mind.

City driving is not for everyone. It tests your patience¬†in a way that only an active toddler who hasn’t napped because they have an ear infection¬†can rival.

So get the timing of this —

Proctor & Gamble is currently running a promotion called #NYTough!

I am really picky when it comes to the brands and topics I talk to you about but when I was approached to talk about what makes me #NYTough AND provide you with a giveaway, I was eager to get this post going!


I knew exactly what I wanted to say as soon as I heard the subject to the point where this post wrote itself in my head within a matter of minutes.


As a lifelong New Yorker, of course I am tough. You just have to be.

I can drive around Manhattan weaving in and out of traffic simultaneously creating my own lane, hail a cab in the rain and get to it before you can and walk the streets of Times Square at midnight after getting a manicure (open 24 hours!) and shopping the many levels of Forever 21 (open till 2:00 am!).

I have no issue admitting though that part of this toughness comes the sheltered New-York-is-the-best-and-only-place-to-live mentality.

New Yorkers are like that. We tend to think that life outside of this area doesn’t exist and even if you try to say that it does, it just¬†isn’t as good.

At least that was my mindset as a kid.

I was so sheltered in my thinking, so out of touch with the rest of the country that even when visiting other regions, they¬†weren’t the same which translated into “aren’t as good”¬†and I couldn’t wait to get home.

Home to New York.

Times Square

Where life moves really fast, the roads are tricky to travel and if someone you don’t know says hello to you, you assume something is wrong with them¬†because it cannot possibly be¬†that they are just¬†being friendly.

It’s the truth. Rarely does someone just say hello, even if you do know the person. Sometimes, you pretend that you don’t.

Do you know I couldn’t even leave New York for college? I thought I could do it but changed my mind three days before I was supposed to leave for the University of Delaware.

I remember thinking,

“Okay, there is a Friendly’s down the street from my dorm but this place is too different for me. It isn’t New York. My roommate is from some place I have never heard of, she doesn’t know what rainbow cookies or black & whites are and I don’t know what to do with that.”

rainbow cookie cupcake

By the way, did I mention Crumbs Bake Shop reopened this week?!

I¬†realize that¬†my thought-process from when I was 18 sounds insane but I was a kid and didn’t know any better.

I don’t regret my decision to stay in New York for college at all because I don’t think I was ready¬†or mature enough to leave¬†but I do wish I wasn’t so sheltered in my thinking for so many years of my life.

As I got older, I came out of my sheltered thinking and learned to appreciate Chicago-style pizza, the beauty of San Diego and the warm weather that happens year round in Florida.

I realized that people in other states are just as cool as New Yorkers, if not cooler, because they often lack that edge and unapproachable nature which so many seem to walk around with here.

I have grown up to realize that as much of a New Yorker as I am (like really, one word out of my mouth and you know where I am from), I am no different from my running friends down south, out west or up north.

We all look forward to our post run meals, enjoy shopping at Trader Joe’s, have issues resisting the Whole Foods Food Bar, live in our compression socks, and without even having this discussion, I am pretty sure we all smell after a run if we don’t use deodorant.


I swear by Secret Clinical. Really, I do.

Not because P&G is offering us this giveaway but because I find it works the best for me.

I only knew it worked the best when I attempted a different brand because it was on sale only to realize I smelled a few hours after applying it under my arms.

Never again will I switch my deodorant from Secret Clinical and never again will I live a sheltered New York life because there is so much more out there than a rainbow cookie or big black & white from a New York bagel store.

black and white cookies

But those cookies are really good and you just can’t get them anywhere else and if¬†you think that you can¬†I assure you they aren’t the same so if come to visit I will be really nice and take you to try one.

Giveaway Time!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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This post is linked up per the usual Thursday Thinking Out Loud. Be sure to check out what everyone else is thinking about today!


I received free product from Proctor & Gamble but no further compensation was given to write this post. All sheltered New Yorker thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

What makes you #NYTough?

Did you go away for college or stay close to home?

Favorite kind of cookie?


Thinking Out Loud – Cookies, Sprinkles and Blog Redesign


Notice anything different?

You know that feeling inside where you “just know?” The feeling that tells you, “this is the one”, “this is me”, “this is right?”

I found my wedding dress at the very first store on the very first day that I began the search (second dress tried on), I had my son’s name decided upon before I even knew he was a boy and the moment I walked into my old house during an open house? I just knew it was mine.

I am the same way with people I date but that’s a story for another time. We should talk about dating sometimes, shouldn’t we? It almost becomes taboo topic but shouldn’t be taboo topic since we all have so many stories to share on the subject.

I never had that feeling with my first blog redesign and I just couldn’t shake it. Now though? Oh my gosh, I am in love with the new design of my blog to the point where I got up extra early today to look around and play with it.

Is this what Christmas morning feels like? I always wondered.


If I want to be honest, part of me wants to rush on through this blog post just so I can see it live on my site. The pink and green color combination are so my favorite that they immediately put a smile on my face.

In fact, the green gingham pattern is the exact shade and design of the comforter I had back when I was 18. Wow, that may have been a long time ago now that I think about it yet it feels like yesterday.

I don’t have a ton of time today to play around with the site though and really, that’s just fine with me. My brain has been on overload this week, especially after yesterday’s site technological issues unrelated to the redesign (so sorry if you tried to leave a comment and were unable to do so).

After my run this morning, I am heading into the city for a few hours of mental freedom and hopefully a really good lunch. Yes, a good time to me is defined by good food.

So last night the little boy informed me that he was having an extreme cookie craving.

unnamed (239)

Being the person (and awesome mother) that I am, my freezer is always stocked with both bakery cookies as well as cookies I have baked and frozen for emergency cookie craving situations.

Please tell me you have had a black and white cookie. I have this sheltered New Yorker attitude which doesn’t understand how most people outside of this area have never had or heard of the big black and white delicacy.

What about rainbow cookies? Have you had a rainbow cookie?


It breaks my heart in several pieces to have learned that our Thinking Out Loud host, Amanda, has never had a rainbow cookie. I am so sad about this fact that I think I will be shipping her some very soon.

Speaking of rainbows, let’s talk sprinkles. Or jimmies as I hear some people out of this area call them. I can never call them that though, sprinkles are sprinkles.

unnamed (242)

See, even the label says they are sprinkles.

I love sprinkles because they are cute and little and pretty but if you are only eating them because you think they are saving you calories over choosing another topping, think again.

I know we never talk calories and I really don’t count them¬†but I can’t help myself from informing¬†you that the caloric value of sprinkles is basically the same as chocolate chips only sprinkles are¬†far worse in the ingredients department.

unnamed (241)

One serving of sprinkles, which is 20 calories, is for¬†ONE TEASPOON. Let’s get real here – if you are eating sprinkles, you are certainly eating several teaspoons.

Three teaspoons = One tablespoon therefore one tablespoon of sprinkles = 60 calories.

Far worse than caring about the calories is the ingredients. Yikes. Hydrogenated this and that, a bunch of stuff we can’t pronounce as well as all of the artificial colors of the rainbow including red #40 and yellow #5¬† which are lurking in the chocolate sprinkles too.

Now, one tablespoon of chocolate chips will run you only a few calories more than the sprinkles (each serving of chocolate chips is around 70-80 calories depending upon the brand).


You can enjoy true chocolate chips which taste much better and contain far fewer ingredients and no artificial colors.

If you are eating the sprinkles because they are pretty or because you love the texture and taste, I totally hear that.

I will continue to eat the sprinkles that wrap around my favorite chocolate dipped waffle bowls but at the yogurt store toppings bar? Chocolate chips all the way.

My goodness, I just remember my dream: I arrived at next week’s half marathon with¬†about 30 seconds to spare before the start, no jelly beans in my pocket and worst of all – no ear buds to listen to music.

That wasn’t a dream, that was a nightmare.


Be sure to check out what everyone else is thinking today!

Sprinkles or Jimmies?

Favorite bakery cookie?

Do you have dreams/nightmares before races?


Thinking Out Loud – Random Thoughts And Rainbow Cookies


Amanda, our Thinking Out Loud link-up host, is currently on a beautiful beach somewhere in Hawaii soaking up the sunshine. While I miss her terribly, she deserves this trip after a grueling winter in Edmonton where the temperatures have been far worse than any Polar Vortex a New Yorker like me can complain about.


1. There is nothing like a new pair of running shoes.


I know we all have different feet but seriously, these Adidas Energy Boost are the best running shoes ever. Like, Ever.

I would have loved a different color this time around but the store didn’t have another option. Remember, the color of your running shoes¬†means nothing compared to the importance of the fit.

2. I keep trying to use my gym key to open the front door of my house and my house key to get into the gym. Where is my head?

3. Peanut butter can go with anything. Except maybe for pizza. My son and I have this conversation all of the time. You name the food, I will tell you peanut butter can only enhance the culinary experience.

But pizza? I don’t think so…although, hmm. If pineapple works on pizza, and peanut butter is awesome with pineapple, maybe peanut butter and pineapple would work together on pizza? Maybe we need to try this.

Click here for an article from Shari’s¬†Berries which¬†offers us a¬†detailed look into the many different ways to eat your peanut butter that¬†you probably haven’t thought¬†about trying.¬†

4. Is there anything worse than opening the door to the dryer only to find a full load of clean clothes you didn’t know about?


And here I thought I was missing socks because they were all due to be washed, not realizing they were clean and waiting for me to fold.

5. My son and I made a hockey-related bet yesterday. If I was right, he had to buy me ice cream. If I was wrong, I had to buy him ice cream.

Either way, we were getting ice cream. You so want to hang out with us, don’t you…

When we made the ice cream bet, I knew in the back of my mind we meant self-serve frozen yogurt.


If your yogurt outweighs your hot fudge, you are doing it all wrong.

6. Let’s talk rainbow cookies. Or, as some folks refer to them, seven-layer cookies. Actually, I have a feeling that people outside the tri-state area may not even know what kind of cookie I am talking about at all.


Probably my most favorite cookie as a child, I am feeling the need to perhaps tackle the process of making of making my own. I have had rainbow cookies on my mind since last night when my son loaded his frozen yogurt cup with pieces of the cookies.

You should know that he loads so many random¬†toppings into his cup that you aren’t even tempted to eat his leftovers because the flavors don’t combine well. At all. Not that I have tried or anything.

Now, it is a lengthy process to make the rainbow cookie. Smitten Kitchen has a recipe for the cookie but I would love to find one without artificial food coloring.

If I am making something at home, I really try to be mindful of the artificial stuff, especially food colorings, to the best of my ability.

7. The nice weatherman this morning has informed me that after today, we are headed for a bit of a warm up. Outdoor runs appear to be on my horizon for the foreseeable future.

I am already up to my spring running wardrobe, especially my race outfit for next month’s Fitness Magazine Women’s Half. I have my eye on this new Run Times tank from Lulu Lemon.

To finish off today’s randomness, this ecard made me laugh this morning:



Be sure to check out the rest of the Thinking Out Loud fun!

Most interesting way that you like to eat your peanut butter?

Have you bought spring workout apparel yet?

How often do you forget you have clothes in the wash or in the dryer?





Spin To The Future

I survived spin. I more than survived. In fact, I couldn’t believe the class was over and felt as though we easily had 30 minutes left.

So, either Ernie went easy on us or I am back in spin mode.

I chose not to look at the time which might have helped the hour spin right on by. And while he always selects the best music, yesterday’s selection was just so awesome and constant where each song¬†lead directly into the next without a drop in the beat that it was relatively easy to keep up the pace at all times.

Rumor has it new bikes are being delivered today. As updated as Lifetime is, they must keep themselves more up to date than the next gym, especially when Soul Cycle is not only set to invade Long Island shortly but the location is opening just minutes away.

th (4)

I have yet to experience a Soul Cycle spin class but I am eager to try it out.

They are opening in quite the location friends.


Oh yes. Same shopping center. I haven’t had a cupcake in a while but have been thinking lately about the rainbow cookie cupcake.


Anyone else find themselves daydreaming about which cupcake they want to have next? Just me? Oh. Ok.

Rainbow cookies were absolutely my most favorite cookie of choice as a child. I always wanted to bake my own but from what I understand, they are quite time-consuming to construct.

If I bake my own or go to Crumbs, either way I see a rainbow cookie in my near future.

Speaking of seeing into the future, a close friend of mine asked me to go with her to psychic medium this weekend.


Anyone else watch Long Island Medium? Love this show. Not just because Theresa and her family live close by but because I have always had an interest in this type of stuff.

I have gone to a psychic two times in my life. Both times things were said to me that no one else could have known, things that came true, things that applied at the time, as well as things that I am slowly noticing years later to make sense.

I am not so sure this time that I want to go though. In my opinion, if you even believe in this type of stuff, you look to a psychic when you want answers. When you are trying to figure things out or receive help to be pointed in some sort of direction.

As much as I would love to see into the future, the more I think about it, do I really want to?


I am quite happy with where I am in my life right now. I am afraid that if I go, something could be said which may or may not be true at all (you must take these readings with a grain of salt) and could potentially alter my perspective on various aspects of my life.


You know, I think this turning 35 thing makes me sound all wise and grown up.



I need to know:

Have you tried a Soul Cycle class?

What is your all time favorite cookie?

Have you ever been to a psychic?

Do you watch Long Island Medium? Does her accent make you think I sound like that too? I don’t. At least I don’t think I do.

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