(TOL) Can’t find my glasses, new lululemon items, what did I forget at Target

pace rival crops



I went to Target for two things, ended up buying six but none of the six included the two I specifically went to purchase. As I write this, even though I know I forgot the two things I needed, I don’t even remember which things they are now. Shoot. This always happens to me.

I am one of those people who is forever looking for their glasses  around the house.

Where did I leave them? Are they on my face? No, so where are they? 

Do you know how hard it is to look for glasses when you need glasses to see clearly? I have learned that when I can’t find my glasses, they are usually on my bed but they blend into my comforter so I have to feel around to “see” them. It’s sort of like one of those Highlights magazines from my youth, the hidden pictures activity? Gosh I loved finding the Highlights hidden pictures but I do not like searching around my house for my glasses.

Here they are! Found them! I am telling you, they totally blend in with my comforter.


I have some new lululemon items in my closet thanks to my birthday. I needed a new pair of running capris, more headbands and sweat wicking underwear because you know, tush issues.

I normally run in the Run Inspire Crops but they didn’t have them (not sure if they were discontinued, can’t find them online either) so I went with the Pace Rival Crop and I LOVE THEM.

The material feels so soft and extremely comfortable, the waist stays in place and the pants have all the right pockets (the two in front of waistband plus zipper in back) including two additional pockets FOR A PHONE. I didn’t even notice the phone pocket until after reading the description tag.

lululemon pace rival crop

Um, my world has changed. The phone pocket is amazing. I am still able to plug in my earbuds and run without the phone bouncing or moving or annoying me. Fascinated.

There’s a phone pocket on both the right and left leg. I use the left leg pocket for my phone which probably makes sense since I am a lefty. I would not want it on my right leg.

pace rival crops

As for the headbands:

Fringe Fighter Headband < – I think this is the best headband there is if you don’t want to mess up your hair. The wide band keeps the front of your hair-line from getting finicky.

Fly Away Tamer Headband < – I really like this headband too but it has the tendency to mess up my hair-line and part  so I usually wear this one when I know I am definitely washing my hair after the workout.

I had my hair trial appointment at the salon the other day for my son’s Bar Mitzvah.

I think I like the style we came up with and I know I love the hair accessory I purchased at Henri Bendel BUT I am not completely satisfied just yet.

I am not one to overstress but being completely over the moon about my hair for the Bar Mitzvah is a major must because the photos will be viewed for the rest of my life.

As I said to my mother, I need to like my hair enough to know that when I whip out the Bar Mitzvah album to show the other old ladies in my nursing home, I won’t have to preface the album with, I just wish I did my hair differently OR I hated the stylist I used at the salon OR Do you see those front pieces? Don’t you think they look wrong?

I just can’t have this hanging over me when I am 80 years old, you know?

I already know which nursing home I will be placed in, by the way, as my son pointed it out to me the other day. He said that I shouldn’t worry because he will request that my room have a view of the flower garden. I am just hoping it has a fitness room. Or a pool. I feel like I can start water ballet then, sort of like a Pure Barre class for the older ladies. Maybe I can even teach it.

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Which headbands do you wear for your workouts?

Where do you put your phone when you run?

Do you wear glasses? Do you often misplace them?

What do you need from Target at the moment?


Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

28 thoughts on “(TOL) Can’t find my glasses, new lululemon items, what did I forget at Target”

  1. I really cant see much without my glasses or contacts, so when I wake up in the morning in the dark it is always really hard to find my glasses (even though they are just on my nightstand). I love the idea of that pocket for your phone! I wear a flip belt which works well but it wold be nice to not have to wear it all the time. I need to go to Target with a list or I get way too distracted!

  2. You’re totally teasing me with the new lulu! I don’t need anything because the things I have are still hanging in but it’s been so long since I bought anything. As for your hair, I guess like with a wedding you wouldn’t want to do anything too trendy to unlike how you normally look, even if it looks good if that makes sense. That way when you’re 90 you’ll at least recognize yourself in the photos, hopefully 🙂

  3. I have those crops too and they’re my favorite! I can only wear the bottoms from lulu and I’m obsessed with those. I figured they’re worth a splurge since I love them so much 😉 Believe it or not, I never wear headbands. I don’t like how they look or feel so I don’t think I’ve ever worn one on a run!

  4. Oh boy, I know what it’s like to be looking for glasses. I have driving glasses, and it’s like finding a needle in a haystack sometimes. Also, I totally agree that it’s okay to zero in on the perfect hair style, because it will be fun to show it to all the older ladies someday.

  5. I think you would make an excellent water ballet teacher, and I will come to your classes.

    I need pants with a pocket for my phone. I actually hold my phone in my hand while I run, which is no Bueno. I also always have issues with my ear buds popping out halfway through. Bleh. Oh well, at least I can run, right?!

  6. LOL at the bar mitzvah hairstyle. Those lulu crops seem life-changing, I cannot do armbands and usually need a top with a side pocket to run with my phone, or to wear a Run Stuff Your Bra sports bra with it (which results in people telling me I will get cancer) which I don’t believe but still it’s just enough to poke at me 😉

  7. Well I wear contacts so I don’t really have the problem of misplacing them 😛 I’m totally blind without my glasses though, so if I didn’t have my contacts in and misplaced my glasses, I’d be SOL. Speaking of which… I should really get around to updating my prescription on those things.

  8. I walk around blurry in the mornings without my glasses sometimes but can’t really make out much-everything is blurred. I love Lululemon capris but need to check out the pace rival crops!

  9. Happy belated birthday! It was my husband’s (40th!) birthday last weekend as well. Your cake looked fab – I was thinking as I read your cake post that there is no way you should be baking your own birthday cake! The whole fun is NOT having to cook and clean up on your own birthday! That’s really funny about the nursing home. With all of the work we are doing on our house right now I literally think we will just stay here FOREVER. Which is fine by me since Palm Beach Gardens is where most people go to retire ( ;

    1. happy birthday to your husband! yeah, you don’t need to retire and move, you already live where everyone heads to when they are ready to leave ny! maybe one day I will move down. I talk about it but I don’t know if I could really do it!

  10. I carry my phone in a little thing called a Spy Belt. I’m not sure if they have them down there but they’re here in the Running Room and I love it. I hate water belts and I hate anything that makes me look even dorkier than I already am and so you have to believe me when I say the Spy Belt (Spi Belt?) is actually pretty awesome. It’s tiny and the fabric expands to fit my iPhone 6. Pretty sweet. Although I’m a bit nervous about getting it wet with my excessive sweating but so far so good.

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