Barbie Pink + What’s On Sale + Sunscreen!

I giggled a bit when I realized I’m about to buy myself a bead drawer jewelry kit. Although, making bead bracelets is likely more understandable at my age (hi, about to be 42) than playing with Barbies. Don’t kid yourself into thinking I didn’t browse the Barbies on the Target website. I would totally sit on the floor right now to play with Barbies. I think it’s an excellent quarantine activity (and on the healthier side than deciding I will take up drinking – I’m really not a drinker) considering I still can’t go to get my nails done, shop at the mall, or dine out at a restaurant.

Gosh, it’s the perfect time for Barbie to be in her Barbie pool, isn’t it? Now that I’m the adult of the house, I would even add water to my Barbie pool because as a kid, no one wanted to allow my Barbies to actually have water in the pool. Would you like to know why? The water might spill. IT’S WATER, who cares? Like, I can appreciate how my parents hated my glitter headbands in the house but why couldn’t Barbie have some water in her Barbie pool? My cousins were allowed to have water in their Barbie pool but the pool could only be used outside. Again, IT’S WATER. Like a cup of water. Not a full-on amount of water like in a water table. That I can understand. My son’s water table from when he was little would not have been allowed in the house. At least not at the same time as him in the house with water in the table.

So the new hibiscus color in the Stoney Clover Tropical Collection is referenced as similar to Barbie pink. Totally up my alley. Of course, I customized a few options to share with you. I spend my free time using the Stoney Clover customizer tool. Doesn’t everyone?

Stoney Clover tropical

On Sale This Week:

I think I’ve told you already that I LOVE this mini pom crossbody bag for summer.

This is a perfectly pretty wrap skirt for the pool or beach.

This mini dress style for summer is so me. As is this dress. I want them both.

I’m obsessed with this two-piece tie-dye set.

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National Sunscreen Day

You must know by now that I’m a big advocate for skincare and included in skincare, is sunscreen! I research the ingredients and only use products that are high quality and safe for the skin. Don’t be fooled – just because they sell it, doesn’t mean it’s good for you. You can read my post from way back in the day regarding Facts About Sunscreen.

Sunscreen for my face:

I’ve said it over and over but I’ve using Skinceuticals Physical Defense SPF 50 for years now. I wear it every morning to run and use it for the beach/pool too.

Then there’s Supergoop Glowscreen Sunscreen SPF 40.This is the summer sunscreen I recommend for under makeup as it also acts as a makeup primer on your skin.

For my body, I go with either Babyganics Mineral-Based Sunscreen SPF 50 or Bare Republic Mineral Sport Sunscreen SPF 50 which you can grab from Target. Target is running 25% off sunscreen products in honor of National Sunscreen Day so stock up now!

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Have a great weekend!


Friday Faves (Fitness + Food + Fashion Finds)


It’s Friday already, did the week seem to go fast for you too? I mean, the days do all seem to blend together since March yet it does feel like it was just Sunday. And now it’s Friday. I’m kinda looking forward to watching Netflix this weekend. I’m not a huge Netflix person (at all) but I do have more time now on the weekends for TV and I’m just a little obsessed with Fauda. I can’t wait to watch several episodes tomorrow.

Anyway, I have a quick post for today with some favorites to report!

Favorite Fitness:

Recently I said that I really like the Warrior Sculpt workouts from Lifetime’s virtual menu. I haven’t had a lot of running desire this week, which I totally knew was brewing by last weekend. I mentally sit on a fine line with my interest in running. My interest goes from so there, to so totally not there like the flip of a switch. I did run twice this week (3 miles for each run) but I can’t call either of those runs a favorite. They were both pretty basic and boring.

My favorite workout was definitely the Warrior Sculpt again!

lifetime warrior sculpt

Former Favorite Food:

Remember in Wednesday’s post when I shared a bunch of recipe using bananas from past years on the blog?

Um, hi, I CANNOT BELIEVE that I forgot to discuss the three-ingredient pancake. How did I forget about this recipe?! While I don’t eat the three-ingredient pancake these days, I lived on it for breakfast for quite a while there. It’s so good, especially cooked with blueberries and topped with peanut butter.

three ingredient pancake

Favorite Fashion Finds:

If I look at the positive side of my son not having to get up early to leave for school, I have more time for myself to browse my favorite websites which means I have more time to find favorite fashion finds to share with you. 🙂

I’m a sucker for bead bracelets which I mentioned recently. Take a look at this bead bracelet stack from Target and this one too!

I also like this colorful bead bracelet set from J.Crew.

Also from Target, this tie-dye sweatshirt with matching tie-dye shorts. I’m seeing a lot of matching tie-dye outfits trending right now, just like when I was a kid. I shared more Target tie-dye finds in this post.

Oh hey, guess who found red heart slides for summer? I like these glitter flip flops for real cheap too.

The laces on these sneakers!!

Shopbop added a ton of items to their sale including these bags that I love (some of which I have even shared fairly recently):

Can’t decide between The Andi Tote and The Joyrider Tote.They both have stars and I really like stars.

This Giant Pocket Denim Tote seems like something I should own.

Pom Handheld Tote – LOVE this bag for summer!

Pretty hot pink with a dip dye effect long cardigan.

Good sale deal here for this 3 pack of V neck tees.

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Don’t forget the Sephora Spring Savings Sale begins today for Rouge level! Here are my top Sephora picks which I shared yesterday in case you start shopping the sale. Have a good weekend!

Friday Favorites (Target Finds + J.Crew Sales + Beads)

I live for the memes circulating social media right now including this little funny below. I mean, there’s nothing funny about what’s going on here in my area (or anywhere in the world) right now, but you gotta try to find something to make you laugh.

In other news, I’m happy to announce that I did my own nails for the first time basically ever. Like my mom said, if I go with a light color (like my favorite one from Essie), it gives me wiggle room to not be too perfect but not really notice.


Last week I mentioned manicure tools from Target – I ultimately bought them and I’m so glad I did. Here they are again in case it’s time for you to do your own nails too:

7-Way Color Coded Nail File – I love how it tells me by a number which side of the nail file to use when and why.

Essential Mani/Pedi Kit – Great price for a full set of tools. Maybe I will venture to do my toes this weekend. I’m feeling brave.

I have a few more Target Finds for this week!

This Tie-Dye Oversized Zip-Up Hoodie

These Tie-Dye Leggings

and these Tie-Dye Lounge Shorts

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Also! J.Crew is 40% off right now.

I love their t-shirts, especially this Vintage Cotton Crewneck T-Shirt (in tie-dye!)

Oh, here’s more tie-dye in the form of a sweatshirt.

LOVE this sleeveless popover dress in pink.

This is an excellent deal for the carryall tote – love the neon flamingo pink color!

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Should we discuss the fact that my bead set (which I mentioned in last week’s post) came without the letter I? How can I make a bead bracelet for my name without the letter I? I emailed the company and they are going to send me some letter I’s but not until they are open again….so, there goes my quarantine activity.

bead bracelets

I saw this Say Anything DIY Bracelet from Shopbop though and kinda really want it. The dessert beads get me every time.

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And before I go, Splendid’s women’s sale is now an extra 50% off. You’re welcome.

Have a great weekend.

Friday Favorites From Target (other than food and toilet paper)


Today I wanted to share some favorites from Target other than food and cleaning essentials. Before getting to my Target finds though, just a few random things from the week:

First, I remembered that I once put together a Trader Joe’s Pantry Staples post. Obviously it’s a few years old but the pantry favorites that I listed are still the items I would suggest so it’s worth checking out.

Next, all of the Stoney Clover pouches that are sold at Nordstrom are 40% off right now. (These are super selected styles in comparison to the full line from Stoney Clover but still, it’s your chance to grab a pouch at a ridiculously cheap price!)

And finally, if you are looking to update your wardrobe with apparel that can be worn in or out of the house, Splendid’s entire site is 40% off. The thing about Splendid, which I have mentioned before, is that their clothing is classic and durable. Regardless of how many times I clean my drawers and closets, Splendid remains. I have tops from Splendid in my drawer from 2007. Sometimes my son will recognize a shirt from when he was little! It makes me laugh.

Favorites From Target

Okay now, let’s talk Target. If you pop into the store this weekend for necessities or are ordering online from Target, maybe you want something other than food or toilet paper. I know I need a few other things!

Fun stuff:

I love to color. I love an arts & crafts project. In fact, I kept all of my son’s art supplies from when he was little for those just in case I need to color, paint, or string some beads moments. Now I’m well prepared. 🙂

I’ve been coloring every night – I did not rip this package, my son did.

However, I love new art supplies and now is a great time to pick something different from what I already have.

Is there anything like getting a fresh Crayon Art Case?

Here’s a fun Crayola Coloring Book – Food For Thought. I’m definitely going for this City Escapes Coloring Book today -if I don’t see it in-store, I will order it.

And, I will admit I already ordered a bead set to make bracelets. Sort of like this one: Alphabet Jewelry Kit. Oh, and this Bead Kit looks fun too!

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Beauty Stuff:

I need to figure out how to do my own nails. So I found this Essential Mani/Pedi Kit at Target.

Although maybe just this 7-Way Color-Coded Nail Finishing Buffer will be enough. I need a good nail file more than anything. I’m afraid to clip my own nails in fear that I will completely screw up the shape.

Nevermind the fact that I’ve never known how to get the polish on my nails nicely, not that I’ve tried since oh, like the age of 10. I’m scared to be really honest, once I remove the polish on my nails right now, there will be no going back.

Anyway, I do love the Essie Gel Couture polishes because the color stays on so well. I have this Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish and Top Coat Kit which I usually bring with me to the nail salon. My nails haven’t chipped much since my last manicure two weeks ago, but I know in the next few days, I”m going to have to address the situation.

I’ve been using this L.A. Girl Lip Primer in place of the MAC Prep Prime Lip and I find it to be just as good and so much cheaper.

Um, here’s the eyebrow pencil I use and it is literally $2.00. TWO DOLLARS. Why pay more if you don’t have to?

Please don’t forget that you can get great, clean skincare at Target from Versed Skincare. I’ve driven this point home over and over but if you still haven’t gotten on board with taking care of your skin, there’s no better time than now.

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Fashion/Accessories Stuff:

What a pretty 3-Pack of Scrunchies.

Also pretty, this tie-dye split neck sweatshirt with matching sweatpants.

I love a denim shirt dress.  Think ahead to beach time with this white cover-up dress. I like this black cover-up dress too.

I spotted these duffel bags a few weeks ago at Target. The Pastel Tie Die Weekend Bag and Soft Weekend Bag are both really nice and priced so well.

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Have a good weekend. 🙂

Pink is My Color + Target Bag Finds!


Pink is my color. Did you know that? You probably knew that. All shades of pink, blush, and rose gold. That’s me.

So imagine my excitement over the collection of PINK bags right now in Target. Have you seen them yet?! They are definitely some sort of copy of what Lululemon has going on at the moment plus they remind me of the Prada nylon bags (which used to come in pink too)!

I love this Mad Love Parachute Weekender Bag. I think it’s perfect for the gym or as an overnight bag or a school bag! It also  comes in black if you don’t like pink.

target pink weekender bag

Then there’s the Mad Love Parachute Nylon Backpack and the Mad Love Parachute Satchel Handbag.which is so cute!

target mad love parachute bags

Also! I’m a sucker for velvet right now and spotted this Under One Sky Velvet Backpack in pink at Target too!

On the topic of pink being my color, I wish this photo didn’t come out so blurry.

This is going to be my transition-to-fall uniform for lazy days!

I bought this Alternative Hoodie Adrian Zip Up in a light blush pink (they call it Rose Quartz actually on the website) and love it! It’s basically half the price of my favorite Splendid zip up and comes in gray and  Camo too.


With a plain white fitted tank top, leggings, and my favorite new lucky rainbow sneakers, I’m all set. 🙂

Okay one more picture of my favorite lucky rainbow sneakers because they are the cutest. Have a great weekend!

Meline Lucky Rainbow Sneakers

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Have you seen these pink bags yet at Target?!

Any fun plans for the weekend?

thinking out loud July 21, 2016


So like, I know Taylor Swift is in a major conflict right now with Kim and Kanye but I don’t want any part of that. I love my Kardashians and lately I am obsessed with listening to a select group of Taylor Swift’s songs on repeat during my runs so I am not taking any sides and will be staying out of their war.

  1. Wildest Dreams
  2. Out of Style
  3. Out of the Woods
  4. You Belong With Me

Not your typical running music I suppose but mentally these songs have been making me happy each morning when I run for the last several weeks.

I have also been on repeat a bit with Celine Dion’s It’s All Coming Back To Me. I think this happened last year too, let me check for the post reference… it is. Ah yes, I remember that Thinking Out Loud post well, it was the day I said it’s okay to eat cake for lunch sometimes. And I still agree obviously since I had cake for lunch last weekend.

I really liked my lunch yesterday, that’s for sure. I stopped at Red Mango to grab a parfait and ate it outside while on a few work calls.

red mango parfait

I didn’t mind taking work calls while eating my parfait because these work calls were actually with my bestest friend Heather who lives down in Florida. I think I told you that we both ended up working in the event industry (she’s a really big deal down in South Florida) and yesterday she was hosting an event for us (us as in AllSeated) and we were going over a few details prior to the start of the luncheon.

It’s always nice when Heather and my other good pal Dina (who lives here in NY but was down in Florida for the event!) send me photos from these events to say hi because they miss me.

Heather and Dina

The good news is that we will all be together at my son’s Bar Mitzvah because Heather is definitely flying up for the occasion! I am so super happy you have no idea.


My son requested real snacks (that’s how he phrased it, as if the food I buy isn’t real and the processed sh*t he likes is authentic from nature) to have in the house for this week before he leaves for camp.

I agreed to take him to Target and I also agreed to keep my mouth shut regarding his selections.

I will admit that I did have to chime in when he wanted microwave popcorn. I sort of googled and pulled up an article right there in the aisle, reciting how the microwave popcorn bags can cause cancer but other than that, I was quiet.

Now, if it were me heading into Target on a mission for crap snacks (sorry, real snacks as my son says), you would find me in the snack cake and cookie aisle.

I would get a package of Oreo’s to pile into a cup of milk to eat all mashed up. I would grab an Entenmann’s chocolate cake and eat it ever so carefully straight from the box, making rows with my fork (not that I have a history of this or anything) and would have selected Ring Ding’s, Chips Ahoy (the original ones) and a pound of M&M’s for good measure.

I would not have picked Lay’s Cheddar, Bacon Mac & Cheese potato chips. That’s for sure. The smell of these chips alone could kill me.

junk food

I must share this link I saw earlier this week of the Top 10 Favorite Barbie Playsets which melted my little girl heart.

I had every Barbie play set listed in the article (I loved that Dream House!) but I don’t believe I had the horse. My Barbie dolls didn’t ride horses, they preferred the Corvette Convertibles.

Time for me to eat and run! By the way, I switched from MapMyRun this week to Run Keeper and so far, I am much happier. Run Keeper is tracking the distance accurately rather than coming up short like MapMyRun has been for weeks. More on this in my recap on Sunday.

Don’t forget to check out what everyone else thinking about today!

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If you were released into the grocery store to pick a bunch of yummy not so healthy snacks, which would you choose?

What songs do you have on repeat lately during your workouts?

Did you love Barbie when you were younger?








(TOL) Can’t find my glasses, new lululemon items, what did I forget at Target



I went to Target for two things, ended up buying six but none of the six included the two I specifically went to purchase. As I write this, even though I know I forgot the two things I needed, I don’t even remember which things they are now. Shoot. This always happens to me.

I am one of those people who is forever looking for their glasses  around the house.

Where did I leave them? Are they on my face? No, so where are they? 

Do you know how hard it is to look for glasses when you need glasses to see clearly? I have learned that when I can’t find my glasses, they are usually on my bed but they blend into my comforter so I have to feel around to “see” them. It’s sort of like one of those Highlights magazines from my youth, the hidden pictures activity? Gosh I loved finding the Highlights hidden pictures but I do not like searching around my house for my glasses.

Here they are! Found them! I am telling you, they totally blend in with my comforter.


I have some new lululemon items in my closet thanks to my birthday. I needed a new pair of running capris, more headbands and sweat wicking underwear because you know, tush issues.

I normally run in the Run Inspire Crops but they didn’t have them (not sure if they were discontinued, can’t find them online either) so I went with the Pace Rival Crop and I LOVE THEM.

The material feels so soft and extremely comfortable, the waist stays in place and the pants have all the right pockets (the two in front of waistband plus zipper in back) including two additional pockets FOR A PHONE. I didn’t even notice the phone pocket until after reading the description tag.

lululemon pace rival crop

Um, my world has changed. The phone pocket is amazing. I am still able to plug in my earbuds and run without the phone bouncing or moving or annoying me. Fascinated.

There’s a phone pocket on both the right and left leg. I use the left leg pocket for my phone which probably makes sense since I am a lefty. I would not want it on my right leg.

pace rival crops

As for the headbands:

Fringe Fighter Headband < – I think this is the best headband there is if you don’t want to mess up your hair. The wide band keeps the front of your hair-line from getting finicky.

Fly Away Tamer Headband < – I really like this headband too but it has the tendency to mess up my hair-line and part  so I usually wear this one when I know I am definitely washing my hair after the workout.

I had my hair trial appointment at the salon the other day for my son’s Bar Mitzvah.

I think I like the style we came up with and I know I love the hair accessory I purchased at Henri Bendel BUT I am not completely satisfied just yet.

I am not one to overstress but being completely over the moon about my hair for the Bar Mitzvah is a major must because the photos will be viewed for the rest of my life.

As I said to my mother, I need to like my hair enough to know that when I whip out the Bar Mitzvah album to show the other old ladies in my nursing home, I won’t have to preface the album with, I just wish I did my hair differently OR I hated the stylist I used at the salon OR Do you see those front pieces? Don’t you think they look wrong?

I just can’t have this hanging over me when I am 80 years old, you know?

I already know which nursing home I will be placed in, by the way, as my son pointed it out to me the other day. He said that I shouldn’t worry because he will request that my room have a view of the flower garden. I am just hoping it has a fitness room. Or a pool. I feel like I can start water ballet then, sort of like a Pure Barre class for the older ladies. Maybe I can even teach it.

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Which headbands do you wear for your workouts?

Where do you put your phone when you run?

Do you wear glasses? Do you often misplace them?

What do you need from Target at the moment?


weekend stuff & half marathon weather watch


The winter months make me want to cuddle my feet in Uggs, slippers and comfy socks. Have you seen these cozy looking slipper socks at Target? I think I need them!

slipper socks

Instead of ordering pizza Friday night for my son and his friends, I picked up a pizza from Fresh Market during the day to heat up at dinner time. The boys LOVED it (I knew they would, one of my best friends gets this pizza for the kids all of the time) and I saved money because it’s much cheaper than ordering a pie from the pizza place.


I needed a big bowl of every roasted vegetable available at the Whole Foods Food Bar. And oh, Whole Food’s mashed sweet potatoes, which I took a dollop of for this bowl, are the best I have ever had.

whole foods food bar

I should have bought this Be Nice mug at Target. I think it would serve as a great reminder for me throughout the day as I sip my coffee and struggle to tolerate people.

be nice mug

I am a nice person, I swear! I just have a really low tolerance for most humans and their nonsense.

Until recently, the last time I had been to PF Chang’s was back in the year 2000 around the time that I got engaged. Even though PF Chang’s had opened a nice new location near me a couple of years ago, I just didn’t care to go BUT NOW it is slowly becoming one of my favorites.

This sushi roll is at the top of my sushi favorites list.

PF Changs sushi

The Buddha feast is made with me in mind – lots of veggies, sauce on the side for dipping and fluffy brown rice. They offer quinoa for an additional charge but I always go with the brown rice. I eat enough quinoa at home, I don’t need to pay extra when I like brown rice and have no reason to avoid the grain.

PF Changes buddha feast

I needed this slice of chocolate cake. That’s right, needed. After an awesome long run Saturday morning, chocolate cake referred to as the “chocolate wall” on the menu becomes a necessary part of my running recovery. Gosh I felt so good after eating this!

chocolate cake

Since there is no school today and the Islanders were playing a late afternoon game yesterday, I swallowed my childish pride and took the train to Brooklyn to see my second regular season home game at the Barclays Center.

Islanders game in brooklyn

I am just not good with change okay? I have been trying to be a big girl about it but it’s hard. When you spend 30 years of your life attending games 10 minutes from your house at a building that once felt like your second home and now have to take a train (and sometimes change at Jamaica!) to see your team play in what feels like a foreign place, it will take time to adjust. And I am not even trying to adjust, I just sit and complain. Actually, stand and complain, I couldn’t even get a seat on the train.

Half Marathon Weather Watch:

Of course they are tracking our first winter storm of the season for this weekend. Of course they are. I have heard anything from 3-5 inches to a good foot of snow approaching the New York area by Friday night.

And of course I keep texting Michele with the weather updates just so she can freak along with me. Although, I am totally okay with not running this race. I would just rather know in advance that it’s not going to happen for me rather than have to wonder when I should get into the city to pick up my number and if I even need to do so.


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Favorite kind of cake?

3 things you did over the weekend?

What’s on the workout agenda for today?

Thinking Out Loud – Random Things


I seriously contemplated doing the whole Thursday is for Thinking Out Loud thing earlier in the week but I thought it may confuse you into thinking it was actually Thursday when it was only Tuesday and that is a really mean thing for me to do to you so I didn’t.

So today really is Thursday and I am excited to finally share with you lots of random things.


I know school just ended but I am already excited about the school supply section popping up in Target.

school supplies

This new line of pretty school supplies at Target makes me want to register for a course or two. A course that requires marble notebooks and binders with dividers and pencil pouches but not a ruler. I hate math.

I would live vicariously through my son and his school supplies but he is a boy and boys are boring and can’t use pink or purple notebooks.

He does need binders and dividers though (already received his supply list!) so I am hoping he lets me set all the notebooks up. Live for that.

Speaking of boys, I laughed at this tank top in Bloomingdales last week.

bloomies tank top

You just can’t trust technology but at the same time, girls can’t actually text again to see if the boy received a text.

It’s a double standard my friends since the boy can totally text the girl again if she doesn’t answer and they are even allowed to follow-up with the ????? (I hate overpunctuation) but the girl just cannot. Put down your phone and fight the urge otherwise it becomes a you-are-insane-and-obsessive type of situation even if technology is the one to blame.

I liked this tank too.

tank top

Do you believe in Karma? I do. For sure. Along with horoscopes and the Long Island Medium.

tank top

Let’s talk ice cream. Do you make it at home? Aside from our banana “ice cream” I mean.

ice cream maker

I saw this ice cream maker in Williams Sonoma last week and from the instructions on the display, it looked really easy.


It even comes in purple which made me think of the Barbie Ice Cream Parlor I had as a little girl (which was pink but I associate pink with purple) which I recall let you make real life ice cream for yourself and not just plastic scoops for Barbie…that is if your parents let you which mine didn’t because I would make a mess.

So there’s a book on my nightstand.


The first step to returning to reading on a regular basis was getting to the library and bringing the book home.  I am hopeful that actually having a library book on my nightstand which is due back in two weeks will encourage me to open it and read it.

Can you talk to me about Vitamin Water?

vitamin water

Water shouldn’t contain 31 grams of sugar and “naturally sweetened” is trying to trick us into thinking that the second ingredient of cane sugar isn’t really sugar.

I tried to explain this to my son but he didn’t want to hear it.

He told me the sugar is from the vitamin part of the water but that makes no sense and he knows that but he is really good at making a case for a guilty party.

All the kids are drinking this sugar water by the bottle-load at camp so he insisted upon drinking it as well when I think they all might as well be drinking Kool-Aid.

Don’t the other parents have a fruit infusion pitcher? Shouldn’t the camp have fruit infusion pitchers?

I hate to be a party booer so I let him get a few bottles so long as he promised to only add half to his water bottle which is already filled with real water.

If the kid wants a cookie, I will give him a cookie and probably offer to serve it a la mode.

Sugar inside of cookies I can justify. Sugar in water? Only if it is the frozen kind like a snow cone.

Be sure to check out what everyone else is thinking about today!


How often do you forget what day it is?

What book is currently on your nightstand? Please share chick-lit/light-hearted funny novels with me!

Do you have an ice cream maker? Is it worth it?




Warm Weather Workout Essentials 2014


I was so excited to put together my favorite apparel and accessories for running in the warm weather until I realized something kind of crucial which may or may not hinder my ability to make recommendations…

We are all so different.

warm weather workout essentials

Not only are our bodies completely different in terms of size, we are structured differently in that my legs may be shorter than yours and your torso may be shorter than mine even if we are the same height and weight.

And, to complicate things even more, finding the right fit isn’t the only issue we have.

Important athletic apparel requirements:

Will the pants stay up when you run?

Will the shorts stick to your legs or even worse, do your legs stick together because the length at which the shorts hit your leg when you move is bad?

Will the shirt stay in place when you pick up the pace or will it ride up?

Do the socks bunch in your sneakers?

Are the socks too thick or too thin for your sneakers?

Does the built-in bra offer enough support and if not, is there room under your top for another sports bra underneath?

Is the material see-through? Does it wash well?

Are there pockets for jelly beans, GU packets, your keys and license?


It’s not easy to find the perfect workout gear. In fact, I had an easier time putting together the winter weather workout essentials posts than this post for warm weather necessities.

Finding winter layers is less challenging for me than finding the right fit for shorts and even for tank tops.

I haven’t bought much of anything new for this season and it may just happen that I stick with some of my favorites from last year.

With that said, here are the few things I have come across worth checking out:

New Multi-Strap Tank from GapFit:

GapFit tank

Not only does this Multi-Strap tank fit really well and have a built-in bra (with removable padding!) it looks good too, especially because of the pretty straps in the back.

I always go a size up in GapFit tops because I find their clothing will shrink should I put it in the dryer. GapFit tops normally don’t thrill me because they never have a built-in bra or at least not a bra with padding but this one meets all of my requirements so I bought two – one in the black and one in a charcoal gray. It’s now on sale too!

The pants in the photo are GapFit GFast crops but I don’t recommend them because they slide down as soon as I try to run, however, maybe they would work for you.

I am really picky when it comes to what I wear on my lower half.

running shorts

I don’t like any of the shorts I have tried on for this season. Even the Lulu shorts don’t thrill me. They meet my requirements for pockets and a good waistband that won’t slide down but there is something about the fit of the leg that bothers me.


My new Gap tank goes well with my favorite Lulu skirt so I have a feeling shorts may not enter my wardrobe. I have no issue rotating the two skirts I already have with my favorite running crops all summer and saving some money.

Favorite Socks:

gap socks

I don’t mess with a good thing. These Gap socks are the best. I just bought another round because I can never have enough. Never too thick or thin, these Gap Performance Athletic Ankle socks are super soft, stay in place as well as stay dry and the tab in the back always protects my heel from rubbing against my sneaker, regardless of which pair I have on my feet.


A visor makes a huge difference when running in the summer sun. Not only does it give you added protection from the harmful rays but it keeps the sun from beating down on your face.

juicy visor

I am sticking with my Juicy visor from last summer but I did see cute visors at Lulu Lemon last week worth checking out.

Along with a visor, a good moisture-wicking headband is necessary as well. As I mentioned recently in a previous post, a good wide headband will help keep the hair from getting too sweaty in the event you want to get away without shampooing after a workout.


I really like the Lulu Lemon Fly Away Tamer headbands because they stay in place and are loose enough to forget you have something around your head. They also fit well under the visor.

Sweat Cuffs:

Lulu sweat cuffs

Lulu came out this year with Sweat Cuffs which are sweat-wicking wristbands designed to hold your key/candy/whatever-else-you-can- fit in case you don’t require mandatory pockets in your clothing like me.

Water Bottle:

My favorite CamelBak water bottle with filter from last year broke and I need a new one!


I love the filter feature because it allows me to refill from anywhere and trust that the water will taste good.

I find that when I have a water bottle I love, I fill it up and take it with me wherever I go.

Hydration is crucial all year but especially now as we approach the summery temps, making sure you are sipping your water all day long as well as during workouts is mandatory.


I did a few posts last summer about the importance of picking the right sunscreen that not only offers broad spectrum protection but is free from harmful ingredients.


skinceuticals sunscreen

I love this sunscreen from SkinCeuticals. A little bit goes a long way and is perfect for running or the beach or wherever you are outdoors. It is a bit pricey compared to your drugstore brands but worth every penny.

I will focus more on sunscreen next week again for National Sunscreen Day.

Bottom Line:

I try to spend my money wisely. I figure out in advance which pieces mean the most to me in terms of comfort and fit and spend what I need to on those items.

For example, I don’t need to worry so much about the right sports bra like I stress about the right pants that won’t slide down or the shorts that I won’t feel moving and sticking to my legs when I run.

Once I have the mandatory pieces covered, I seek out deals from the following stores:

Target Champion makes a majority of Target’s athletic apparel and seem to have many knock offs of the same cuts you see at Lulu and other stores.

Forever 21 Their sports bras have been just fine for me, no complaints. Wash well and seem to be durable. Be careful with what you purchase though, only store credits are offered as refunds.

Old Navy Active – I haven’t bought anything yet but my friend does and loves whatever she has selected

GapAlways runs a sale and offers many discounts and specials for Gap credit card holders. I always search the sale rack and buy items that I can put away for the following season. Note- I size up in tops and as small as possible in pants since they slide down.

Lulu Lemon We Made Too Much All sales are final so make sure you know your size!

Remember, it’s not a fashion show. Of course we all like to look cute but it’s also okay to repeat your workout clothes in order to save some money  for the clothes you wear the other 90% of your life.

I put together a handy checklist of our basic requirements that apply regardless of brand, style and fit to keep in mind while you are shopping.

warm weather workout checklist

If you have written your own workout essentials post recently, please share the link in the comments! Not only am I interested in what you are liking or not liking, I am pretty sure everyone else is curious too.

And, if you have a pair of running shorts you swear by or any other apparel, accessory or brand you love, please tell us in the comments as well.

I would love to put together another post based upon your responses to give us a broader idea of popular opinion regarding summer workout gear!


So tell us, what are you loving?

Share your links!

Which do you prefer, running in a skirt or shorts or pants?













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