New Running Shoes (AGAIN) + Weekly Workout Recap

hoka bondi

I knew I was opening up a can of worms when I decided that I wanted new running shoes.

Can I just say I told you so to myself? Because I told myself so.

I ran in the Brooks Glycerins a few times and while at first, I thought they were fine because I liked the cushioning, I did notice “something” upfront about my toes.

Saturday’s run confirmed that I needed to bring them back to the store and find the right pair of running shoes for my feet.

Saturday’s run was HARD.

I haven’t had such a difficult time running in… I don’t know how long.

It was the kind of run where you realize why people think running is so challenging and give up.

And I can’t really give you specifics other than a runner understands when I say the run was terrible and I had to fight mentally to keep going.

I didn’t give up but I realized while running that the Glycerins were just WRONG for my feet.

When I went to Runner’s Edge after my run, the nice man who helped me (who I think was either manager or owner of the store) confirmed that I’m not crazy.

He said that my high midfoot/instep (not really about my arch, more about the top of my foot which I ALWAYS found to be an issue with running shoes) is where my issue was and why I can’t wear the Glycerins. Am I a little annoyed that the girl who works at the same running store sold me the Glycerins last week, not realizing that they weren’t for my feet? Yes. 

Long story short, I have now decided upon the Hoka Bondi. Let’s see how it goes! I’m still concerned about the heel drop but the nice man said these should work for me.

He really doesn’t know that I’m the princess and the shoe — but let’s see.

hoka bondi

Last Week’s Workouts

Not much to report outside of my running shoe situation!

Monday – 25 Min Full Body (1 lb weights + band) + 40 Min Walk

I ran both Saturday and Sunday so I knew I wasn’t going to run this morning.

Tuesday – 3 Mile Run + 10 Min Power Abs

Today was my second run today in my new pair of Brooks Glycerins. It stopped raining just in time for me to go outside although there was a damp wind for my entire run.

Wednesday – 3 Mile Walk

I slept well but still woke up pretty tired so I opted for a walk without the addition of yoga/pilates from Melissa Wood Health.

Thursday – 3 Mile Run 

Friday – 26 Min Yoga/Pilates (resistance band) + 45 Min Walk

Saturday – 5 Mile Run

Wow, I really struggled with today’s run. I’m really proud of myself for making it to five miles and not stopping sooner.

I wasn’t sure at first what was wrong – I made it through the first mile which is usually what’s needed to start to find my groove.

By mile two, I wanted to stop. But I didn’t. I could tell that the Glycerins were the issue but it wasn’t anything that required me to completely stop running.

I made it to the third mile and then told myself to continue until I get to my house. At that point, I told myself to get to four miles and by four miles, I was feeling better and well enough to continue another mile to reach my initial plan of five miles for the day.

Sunday – 3.5 Mile Run + 12 Min Arms (1 lb weights)

My first run in the Hokas! The tops of my feet felt MUCH BETTER. I still need a few more runs to get the full effect but so far so good.

hoka bondi

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