Holiday Week Favorites + Levain Bakery + Nordstrom Sale

levain bakery cookie

It’s that time of year when the holidays make everything else in life a blur! I’ve been off all week which has been really nice. I’ve been sleeping late, getting in my workouts outdoors, doing fun things, and eating great food too.

First, I was extra excited to discover the Coliseum finally has hot chocolate again for Islanders games. Now, if the hot chocolate has been there all this time and I just couldn’t find it, that’s totally possible too. But I do not think so.

As a kid growing up with season tickets to the Islanders, I would bring my little bag of marshmallows with a spoon to every game for my cup of hot chocolate. I promise you that I will be starting that tradition back up now that I can get a cup of hot chocolate again!

hot chocolate

Would you believe it if I said I have a new favorite salad at The Cheesecake Factory? I finally tried the California Guacamole salad and I love it! The salad has black beans, corn, tomatoes, onions, feta cheese, and guacamole (I order it without the tortilla strips). My only issue is that it’s on the small side for their salads so it’s probably best for lunch or for dinner when we order an appetizer too. Or, for a day when I’m not overly hungry.

california guacamole salad

On my list to do this week was to clean out some closets and drawers. Well, there are some toys and things one cannot part with and this toy menorah/Hanukkah set is one of them.


On Christmas Eve, I took my son ice skating outdoors on our way into the city. I wanted to do something festive like look at the tree and pretend we are tourists since the weather was so nice for this time of year BUT he didn’t feel like it.

Okay then, how about we go to the Levain Bakery location that opened on the Upper East Side? That he agreed to do.

First a stop for some pizza. Explain to me why pizza in the city is cheaper than on Long Island? I will never understand. I had this margarita slice which didn’t photograph well but was so, so good.

margarita pizza

Ok so the Levain Bakery. You have either been there or seen their cookies on Instagram, right?

I’m so very happy that they opened an upper east side location — it’s much more convenient for me.

Please note that I’ve decided that Levain Bakery cookies are definitely in my top three of the best chocolate chip cookies in the world. Actually, their cookies might even be number one on my favorite cookies list.

levain bakery

I mean, look at this cookie.

I had to take the customary Levain Bakery cookie picture where you break the cookie in half for the best photo. Look at that chocolate! We will be back to Levain Bakery really soon for more cookies, that’s for sure.

levain bakery cookie

Chinese food on Christmas. Obviously.

Chinese food

Nordstrom Sale

It seems to me like it was just a Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale but it’s that time again. I never find that much but I pulled a few links of interest:

These Kate Spade Slingback Pumps.

Can’t go wrong wit a pair of J Slides Faux Fur Lined Booties.

or the UGG Bailey Bow Shearling Boots in Pink.

Love this Heart Print Shirt from Rails.

Grab this MAC Lucky Stars Lipstick Kit – I bought it for myself at the very start of the holiday season and rotate all three colors on a regular basis. They are so pretty!

Love me a sale on PJ Salvage pajamas. This is such a cute thermal set.

Thinking ahead to summer – need this LoveShackFancy Ruffle Miniskirt.

My favorite jeans are on sale for $99!

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