Natural Running Tendency + Cold Muscles + Workout Recap

workout recap running pure barre


A few things to note before getting to a quick recap of my workouts from the week!

1 – Just last week I had Laura explain shorter warm ups and why lately I didn’t need my usual 2 miles to loosen up in a workout. Well, with the sudden colder air, I am back to longer warm ups! In fact, even with yoga, a longer warm up and an hour of running some days, I am still feeling sort of  NOT ELASTIC. Does that make sense? The cold air has my muscles just feeling COLD, no matter what. Nothing in particular hurts nor is anything tight. Running even feels fine. I just had this cold, not elastic feeling in my muscles during the early part of this week as if I can’t get loose no matter what.

It’s getting better as the week has gone on so hopefully I am adjusting to the weather but still,  I’ve now made sure to now include yoga stretching before my runs, during the day and even at night to keep me loose in addition to longer warm ups when needed.

2 – I’ve noticed that I am gravitating back to running longer distances again. It’s so funny because I’m not doing it on purpose! Without thinking, I’m just running what feels right and right lately seems to mean easier running with no plan and at least 5 miles. For a while there I was looking to get things done in 30 minutes with speed workouts and although I will probably still run those workouts, they haven’t crossed my mind. I think that my natural running tendency is to run a little slower and a little longer. While that may change from time to time, it’s just what I gravitate towards as my happy place. 🙂

3- No long run this week. I would have liked to run long yesterday but I just didn’t have time! It’s raining this morning and my son has another morning hockey game so it’s not worth trying to figure it out. There’s always next week!

workout recap running pure barre

Monday – 7 Miles

Low 40’s today sort of felt warm even though it was cold experiencing low 20’s over the weekend!

run keeper splits

Tuesday – 5.50 Miles/15 Min Pure Barre

Just an easy run while on the phone during the last few miles. After running, I came home and combined two Pure Barre On Demand workouts: 10 minutes for arms & abs and a quick 5 minutes for the seat.

pure barre on demand seat workout

Wednesday – 5 Miles

Another 5 mile run followed by my own version of a short strength workout in the form of squats, lunges, jumping jacks and then some yoga stretching.

Thursday – Gym Day/30 Min Pure Barre

I used the rain as an excuse to go to the gym. The treadmill sounded like an AWFUL idea at first so I went with the elliptical machine instead. However, after 20 minutes, I felt really warmed up and OVER the elliptical pedaling process. Time was just going so slow on there! So, I hopped on over to the treadmill for a fast 10 minutes (1.25 miles) which felt surprisingly good considering I didn’t think I felt like running on the treadmill.

30 Min Pure Barre workout when I got home.

Friday – 60 Min Running

After the 6 mile mark and glancing down to see I was over 50 minutes, I just kept running easy until I hit an hour before heading home.

6 miles

Saturday – 7.25 Miles

My son had a really EARLY hockey game so a little over 7 miles was all I could squeeze in for today. I would have liked to have kept going to 10 miles. Oh well!


Sunday – Pure Barre

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How has the cold weather affected your workouts?

What do you think is your natural running tendency? 

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Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

7 thoughts on “Natural Running Tendency + Cold Muscles + Workout Recap”

  1. I think my natural running tendency is longer distances now vs. the shorter and speedy running workouts.. but I still enjoy doing them from time to time!

  2. The cold weather is making breathing so much easier since there is no humidity. It feels so good on my speed workouts! I’ve noticed that my calves have felt tight lately which started happening when it got cold so just need to do some extra stretching and rolling on them.

  3. I feel like right now Im in my happy place with running. Im doing enough that i feel satisfied but I can still get in other workouts and take enough days off throughout the week. Its hard to adjust to the cold but now I finally feel like Im getting use to it.

  4. I used to be a professional ballet dancer and one of my tricks to getting warm especially if I didn’t have enough time to do a quick “class” was to take a hot shower and then do some stretches. Not sure how it would work for runners but it sure feels good!

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