Enjoying the Moment

While the rest of my fellow New Yorkers were heading east Friday afternoon out of the city and to the island, I was leaving Long Island and heading west.

Into the city.


I snapped this photo of the Freedom Tower while I waited to go through the Midtown Tunnel.

I can tell you that it was a beautiful night to be in Manhattan, warm but not hot with no humidity.

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After a quick stop to browse in the NHL store (don’t forget I am a lifelong lover of hockey), our growling stomachs guided us to Bobby Van’s Steakhouse.


Dinner was delicious….but I took zero pictures.

Some moments in life are simply meant to be lived and enjoyed – not to be interrupted by the snapping of photos.


Friday evening’s enjoyment spilled on over to Saturday morning when these perfectly formed blueberry waffles using the Kodiak Cakes mix happened after my long run.

The waffles crisped in the right places and fluffed up much better than the batch from last week.

My waffle making skills have now reached an advanced level, just like my parfait making skills.


Just look at this beauty of a yogurt, fruit, granola and chocolate chip creation from yesterday.

If there is ever a Red Mango parfait making contest, you would totally vote for me right? I mean, really, do you know anyone that can make a better parfait than me? I didn’t think so.

Anyway, the weekend is totally flying right by. This morning seems to be missing sunshine. I was hopeful for a day at the beach but now I am not so sure.

Oh well.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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