Last Week’s Workouts (some in Florida, some at home)

I can tell you this – I really miss sitting on the balcony first thing in the morning in the warm Florida air before doing my workouts.


Three of my workouts took place in Florida last week. As I had mentioned, I did not bring my running shoes (and very rarely do take running shoes on vacation) but I did get some yoga/pilates flows in and went to the hotel gym one morning too.

Being in Florida made me even more excited for spring and summer to arrive in New York. I’m really such a warm weather person which is funny because as a kid, I really think that I definitely loved fall and winter a little bit more.

Now I’m just over here counting the days until it’s time for my beach running season!

Last Week’s Workouts

Monday – 26 Min Elevated Yoga Pilates Flow

Today’s flow was new to Melissa Wood Health’s workout menu so I just had to do it before heading to the beach.

boca beach

Tuesday – Melissa Wood Health Comb0

  • 23 Min Full Body Standing Series
  • 15 Min Standing Arms & Abs

Wednesday – 30 Min Elliptical (hotel gym)

I went to the hotel gym today because I felt more like a cardio workout than a yoga or pilates flow.

I chose an elliptical type of machine rather than walking on the treadmill.

hotel elliptical

Thursday – 3 Miles

Back home to the cold! It wasn’t too bitter this morning so I was able to run outside and not go into shock after being in warm weather for a few days.

Friday – 19 Min Pilates Burn + 40 Min Walk

Okay, it was COLD this morning. My hands were frozen through my furry mittens during my walk but the sun was bright which is the main reason I was outdoors in such weather.

Saturday – 5 Miles

Cold outside but sunny so it was fine.

Sunday – Melissa Wood Health Combo

  • 23 Min Wake Me Up Flow
  • 17 Min Elevated Abs Flow (using a small ball)
  • 8 Min Arms (1 lb weights)
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