How To Add Variety To A Repetitive Workout Routine


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I wanted to talk about our workout routines and finding variety in what can seem like a repetitive schedule.

I am routine by nature and thrive from keeping to my schedule, especially my morning schedule.

I always workout in the morning and I look forward to the repetitive nature of my routine. As repetitive as my workout recaps appear though, each day is always a slightly different workout experience.

how to add variety to your running and workout routine

I may work from home but that doesn’t mean I have the flexibility (or desire) to get crazy diverse with my workouts, visit all of the fitness studios and classes out there to totally change my workout routine up every single day.

This does not mean my workout routine is boring though! I have learned how to add variety each day to keep things interesting and challenge my muscles while still following a set workout plan.

I gave some thought to how I created the basic framework to my workout routine and broke it down for us today so that perhaps you can take a look at the resources you have available to you and put together a workout schedule for yourself to follow.

Step #1 – Think about what you have to work with.

I have three main workout options on any given day:

adding variety to your workout routine

*My go-to running route

*My community gym

*Pure Barre DVDs/Online Yoga

Step #2 – From your list of workout options, build your variety.

I set up this plan for myself a few months ago and I am still loving it. I do not follow it 100% every week but it’s a great guideline for me in terms of balancing my runs with cross-training and strength training.

workout routine


How I add the variety:


Rotate Pure Barre Workouts: I use 5 different Pure Barre workouts therefore I never do the exact same routine more than once in a week.

While each workout follows the same structure, the exercises themselves are slightly different which keeps things interesting and different for me on a daily basis even though the premise of the workout is the same.

Vary My Miles: Each run serves a different purpose.

Some runs are shorter, some are longer, some have speed, some are recovery. I try to vary my miles and structure them differently so that they never seem repetitive or boring.

I think this is quite important to accomplish when you aren’t training for a race. Training for a specific race usually comes with following a training schedule. When you are without a race on your calendar, you may feel lost or short on motivation. Create your own schedule! Create your own variety of running workouts to keep yourself interested and motivated.

Remember to get inside to the gym:  In the winter I find myself in the gym more often, especially for the treadmill, but sometimes, it’s great to get inside and switch things up even when it’s not freezing cold or snowing outside.

Some gym options that I take advantage of depending upon my mood/need for cross-training:

*Elliptical machine/Bike

*Treadmill- great for switching up the running surface as well as having the opportunity to play with the speed and incline features to simulate different types of runs.

*Free weights and weight machines

*Sometimes I make use of all options in the gym, hopping from machine to the other to create a totally varied workout.

Step #3 – What can you do if you have the extra time and desire?

Vary my running route on the weekends. During the week I stay inside my neighborhood but on weekends, when I have more time, I can venture in a different, further direction or drive to another location to really change things up.

Add a spin class or Pure Barre studio class on the weekends. Does this really ever happen? No. But I always have the option should I want it.

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I hope this helps!

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Do you follow a set workout plan or go by feel every day?

Are you currently training for a race?

Who else does Pure Barre?!

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