Back From Florida!


Good morning!

I missed chatting with you yesterday but my flight home from Florida didn’t get in until after midnight Sunday night so I allowed myself to sleep a few extra minutes in the morning before getting my son ready and off to school.

As much as I love coming home to my bed, my routine and my peanut butter, the quick weekend away in Florida for the Bar Mitzvah and to see my best friends was awesome.


I love a photo booth, don’t you?

I cannot wait to see the pictures from the photographer because every time I turned around at the party, he was snapping my photo.

I am sure he does a better job than I do, that’s for sure.

danielle and me

We tried to do the selfie thing and we are not good at it. At all. I think we are too old to master the concept.

I love the back of the dress I wore to the party.

back of dress

It’s hard to tell from the picture but the skirt of the dress is all rosettes. It’s such an adorable dress, reminds me of something Carrie Bradshaw would have worn.

I was asked about the dress I wore to the Bar Mitzvah services…

bar mitzvah services dress

It’s made by Juicy Couture from a couple of seasons ago. I don’t believe they still sell it, however, Juicy usually comes out with new styles which are similar to previous cuts and designs.

Anyway, I squeezed in one short run while I was away (5.60 miles) early Sunday morning under the palm trees in my friend’s community.

I hadn’t a clue where I was going but I followed a main path and took her address with me to enter into google maps just in case I got lost.

running in florida

I found my way back to her house but along the way I encountered some interesting wild life on my run which made me think that even though I love Florida, the cost of living, the nonexistent winters and my friends, I need to stay in New York.

The humidity didn’t even bother me as much as hearing and seeing the birds that thankfully were not peacocks because I have a fear of peacocks and may have lost it if I encountered one.

I tried to take pictures of the wildlife while I was running but I can barely take a picture when I am not moving so none of them came out. Instead, I googled and found you what I believe to be what I saw.


I will take the people on my running path saying hello to me any day over these birds squawking at me.

The good news is that my feet were pretty comfortable during my run considering I wasn’t in my normal running shoes.

saucony kinvara

Picture from the plane – the Lulu bag contained all of my snacks which thankfully made it through security without a fight.

My weekend wasn’t focused on exercise so I went with the Saucony sneakers just because they were cuter. I knew that whatever miles I was able to squeeze in wouldn’t be much so wearing them for one run wouldn’t be a problem.

Oh wait, I read some good stuff on the plane!

womens health

I love magazines but hate paying for them so I save my guilty pleasure for traveling. I splurged on a couple of Women’s Health and one Us Weekly.

Women’s Health was packed with valuable information, so much so that I made a list on the plane of some new post ideas for the coming weeks.

In the meantime since my brain isn’t fully back to writing mode, I jotted down a few of the things I read worth mentioning quick this morning:

I just love when my favorite hairbrush in the world receives a shout out:

mason pearson

I have been using Mason Pearson since I am little girl and never ever travel without it.

mason pearson

It may be pricey but it is so worth it. My current Mason Pearson was purchased in 1999 if that is any indication on its durability.

mason pearson

Want another hair tip? Use paper towels to scrunch about 50% of the moisture out of your hair before blow drying.

It seems paper towels remove more of the moisture than a regular cotton towel. Using a cotton towel can actually cause frizziness and breakage because of the rubbing back and forth.

You can read more tips from the article here.

I will be back tomorrow to discuss what I ate in Florida. OMG the chocolate cake…

Have a great day!


Do you have a favorite hairbrush or beauty product you can’t live without?

What’s on your workout schedule for today?

Best thing you ate over the weekend since I missed asking yesterday?



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