Three Tip Tuesday- Revisiting The Winter Workout Gear



While I am totally without a doubt missing my outdoor runs, I would be lying if I said the treadmill hasn’t been kind to me over the last few days.

It really hasn’t been so terrible. Not amazing, but it’s been a halfway decent experience.

And really, if you are looking to see more pictures of me, being inside allows me to snap a few more photos.


If only I was good at taking pictures of myself without cutting off my head.

Yes. That is a Fitbit One you see attached to my tank. You caught me.

I have really been wanting to tell you about it but I have been waiting until I wore it a bit longer in order to feel comfortable enough to understand what I am even thinking and saying about it.

My friends at Verizon Wireless asked me if I would be interested in wearing and reviewing the Fitbit One so of course I said yes just to see what all this movement tracking hoopla is about. I have been wearing it for the past couple of weeks and I absolutely promise to talk to you about it soon. Pinky promise.

Anyway, even though I have been cooped up indoors for my workouts for what feels like eternity, I decided we needed to revisit the topic of winter workout gear just so we could discuss what is working and what isn’t necessary for your outdoor winter workouts.


If my running path is clear of ice and snow and the temps are higher than 15 degrees without wind, I am outside.

Outside in layers that is. You must layer if you want to brave the elements.

I have been asked on more than one occasion what exactly is in involved in my layering system for my runs:


Layer #1- Lulu tank with built-in bra.

I bought three of these tanks last year and hate to say I forget the style but it doesn’t matter much- they don’t make this specific top anymore.

Basically, you need a base layer that is sweat-wicking.

Layer #2 – Lulu Lemon Run Swiftly Long Sleeve– There is absolutely no substitute for this top. None.

Not only is the Run Swiftly top soft and comfy, it washes amazing, retains it’s shape and doesn’t shrink (which is good for someone like me who never remembers to hang dry anything).

Layer #3 – GapFit Half Zip or other GapFit pullovers

Are GapFit items as pretty as Lulu? No but the price is much better and they serve their purpose rather well.

Layer #4 – Vest or Jacket


You need a top layer – jacket, vest, pullover; something to keep you warm and safe from the elements. And something with a pocket preferably to stash your tissues, keys, jelly beans, phone etc. ( I currently alternate between a Nike Vest and Saucony Jacket).

Sometimes I run a mile or two and remove a layer. At least you have the option when you are bundled in four easy- to-shed tops.


Lulu Lemon Brisk Run Neck Warmer


We talked about it several weeks back and I decided you really need it.

I bought it last year and didn’t love it as much then as I do now.

It saves me from turning around and going back to bed. I keep it pulled up over my mouth until I adjust to the elements. It is lightweight, sweat wicking and the perfect thing to keep the neck and face warm.

Why I didn’t love this neck thing last year I don’t know. All I know is that you absolutely need it if you want to run outside in the winter.


You need gloves. Tech gloves. Which pair? I can’t really say.

Remember that I bought the Target Champion tech gloves? They are just OK. They don’t tap the screen of my phone all that well every time. They do keep my hands warm and for half the price of most of the other gloves, that is enough for me. Could they do a better job? Yes.


You already know you need to keep your head covered as you lose most of your body heat from your noggin. I opted not to buy a special running hat and make do with the hats I already have in my drawer.

IMG_0654 (2)

My cute heart hat works. It serves the purpose.

As for the GapFit pants though? Eh.


I have two pairs: One pair stays up, one pair slides down.

Nothing compares to the Lulu Lemon Run Inspire Crop II pants.


Not every top you buy needs to have the thumbholes.


Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE this feature but when you are layering, in my opinion, one thumb hole shirt, maximum of two, is sufficient.

Also, I have found that I do best when I size UP IN TOPS rather than stick to my usual size or even what I try on and think fits.

I know I have said this before but a size 2 in Lulu is really an XXS. Even if that is your size, even if you think it fits, don’t you want to be able to move?

I buy most of my LULU tops a size OR TWO up. Although they don’t shrink, I love that have some extra length, can move my arms without issue and the top is long enough to cover my tushy when it is freezing out.

As for the GAP, I learned my lesson last year when I bought true to size.

Gap shrinks. Don’t care if they tell you it won’t; IT DOES.

This year I got all smart and remembered to size up my recent GapFit purchases which has given me plenty of wiggle room without being too big and also keeps me from freaking when I pull the clothes out of the dryer since they never should have landed in the dryer in the first place.

You don’t need to spend crazy on your workout wardrobe.

I run/workout on a daily basis and make it work with two Lulu Run Swiftly Long Sleeves, One Vest, One Jacket, a few tanks and a couple of pairs of pants. It may mean more loads of laundry but that is cheaper than purchasing several items of clothing.

Don’t forget to routinely check Lulu’s We Made To Much sale section of their website – I even spotted some Run Swiftly tops on sale yesterday.

If you have yet to run outside in the cold, please don’t be afraid —Unless it is basically below zero degrees outside as it is this morning.

Not even my four layers, neck warmer and heart hat can keep us warm out there. Inside it is.

I love the treadmill. I love the treadmill. I love the treadmill….repeat after me…I love the treadmill, I love the treadmill……



Which items are your favorite for winter workouts?

What isn’t working for you this year?

Do you size up or buy true to size?

Which tech gloves do you use?

Have you tried the Fitbit or other tracking device yet?




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