What Would Your Friends Say?

If your friends were to describe you in a few words, do you know which words they would choose?

I think my friends would choose the following words to describe me:

  • funny
  • trustworthy
  • wonderful mother
  • honest
  • easy going
  • loyal
  • intelligent
  • creative
  • patient


Yes, I suppose one can say I have patience. BUT… Not when it comes to certain things. Things such as computers and technology.

As you can see, The Cookie ChRUNicles has been undergoing some fun changes and I appreciate all of the kind words and feedback.


But I can’t stand technology, my brain doesn’t speak computer lingo and I have no patience for glitches since I can barely figure out what the heck is wrong let alone fix it by myself.

So, please be patient as I am still working out a few of the kinks  (well, really, since I am an honest person, I am having someone else work out the kinks).

Now, if you asked my friends what my hobbies were, they would tell you running, baking and shopping. And while they would be correct, they would only receive partial credit.

Most people don’t realize that I am a huge sports fan, hockey in particular. I don’t devote the same amount of attention to hockey and baseball as I once did, so maybe that’s why people forget about my sports side, or, they forget because it doesn’t seem all that believable.


Earlier this week, the hockey side of me was featured in a post over at Shawn Gate’s blog on Hockeybuzz.com.  Click here for the link to the post.

Kinda cool, yes?

You know what else is cool? Cutting up your very own pineapple.

IMG_4735 (2)

I don’t know about you, but I was always afraid to attempt cutting a pineapple. The little boy requested fresh pineapple the other day and since I really didn’t want to pay top dollar for a small container of already cut slices, I decided it was time for me to face my fears and conquer the pineapple.

IMG_4736 (2)

It was actually super easy! All you do is cut off the top, cut off the bottom and then the sides. Slice into rings and then cut around the middles if they are hard (the middles of this pineapple really weren’t hard at all).


In a matter of minutes you have fresh pineapple slices.


And, if you are a fun mom like me, in a few more minutes you have chocolate covered pineapple.


Melt yourself some dark (or semi-sweet) chocolate in the microwave for a minute or two and coat the pineapple. If you have patience, place the chocolate covered slices in the fridge or even the freezer to make the chocolate harden quick.


No need to get fancy. Sometimes flavor and the speed at which you deliver the treat triumphs the aesthetics.

Yes, those are apple slices in the background that were also dipped in chocolate. I ate them too fast to get you a photo.

If you know me, you know that I can’t control myself too well around sliced apples that are situated near chocolate.

There are probably worse things to have no will power around, yes?



Are you tech savvy?

Do you have any hidden hobbies or traits that you know people will forget about?

Have you ever cut up a pineapple?

What is your favorite fruit to dip in chocolate?




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