Weekly Workout Recap 12/1/14 – 12/7/14

I have another running analogy for you today….

Running shoes are like the gas in your car….The more you run (drive), the sooner you will wear out your shoes (run out of gas).

You even know when the end is approaching.

The light on your dashboard is on telling you that you only have a certain number of miles left to drive until empty (your running mileage is in that 300-500 range where you know you need new shoes)  yet you keep going, not stopping until you really have no other choice.

And then, just like that, you can go no further.

Such is the story of my last pair of Adidas Energy Boosts. I knew the end was coming. I knew I was on borrowed time– well over my usual 300 mile-mark but was still feeling decent, especially since I began rotating my Boosts with the Hokas on a regular basis.

But just like that, during last Saturday’s long run, my Boosts could go no further and I knew it.

I caught a Black Friday deal for myself by ordering a new pair of Energy Boosts 2.0 from Foot Locker.

Adidas-Energy Boosts

I have yet to wear them. Would you believe they didn’t arrive at my door until AFTER my long run yesterday? Uh huh.

I waited all week. That’s what you get when you opt for the free shipping.

weekly workout recap


8 miles & Gigabody Barre Strength Video (13 Minutes)

You can expect my full Gigabody review this week!


Pure Barre DVD &  7 miles

I swear, you just never know how a run will go until you get moving.

When my first mile clocked in at 8:21, I knew I was in for a good run.

My pace jumps around from day-to-day but usually, paces under 8:30, as a first mile, don’t happen often unless I am on the treadmill.

My ability is far above what I normally run. I know this. But, I have a feeling that running comfortably 90% of the time, especially since I am never really training for anything, is what keeps me running happy and pain-free day after day.

I enjoyed this speedy run, in fact, I hovered around the same pace for six miles and even brought things down to 8:10 by mile six at which point I slowed for a mile cool down.


Two Short Gigabody Barre Routines & 45 Minute Elliptical Workout

I wanted to run but forced myself to cross train on the elliptical. I knew that doing so would keep my legs fresher for the rest of the week.


 10 Miles

I felt like running a little longer than usual.


Pure Barre DVD & 5 Easy Miles


14.15 Miles

All week I assumed I would have my new sneakers for this run.

I wore the Hokas again but I was basically wearing them all week and prefer my Boosts, especially for long runs.

I was more tired than usual after the run and I swear to you it all stems from the shoes. Little things bothered me on my feet at different points.

Nothing major but I felt my shoes and they were catching my feet in odd places.

I put on a fresh pair of Pro Compression socks after my shower and didn’t take them off until well into the evening.

Good thing it was raining, no one had any clue what I had going on under my boots.

Rain Boots

I have to say, they were the perfect sock for these boots too. Really comfortable.


I really want to try out my new Energy Boosts. Like really want to…but… I think I need a day off.


How many miles do you typically get from a pair of running shoes?

Current favorite running shoe?

Are you running today or is it a rest day?

Best thing you ate so far this weekend? 


Weekly Workout Recap 11/23/14- 11/29/14


I took things easy (for me) this week. We all need cut back weeks in our routines and since I don’t follow any sort of training plan, I just let the cut backs occur naturally.

It just so happens, naturally meant Thanksgiving week.

Funny how most of America was busy intensifying their workouts to burn off their turkey, casseroles and pies.

I just can’t plan for that and I don’t think that anyone really should eat with the intention of being able to burn it off later. What if your body doesn’t feel like cooperating, doesn’t feel like running an extra bunch of miles even though your brain says you have to?

That’s what I always think to myself when I hear that.

It’s not that I didn’t run. I did. I just felt the need to go a little lighter with things.

Nothing hurt or bothered me but something inside was saying to take it down a notch for a few days.

So, this week saw a reduction in miles at the beginning of the week, fewer barre routines, I skipped most core work and didn’t stretch all that much either.

weekly workout recap


Rest Day



Pure Barre DVD and 5 miles



In The Gym (elliptical & 3.1 treadmill miles)

I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I got to the gym.

I didn’t think that I felt like running so I started on the elliptical. When I hit 20 minutes, I hopped off and stepped on the treadmill figuring that maybe I would run a quick mile and then go back to the elliptical to finish things up.



This was my first treadmill run with my Hoka sneakers. Within one step I just could not get over how light and comfy they felt on the belt!

I knew they were a light shoe, I have been running outdoors with them for a while now but on the treadmill? Wow.

Don’t get any ideas here- they are not replacing my favorite Energy Boosts as my main shoe.

I am just thrilled to have two pairs of great running shoes that I really like so that I can rotate every day and be happy.

I ended up running 3.1 miles (speed between 7.0 – 8.1).

I need to remember that the treadmill can be lovely.

As often as my first instinct is to say I hate it, the treadmill can sometimes feel easier on the body to the point where I may, just may, attempt to switch up my runs from outside ALL of the time to inside SOME of the time.


7.25 miles

Nothing crazy here, I just went with the flow which saw my pace jump around between 9:00 – 9:30 min/miles.



Pure Barre DVD & 7 easy miles

I was on the phone for the entire run. I never even looked at my pace but I will assume easy.



13 miles

This run was nothing to speak of other than to say I love my Lulu Fluff Over Mittens because they keep my hands from knowing it might be cold outside.



I haven’t completely decided just yet but I think it may be another rest day. I would say I would go for a walk or something but I hate walking.

Walking would just turns into running because I never feel like I am getting anywhere when I walk, especially if I walk the path that I normally run.

Wait, does ice skating count as a workout? I think my son and I are going ice skating later today.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


How often do you take cut back weeks in your routine?

Best thing you ate so far this weekend?

Do you have a favorite sneaker for treadmill runs?


Weekly Workout Recap 11/3/2014-11/9/2014

I have been busy playing around with those Gigabody workouts I told you about last week in order to provide you will a great review (most likely by the end of this month).

Of course playing around means I am doing lots of random routines, starting and stopping some of them along with completing some new-to-me workouts.

I am not going to share major details of the workouts just yet since I am still in the reviewing process and my opinions haven’t been totally formed so please bear with me when it comes to how I list the workouts as you see them below.

weekly workout recap


Gigabody Barre workout & 6 Miles

I love completing a barre routine prior to my runs, especially on cold mornings.

Being all stretched and loosened up allows me to jump right into a speedy run which helps to adjust a bit quicker to the cold air.

Average pace of 8:48 min/mile. I will take it.


A few short Gigabody workouts & 6 Miles


I completed some of the shorter Gigabody routines including two Barre strength and balance videos (13 minutes for each video) as well as part of an arm strength training video.

By the time I headed out for a run, I was tired. I planned on cutting the run short around three or four miles but then my phone rang so I ended up chatting with my good friend on her drive into Manhattan which took me to six miles.

I always say that I prefer to run alone but I certainly enjoy chatting with my friends on the phone while I run easy-paced miles.


Pure Barre DVD & 7 miles

I missed my Pure Barre! In case you are wondering which DVD’s I use, I rotate the Mile High series which incorporates the red ball in most of the exercises.

pure barre dvd



Sometimes a girl needs to NOT wear a sports bra for 24 hours.


Pure Barre DVD & 6 Miles

Sometimes the day after a rest day produces a great run but sometimes the day after a rest day produces a terrible run which makes no sense but it happens.

My legs felt heavy and like lead for most of the run. I averaged 9:30 min/mile but it felt more like an 11:00 min/mile.

I didn’t give up because in my opinion, if you don’t run through the bad runs, you won’t recognize the good runs when they happen.


 14 Miles? 15 Miles? Somewhere in between?

My phone died after mile 11, maybe at like 11.60 miles? Maybe?

Uh huh. My phone hasn’t died on me in forever. I probably ran another thirty minutes but I haven’t a clue what my pace was or what the final mile mark was when I arrived home.

It was also the first run of the season where the temperature was in the thirties. My body was warm (three layers) but my lungs took a good four miles to adjust to breathing in the cold air and remembering how to warm it effectively.


Short Run

After I publish this post and eat some breakfast, I plan on going for a short run. I don’t know what short means but I will figure it out once I am out there.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Is today a rest day or a workout day for you?

If you ran a race yesterday, how did it go?

Best thing you have eaten so far this weekend?




Weekly Workout Recap 10/27/14-11/2/14


When it comes to the time change, usually my appetite wakes me early because it is used to eating breakfast by a certain time but I have a feeling I woke up not from my stomach but from the sound of the wind outside my window.

The forecast is calling for 40 mph winds which they say is a headwind for the runners through mile 20. My goodness.

Wishing everyone the best of luck today running the New York City Marathon!

Remember that Lifetime Fitness guest pass? Would you believe I let it come and go?

I only went to Spin once and never went back to the gym.

What can I say, I really like my own little routine which I have created for myself without having to leave my house or neighborhood.

weekly workout recap


7 Miles

You know those runs where you push yourself and like the pace you see? Okay but what about those runs where you push yourself yet your body doesn’t respond?

This was that run. I attempted to focus and push my pace a bit yet no matter what I did, I wasn’t getting under  a 9:00 min/mile.

It was really weird. Sometimes your body does what it wants and I got the message loud and clear.



Pure Barre DVD & 40 Minutes Elliptical

I gave myself a break from running because I didn’t like Monday’s feeling of pushing yet coming up empty.

Sometimes I really appreciate the elliptical machine.


I am going to share my elliptical workout with you in more detail this week.


7.20 Happy Miles

If it wasn’t for these recaps, I wouldn’t even have remembered that I ran seven miles on Monday. For some reason, I thought I ran six.

These seven miles, however, were much better and happier than Monday.

When my first warm-up mile clocked in under 9:00 min/mile, I knew it was going to be a good day. I held an 8:30 min/mile pace for the duration of my run and could have kept going.

But I didn’t. There’s always time for more miles another day.


Pure Barre DVD & 6 Miles

I was just thinking that I wanted to order another Pure Barre DVD to add to my rotation.

Not that the burn is going away, oh no, it’s still there, but another round of Pure Barre moves to include in my week is always welcome.

Just as I was thinking about ordering another DVD, I received an opportunity through my Sweat Pink Ambassadorship to review Gigabody workouts for the next two months!


Sometimes things just work out. Ha, no pun intended.

I now have access to multiple types of workouts including plenty of ballet barre options! Can’t wait to try a wide variety of routines and talk to you about it!

Oh and these 6 miles, in case you are wondering, took me a long time.

Okay, only a few minutes longer than normal but you know what I mean. Any time you are slower than average, or just slower than the day before, it seems really long.

6 mile morning

One can’t run fast every day so the slow runs are necessary but I just wanted to get home and get my day going if you know what I mean.


3.50 Miles & Gigabody Workout – Ballet Body

I very rarely run only three or four miles but decided ahead of time to keep the run short in order to feel fresh for my long run on Saturday.

It wasn’t easy to stop because I really wanted to keep going but I forced myself to go home.

Did I love this ballet barre routine? Yes and no. I am so used to Pure Barre that I get weird about something new. I have to try it again.


15 Miles!

I always seem to run my best in the rain! Aside from a few wardrobe glitches, this run was terrific from start to finish.

I overdressed because the news made it sound much worse outside than it really was.

I did not need gloves. Took them off after the first mile.

Three layers was one too many so after three miles, I ran home to remove the middle layer and unload the gloves.

My hat blew off my of head three times so I ran by my house to finally give it up somewhere after six miles.

running layers

I almost made the decision to keep going at the 15-mile mark but it was kinda pouring at that point so I went home.

Always good though to end a run knowing you had a little more to give.



I haven’t decided which workout to try but I have been browsing the library and may combine a few of the short barre routines or maybe an arm strengthening circuit.

I get overwhelmed when I try to narrow down the selection. So many to choose from!

Best thing I ate yesterday:

Red Mango Parfait

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Does the time change affect you?

Have you had crazy wind and rain this weekend? Do you run outside anyway?

Best thing you ate all weekend?

Weekly Workout Recap 10/20/14-10/26/14


I took it real easy after last weekend’s races.

It wasn’t until after Wednesday morning’s workout that I felt like myself again, ready to jump into my typical running routine.

weekly workout recap


Morning Walk & Stretch

I hate walking but I knew I needed to loosen up my legs and running was definitely not on the agenda.

Hoka One One

I went super slow (because hi, I hate walking), didn’t track miles or time or anything like that.

I wore my pretty pink Hoka sneakers and the Eddie Bauer Incendiary 1/4 Zip both which I received from the Meet and Tweet.

I am loving the Hokas for their cushioning and comfort (not ready to switch to them for running but for everything else, they are perfect for me).

I also LOVE this Eddie Bauer top. More on it soon.


Super Slow 3.50 Miles & Pure Barre Core/Stretching

I thought I was ready to run. Within the first few steps my left and right hamstrings disagreed so I walked (not even ran, walked) into the gym for the elliptical instead.

I didn’t feel anything on the elliptical other than hot (because I was dressed to run outside) and bored.

After ten minutes I decided to give running outside another shot and if it didn’t work, I would walk myself home.

Running worked, nice and slow and I didn’t feel my hamstrings anymore. I finished up with the core and stretching sections from Pure Barre.

This is truly a reverse-taper week.


Spin! Spin! Spin!

I told you on Thursday that I received a free guest pass back to Lifetime so I used it to take a spin class.

Lifetime Fitness Spin Class

I enjoyed it for sure, my hamstrings appreciated the break but once the class was over, I was left with that feeling of needing to go for a run.

I didn’t, but knew I would be ready the next morning to return to normal.


Pure Barre DVD & 6 Miles

It was raining, cold and miserable outside but I was all too excited to get out there for a run since my legs felt 99.9999% back to normal.

rainy fall morning

I really don’t mind running the rain. I don’t enjoy stepping out directly into a downpour but if it’s lightly raining, I can deal with the heavier rain that follows once I am already moving.


Pure Barre DVD & 6.12 Miles

I love doing the Pure Barre routine before my runs because I get all stretched out and ready to roll.

I felt great during this run, still going pretty easy but was able to speed things up for the last mile.


 12 Miles

I forgot my jelly beans at home so around mile six I looped back to my house to grab a handful. I am sure I could have run without them but they do offer me a sweet pick-me-up so it was worth it.

I also decided to start focusing on picking up my pass after mile ten. It’s always after mile ten where I can become tired, sluggish, or thinking about being done.

I want those double-digit miles to feel comfortable and not like the end so making it a point to pick up my pace however much I can at that point on tired legs seems like a good way to adapt.


A Run? Spin? Pure Barre DVD?

Not really sure. I don’t even feel like I ran yesterday so after breakfast I will decide. I have that Lifetime guest pass for a few more days so I should really take advantage of it.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

In case you missed my Runner’s World Hat Trick race recap, click here to catch up!


Is today a rest day or a run day?

Best thing you have eaten so far this weekend? Linda’s Fudge Cake. I didn’t get a picture because I was too busy enjoying it.

Weekly Workout Recap 10/13/14-10/19/14


Good morning from Bethlehem, PA!

runner's world half and festival

I am just finishing up my coffee and then it’s time to head to the start of the half marathon.


If you haven’t been paying attention, I am at the Runner’s World Half & Festival to run the Hat Trick (5k, 10k, and half).

I have so much to tell you about including yesterday’s races, what I have been eating, what I saw/bought at the Expo as well as the wonderful Runner’s World seminars I had the opportunity to attend.

Runner's World Seminars

I hope you don’t mind waiting for all the fun details until I get back home though; I need some time to digest it all before discussing in coherent sentences.

In the meantime, let’s take a really quick look at this past week’s workouts. I wouldn’t exactly call this a taper week since I didn’t follow my usual taper plans but I did ease up a little bit more than the normal.

weekly workout recap


30 Minutes Elliptical & Pure Barre DVD


6.14 Miles

I didn’t know how many miles I wanted to run but I kept the pace easy and ended at 6.14 because I was on the phone and when I hung up with my friend, I saw I was over six miles and decided it was time to stop for tapering purposes.


Pure Barre DVD & 5.55 Miles

I didn’t even mean to stop at all 5’s. I just stopped at my front door.


Rest day

I missed the three-mile run at the end of the Meet and Tweet so Thursday became a rest day instead of Friday as I had loosely planned in my head.


3 Easy Miles & Part of Pure Barre DVD

I only did certain sections of the Pure Barre DVD (warm up, core work and stretching) before packing up and hitting the road.


5K and 10K!

race medals

Recap to come soon!


Heading to the half shortly! Talk to you tomorrow!

start line


There’s still time to enter the #NYTough P&G Product Giveaway! Winner will be announced in Tuesday’s post!


Best thing you ate all weekend?

Anyone else running races this weekend? How did they go?

Weekly Workout Recap 10/6/14-10/12/14


This long weekend has been lots of fun so far (by fun you know I mean it has involved good food) but I will be back to tell you a little bit more about that tomorrow. For now we are talking about my workouts from the past week along with the fact that it is kind of time to taper for next weekend’s Runner’s World races.

I haven’t a clue how one goes about tapering for three races though but I figure less running and more sweet potatoes, oatmeal, bananas and peanut butter can’t be a bad combination.

weekly workout recap


6 Miles & Pure Barre DVD

I woke up with a case of the Mondays, completely uninterested in doing a thing. I wasn’t tired at all, I just didn’t want to move from my bed. The dark fall mornings are starting to get to me. I don’t like it.

BUT… Just like brushing my teeth, I went through the morning motions and headed out for my run before coming back to complete a Pure Barre DVD.

Could I have skipped the Pure Barre DVD because I didn’t feel like it? Yes but I am not one to do that.

If I want to keep seeing and feeling results, especially from Pure Barre, I need to keep doing it which is what I tell myself when I contemplate for half a second skipping a planned workout.


10 Windy Miles

From one day to the next, the weather is so different. It went from super chilly in the morning to suddenly humid and windy. I didn’t plan on running ten miles but I was at seven and didn’t really feel like stopping.


40 Minutes Elliptical & Pure Barre DVD

I am forming a pattern lately in that I break up forty minutes on the elliptical machine in two sets of twenty minutes with a quick bicep/tricep session using five-pound weights in between.


 6 Miles & Pure Barre Class!

As we discussed on Friday, I had a craving to attend a Pure Barre class.

pure barre

I honestly don’t remember much of my run before the class, it was just an easy fall morning run.

I loved popping in for a random class at the Pure Barre studio. It was a terrific workout and just what I needed to shake up my routine since I follow the same two DVD’s every week.

I highly recommend Pure Barre if you are looking for a non-impact full body workout which truly produces results in your strength and appearance.


12 Miles

I have never been so flexible with my long run routine before but it is really good to feel comfortable moving things around and being open to change.

Since the forecast for Saturday morning was telling me lots of rain just like last weekend, I decided to run long on Friday instead.

Nothing really to speak of about this run except for the excitement of getting a black jelly bean from my pocket around mile six. I never know what flavor I will pull out of my stash and the black ones are my favorite.


10 Treadmill Miles

I know, I am as shocked as you are. I didn’t plan on running, let alone running on the treadmill…let alone running on the treadmill for ten miles.

It was raining pretty heavy in the morning but I was wide awake and wanted to run.

I know we hate the treadmill but the truth is, it is much easier on the body when compared to running outside, at least in my opinion.

treadmill run

Keeping an average pace of around 8:30 min/mile, hovering no lower than 6.8 and bumping it up no higher than 8.0, this run felt easy which is only possible for me to say about a pace like this over the course of ten miles when it is run on a treadmill.

This pace outside would have felt much more difficult, especially after running 12 miles only the day before.

You know, it wasn’t half bad. In fact, I might have liked it. Remind me of this post in the winter please, when I am itching to get outside and complaining about the treadmill.


Rest? Pure Barre DVD?

I haven’t decided just yet but I am leaning towards a Pure Barre DVD just to lift, tone, burn and stretch for a few minutes.

Good luck to everyone running the Chicago Marathon today, including our elite friend Tina!


Do you ever prefer the treadmill over running outside?

Do you have off from work tomorrow?

If you are in Canada, what are you making for Thanksgiving?



Workout Recap 9/22/14-9/28/14


I think I really like these Workout Recap posts. I set the post up early in the week so that I can enter my workouts as they happen along with my thoughts each day.

On Sunday mornings, like right now, I review the week and throw in anything else I have to say which is usually something since I am never without words.

weekly workout recap


Pure Barre DVD & 7 Miles

Normally I run first and then come home for the Pure Barre DVD but I was up super early and ready to get moving so I decided to tackle the video while my son was still asleep.

I used to think that I liked to do the Pure Barre routine after my runs but on this particular day, it worked really well in reverse.

I was nicely warmed up and stretched out for my run making the first mile not feel at all like a warm up mile.

I ran some version of speed intervals by alternating running faster between a couple of light posts on my path and then recovering for a length or two.

running path

I repeated this for four miles. It was a good way to stay focused and work on my speed without getting bored.


7.30 Hilly Miles

As we discussed on Thursday, I tackled hills for the first time in a while just so I would feel more comfortable with my upcoming Runner’s World races.

I actually can’t believe how NOT difficult they were in comparison to how difficult I thought they would be.

It’s not that I doubt my ability or endurance, it’s just that when you are used to running a flat path, running some steep inclines can be a  scary and tough out-of-breath experience.


Pure Barre DVD & 5 Miles

I did the routine in reverse again because I felt like stretching out real good before running.

I went to bed Tuesday night assuming I would be on the elliptical machine instead of running because I figured I would be sore or something but I wasn’t.

I wanted to run for a bit. So I did.

I ran easy and just enjoyed the fall morning air which always smells of baked oatmeal with cranberries as you circle my neighborhood.

It has smelled like this every fall morning since I moved here five years ago. One day I will figure out where that smell is coming from.


35 Minutes on the Elliptical & Arm Circuit

I was up early before temple so I watched the news while pedaling on the elliptical for a bit.


I never track the calories because I don’t know what I weigh. Besides, is the counter even accurate? I think not.

Even if you enter your weight, the machine doesn’t take into account your muscle mass vs. fat nor does it know what the heck you are doing with your arms while you are pedaling.

Are you one of those people who holds on to the machine?

I also completed the Pure Barre Arm Routine using the five-pound weights in the gym. And maybe a plank for a few.


9.05 miles

Those upcoming Runner’s World races are certainly on my mind so I decided to run the 5k and 10k distance (total of 9.03 miles) the day before my usual long run.

This run was fab because it flew by super fast and I felt as though I easily could have kept going. But I didn’t.


13.1 Miles aka the run where I almost swallowed a bug.

Seriously. Like no joke. I was breathing in with my mouth opened and a bug tried to get inside. It all happened so quick but it was awful and I hope to never have such an experience again.

What kind of bug? I don’t know but it wasn’t a fly, I don’t think it was a bee but it was larger than a fruit fly and might have been furry.


Otherwise this run was long and slower than usual. I felt fine without a soreness or stiffness to be found but after running a bit longer than normal on Friday combined with it being my least favorite time of the month, slow was the only way I could go.

But long runs are supposed to be slow. How slow? Your effort depends upon the day. Click here to read a valuable article regarding determining your long run pace.


Pure Barre DVD

I told you last week that if you skip a few days of Pure Barre, your body starts to crave it.

That’s me this morning. It’s time to lift, tone and burn.

It’s so relaxing in an odd way and the stretching is terrific.

I am seriously considering ordering another DVD to add to my rotation. I thought I would wait a bit longer but I think I want a third routine thrown into my mix.

If you missed my review of the Pure Barre DVD’s, you can read it here.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Have you ever swallowed or almost swallowed a bug while running?

What’s on your workout agenda for today?

Do you enter your weight to calculate calories on the machines in the gym?


Weekly Workouts Recap 9/8/14-9/14/14

I thought I would attempt to offer a weekly recap of my workouts since I am often asked what my routine looks like and how many miles I run on average.

I never strive to hit a certain amount of miles each week nor do I plan out what each run or workout should look like. I just sort of set out each morning based upon how I feel and see where that takes me.

While the Runner’s World Hat Trick is coming up next month, I am not really training for it. Just keeping up with my typical running should be enough to tackle the three races.

Just remember, the mileage and routine that works really well for me may or may not be best for you. You need to do (or not do) what works best for you….

weekly workout recap


8 miles plus Pure Barre DVD

Somewhere after the six mile mark my phone rang and I was chatting until I realized I was at eight miles and should really stop since I wanted to do a Pure Barre video.

pure barre dvd

I swear I will offer my full review of the videos vs. the actual class soon!


6 miles plus some strength training/core work/stretching

Not all of my runs flow from start to finish. This run in particular started outside for two miles and then I ran into the gym for some arm strength training.

The Pure Barre DVD’s are missing the main arm circuit which I thankfully memorized from taking the classes over the summer so I try to incorporate the routine into my workouts.

When I was finished, I headed back outside for another four miles and then home for some core work and stretching.


35 minutes on elliptical plus Pure Barre DVD

I always set the elliptical on the random setting and then play around with the resistance as well as pedal forward and backward throughout the workout to keep things interesting.

I start out at a level of three and increase it from there. I go as high as twenty yet on average I probably hang out around level twelve or thirteen the most.

Each elliptical machine is different so how the one in my gym works may be different from yours.


10 miles

I talked a little bit about this run on Friday. I don’t normally run as long as ten miles during the week but my schedule has changed a bit in the morning so I have some flexibility with time.

I like throwing a ten mile run into the weekday mix so I may do this more often when I have the time (and when I feel like it).


5.15 miles plus Pure Barre DVD

I have been aiming for every other day with the Pure Barre DVD’s. It usually pans out to three days a week but sometimes four.

The isometric movements of Pure Barre combined with the stretching of the muscles really is a great compliment to my running. I like following along with the video in order to extend my plank time and push myself to do a bit more core work than I would do on my own. Not to mention, getting a good stretch and working every other muscle in a non-impact way is kinda nice too.


13.30 miles

Just the usual long run…Listened to a mix of Dr. Joy Browne podcasts and Pandora Radio.

I always appreciate a phone call during my long runs because I can hold a decent easy pace while my friends and I recap our nights and settle into conversations which turn into therapy sessions while I run through the miles.


Not sure yet.

It’s supposed to be a beautiful morning after last night’s rain so I have my sights set on a walk to Dunkin Donuts and perhaps a Pure Barre DVD when I get back but I really haven’t decided just yet.

I didn’t total my mileage to the exact number but a quick calculation appears to be around 42 miles.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and don’t forget to enter the Stur giveaway!


Which day is your long run usually – Saturday or Sunday?

Best thing you ate yesterday?

Do you set the elliptical machine to a specific workout or play around with the buttons the entire time?


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