Ben & Jerry’s, Secret Lovers & On This Day

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We recently went to Ben & Jerry’s for ice cream. They no longer sell my flavor which was the banana peanut butter greek yogurt so this time I tried the fairly new vegan PB & Cookies. Why did they have to discontinue my banana peanut butter greek yogurt?! I just had it at the Ben & Jerry’s at Midway Airport when I went to Chicago?! What the heck?!

I am pretty sure that I once sampled the vegan PB & Cookies but this was my first time ordering a full cup. It’s really good! Would I say it’s the best flavor I have ever tasted? No, but for a vegan ice cream (made with almond milk) I think it’s definitely good. Just make sure to always order your ice cream with hot fudge. ūüôā

Ben & Jerry's vegan pb & cookies ice cream

I am still obsessed with listening to 80’s on 8 on satellite radio while driving.

I keep hearing the old classic, Secret Lovers. Remember this song?

secret lovers

Songs¬†like this, on the subject of affairs,¬†used to really bother me to the point where I couldn’t even listen to them for more than a second without quickly switching the station.

But not anymore. I think I have officially moved past that part of my life.

In fact, I find this Secret Lovers song slightly funny now.

If you listen to the lyrics of Secret Lovers, she had to wait by the home phone for him to call. Can you imagine? There were no¬†cell phones in the 80’s. No texts, emails or social media.

Cheating and carrying on an affair must have been real hard back then yet people made it happen and work anyway.

Some think it’s easier to be found out now because of social media and advancements in technology.

Well if you want my opinion, if someone wants to know what is going on, they will know, regardless of the technology available to them.

You know the saying the wife is the last to know? It’s true. She is last to know because she doesn’t want to know. The signs are all there immediately¬†but she dismisses them, making excuses and blocking them out. That is, until she really wants to accept¬†that it’s happening.¬†Then she knows.

Trust me on this, I’ve been the wife.

On This Day:

4/13/16: When You Just Need A Brownie Sundae РI am a strong believer in satisfying those cravings!

4/13/15: Weekend Sentence Per Picture – This¬†weekend is forever etched in my memory. Not only was it the last regular season home game for the Islanders at the Coliseum, I was a trending top news story with my Newsday article about the Islanders AND we had our epic Crowd Pleaser Sundae at Friendly’s. It was a great weekend, one I will never forget.

4/13/14: More/Fitness Women’s¬†Half Marathon Day –¬†Little did I know this would become the half marathon I didn’t finish because my period arrived early. I didn’t know why I didn’t feel well but I¬†thought I would faint or die during the race so I dropped out around mile seven I think.

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Do you have a favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor? Have you tried the vegan PB & Cookies?

Do you listen to 80’s on 8? What’s your favorite 80’s song?!

Have you ever dropped out of a race in the middle of a race?

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