Healthy Brand Showcase and Kabocha Squash

What should we discuss first today? The Healthy Brand Showcase or my first attempt at roasting the much-loved Kabocha Squash?

Let’s start at the beginning. I ran an easy 6 miles before leaving for the city. My runs have been great and I attribute it all to the suddenly chilly early morning air.


The view never gets old.

The showcase, which took place at the Roger Smith Hotel, was great.

IMG_5308 (2)

And not just because I left with tons of goodies.

I loved that it was a relatively small event with a handful of quality vendors showcasing their products and services. It was so nice to be able to stop and chat with each company and really be able to spend some time learning about their products. While I love the larger events, it is so much better sometimes to be able to take your time talking, not worrying how many more companies you need to see before you need to leave.

I still need to go through all of my goodies and swag before I give you a full review of the products I recommend but of course, I need to mention the food.

I literally ate my way through this intimate event.

IMG_5288 (2)

I started with these cute little cucumbers stuffed with some type of walnut salad from Urban Detox.

They also made me a delicious smoothie. Exact ingredients I don’t recall but I chose one that was green which contained from what I remember, kale, green apple, some other stuff and almond milk.

The girls from Urban Detox was so sweet. I learned a bit about their program and I love that it offers a few different plans which involve food you can chew rather than just drink. It seems more flexible than rigid, no calorie counting with a focus on whole foods – something I strongly stand behind.

I don’t know that I will ever do a cleanse or drink my meals but I can honestly say that from I have I learned so far about this company, it is certainly something I would consider. I do feel that my diet is clean enough at this point that a full plan like this is not necessary, however, incorporating some of their smoothies and/or recipes isn’t a bad idea. I could use the boost of protein from their special protein powder. They will be sending me a sample and can’t wait to try it out.


I then stopped by Lyfe Kitchen. Oh my goodness, I swear to you these samples tasted as if they were fresh out of a restaurant’s kitchen.

But they weren’t. Not exactly.

They are actually frozen meals that steam cook in a special paper pouch which locks in the flavor and moisture. Amazing I tell you.

And, each meal is under 450 calories (most even less), low in sodium and free of artificial ingredients, trans fat, and all of the funky ingredients we want to avoid. And, all animal protein is organic and free of the added hormones, antibiotics etc.


They have a great variety of breakfasts and entrees. I sampled the steel-cut oatmeal made with quinoa and fresh fruit.

IMG_5297 (2)

I normally make my own pots of oatmeal but this was delicious. Seriously, restaurant quality.

IMG_5298 (2)

I then tasted the frittata with fresh vegetables. It was so good that I left with my free product coupons and stopped on my way home at Whole Foods to pick up some of the meals for my son to try.

Unfortunately, Whole Foods didn’t have their product line.

IMG_5304 (2)

But they did have the kabocha squash! And the cleanser I use which I had run out of earlier this week.

I am a butternut squash lover but I have been wanting to roast a kobacha simply because everyone else in my blog world is obsessed and rave about it all of the time.

IMG_5311 (2)

I now understand the addiction. It was simple enough to cut up and roast. At first I wasn’t so sure why it is the squash of choice but then I figured it out – it is all about the taste and texture.

I think I still love the butternut the best but I will certainly pick up another kabocha the next time I come across one.

I can’t forget to mention one other product that I know I will testing out this morning:

IMG_5283 (2)

This would be the Bust Cubby.

IMG_5285 (2)

It holds your phone/credit cards/passport/epi pen/whatever you want to have with you all in a pretty little waterproof/sweatproof pouch that snaps on to your bra strap, tank strap or anywhere you want to snap it.

IMG_5309 (2)

I am excited to see if it truly holds my phone in place while I run – lately I am tired of holding my phone and getting the wire from my ear buds all tangled up. I hate the arm bands so this may be the product for me.

I should also mention that I absolutely LOVED meeting the girls behind this brand. I can’t wait for them to come back and visit! I insisted that before they leave New York to head back to Tennessee, that they check out Max Brenner for the chocolate chip cookies.

Part of me hopes they listened, the other part of me hopes they didn’t just so we can go together next time they are in town.

I have so much to catch up on today – so glad this week is almost over!



 Do you eat kabocha squash?

Do you drink a smoothie as a meal replacement? How often?

Where do you put your phone when you run?



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