Milestone Recipe Moment

Yesterday’s Workout:

One hour Spin Class at Lifetime Fitness with my favorite instructor, Ernie. That one hour with Ernie flies by so fast you don’t even have time to check your phone to see how many minutes have passed. Between the incredible mix of music and the constant changing up of the spin routine, one is very focused and working up a decent sweat (I don’t sweat easily).

Good class.

I say good and not great because I was feeling a little off. Totally my fault. 

I have been enjoying my recent discovery of the ability to reuse a single K cup a few times and I totally drank way to many cups of coffee prior to spinning. Not a good feeling in my stomach and every time Ernie yelled, “stand up! sit! stand up! lean forward! squat! stand! sit!,” I was feeling as though I may wet my pants. Good thing I didn’t. 

In other news, the little boy and I had a milestone moment yesterday. Well, he doesn’t really know it was milestone but I consider it one.

He was emptying his folder from school and showed me the following from a reading comprehension packet they worked on in class:


It is a recipe for a “Smashamole” Dip. He told me that he read it in school and thought we could make it.

Does anyone else see the milestone moment here?

This dip contains avocado and cherry tomatoes people. Lime juice and onion powder.

Nothing too appealing to a child in that ingredient list. Or even to the average adult.

But my child read this recipe in his reading comprehension packet and comprehended it enough to decide he would like to make this recipe. With me. And with some avocados and tomatoes.

Score one for Team Single Mom Attempting to Raise My Child To Eat Healthy.

I always have avocados and tomatoes in the house. He never eats them but he sees them. Well, once he asked for a little avocado on his plate. Maybe he touched it with his fork.

The key is that in order for our kids to eat a wide variety of nutrient dense foods, the foods need to be a part of our weekly grocery lists.

How else are the apples, bananas, broccoli, quinoa, avocados, black beans, sweet potatoes and berries getting into our homes if we don’t buy them?

Children need repeat exposure to a wide variety of nutrient dense foods to realize (without even consciously realizing) that these are the foods one eats. That fruits, vegetables, whole grains and whole foods are the ingredients they want in their meals and as snacks

I will be more than happy to make this Smashamole Dip. The only problem was explaining to him that it could not be made immediately since we need two avocados and they aren’t ripe yet.

Hmm. Maybe Betty Crocker can somehow package avocados and tomatoes like brownie mixes so that they are ready to be used in recipes whenever we feel like cooking with our kids. 

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