Carlo’s Bakery & Weekend Stuff


I love summer weekends because more time outdoors means less time indoors which means less opportunity to open my laptop.


Summer weekends also mean I am completely behind on blog reading, post development and just about everything else related to workweek stuff.

Normally I try to get a jump start on the week, organize myself and my post ideas sort of like food prep but, um, yeah. That didn’t happen this weekend.

What did happen though is that I got the Panera people to make me the Power Hummus Bowl (without chicken plus avocado) even though they removed it from the menu.

Power Hummus Bowl

As I put my running fuel in my pocket at 5:30 am Saturday morning, I giggled to myself because to the average person, this fuel looks more like an afternoon candy break.


The best part of finishing a long run, especially Saturday’s really hot and sweaty long run, is coming home to your favorite breakfast in a jar.

oats in a jar

I am telling you, in those tough running moments, thinking about this breakfast and how amazing it tastes after completing a run, is enough to get me through the miles.

The other day I told you that I tried the Dunkin Donuts Chips Ahoy iced coffee. Since then I have tried the Oreo iced coffee two times and really like it.

oreo iced coffee

Granted I have them add less pumps of the Oreo flavor to avoid a too sweet for me taste but if you ask my opinion, it’s really good and better than the Chips Ahoy which is not what I would have expected. I discussed it with the employees too and they agreed – Oreo is the customer favorite.

On the topic of cookies…

Do you know Carlo’s Bakery? Do you watch his show?

Carlos Bakery

He opened a Carlo’s Bakery location near me and I finally checked it out.

Carlos Bakery

I love watching bakeries in action, especially when they are frosting the cakes 🙂

It’s a really nice store with lots of bakery goodies AND chocolate covered strawberries.

chocolate strawberries

I stopped in on Saturday, a few hours after my long run, saw the berries and went for it. I didn’t want a cupcake or a cookie, the fresh berries just seemed more appealing to me and my post-run appetite.

chocolate strawberries

It was quite delicious mainly because it was covered in a good amount of quality dark chocolate.

Saturday was also the last day of my son’s Little League season. Part of me will miss the chain-link fence view of the field over the summer but the fall baseball season will be here before I know it.

little league

You know you are having a good day, by the way, when your phone case, hair tie on your wrist and lip stick all match perfectly.

pink selfie

I was at Whole Foods at some point and loaded up a box of special stuff from the food bar but don’t ask me what because I haven’t the slightest idea.

Whole Foods food bar

Can we talk about tofu though quickly? Do you eat it regularly? Do you cook it regularly?

I actually enjoyed it twice over the weekend (possibly in the food bar box too, who knows) but wonder sometimes about the whole soy <-> estrogen issue.

Do you watch your tofu intake because of it? Do you eat tempeh instead?

Please let me know your thoughts and have a great Monday 🙂

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Talk to me about tofu. Please.

Did you enjoy your weekend and avoid your computer which means you are Monday morning disorganized mess today?

How do you take your coffee?












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