TKO Jump Rope & Workout Recap



I received a TKO Jump Rope recently to review which has meant lots of jumping around before talking to you about it.

TKO jump rope

Jumping rope is not always easy on the female bladder, especially after childbirth.

I always liked to jump rope as a kid and for fitness as I got older but after my son was born, it took YEARS (as in like 10) before I could use a jump rope without slightly wetting my pants each time.


It doesn’t happen to me anymore but it’s important for me to admit this to you just in case your bladder is weak too.

No need to be embarrassed, you know? It happens. The body changes after childbirth and heck, even without having a baby, maybe your pelvic floor is weak. Bring on the kegels.

Now that we have discussed our bladders and their inability to appreciate jumping up and down, let’s get back to the TKO Jump Rope.

TKO jump rope

I really like this jump rope for a few simple reasons:

Really comfortable grasp (maybe it has something to do with the soft, rubber coating).

I don’t need to wrap the rope around my wrist to fit my almost 5′ 4″ height (9-foot solid vinyl rope) but it’s a still perfect size for you tall people too.

The jump rope glides really easily as you jump.

TKO jump rope

If you have ever used a jump rope, you know it can be quite a workout.

Benefits of jumping rope:

Inexpensive full body workout — really gets the heart rate up and QUICK!

Fluidity of motion which means little strain on the joints while giving you a really meaningful workout

Portable – easy to take with you anywhere. Perfect for travel or bringing with you to the gym if your gym doesn’t have jump ropes available.

Versatile – use it as a warm up, during HIIT workouts, cross-training etc.

Don’t forget fun!

Anyone double dutch by the way? I was always fascinated by the double dutch jumpers on Sesame Street but any time I tried with the two jump ropes and a group of friends, we failed at every single attempt.

This Soft-Grip TKO jump rope retails for $30 at Macy’s. Read more about this jump rope and other TKO fitness products here.

weekly workout recap


Monday- 5 Easy Miles & Pure Barre Mile High DVD

Tuesday – 8 Miles

Great run which looks a little like my favorite speed workout even though I didn’t mean for that to happen.



Wednesday – 1.25 Miles & Pure Barre Mile High DVD

I thought about 30 minutes of easy running but after one mile, I decided that I was done. Some days recovery runs are wonderful and necessary and sometimes you really aren’t in the mood and just know that skipping the run is the right thing to do.

Thursday – 10K Speed Workout & Pure Barre Mile High DVD

I was crazy sweating after this new workout I created for myself.


The splits look similar to Tuesday’s workout but it was different. More about this workout on Tuesday.

Friday- Treadmill Long Run

I moved my long run up a day from the usual Saturday which meant running on the treadmill because the forecast called for heavy rain and storms.

In my head I planned on running 13.1 miles but I only covered a little over 12 miles. I think.

Why don’t I know for sure? Well, I stopped the belt towards the end a few times to use the bathroom and lost track.

I paid attention to the time every 3 miles for the first 9 so this is basically all I know for sure:

Miles 1-3 -> 26:30

Miles 3-6 – >25:40

Miles 6-9 -> 25:22

The last 3 (or 4) are unclear to me but I don’t really care because 1 – I already know I am capable of running 13 miles and 2 – I worked real hard regardless of knowing my exact distance so when I felt done, I was done.

Saturday  – 3 Mile Walk to Dunkin Donuts & Pure Barre Pure Results Online Workout

I am really learning to appreciate a nice walk.

dunkin donuts

Sunday – A few morning miles

I don’t have a real plan for my run this morning so I will just see what happens as I go.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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I received the TKO Jump Rope in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Does your bladder like to jump rope?

Do you ever finish a run not knowing your mileage?

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