Weekend Thoughts Per Picture



I really don’t like cheese and could honestly take it or leave it but the spinach artichoke cheese fondue at The Melting Pot gets me every time.

cheese fondue

And I really hate to share my food, especially dessert, but sometimes there are exceptions to the rule.

chocolate fondue

Weekends mean a break from the kitchen so there was Fondue Friday and my favorite salad for dinner Saturday.

bbq ranch salad

I did go food shopping though and my groceries called shot-gun. Do the cool kids still call riding in the front seat of the car shot-gun?


I was able to resist the Whole Foods Food Bar this week but did decide to buy new-to-me English Muffins.

rudis organic spelt english muffins

My idea of Sunday food prep.


Last week’s hashtag was #leggingsforlife, this week would be #oatmealforlife.

I created a new baked oatmeal apple snack for us.

baked oatmeal apple sticks

It was actually warm enough yesterday (around freezing) for my son to play outside which was a complete turn around from Saturday where my phone developed hypothermia and refused to work during my frigid morning run.

playing hockey

I made myself a present at the Pottery Studio.

paint a piece pottery

I didn’t know what to do to celebrate the birth of this little blog which is now two years old.

I know right?! Time flies!

I thought about baking a cake in honor of the occasion but I honestly didn’t feel like it.

So I treated myself to painting this cupcake cup and when I use it (I have to wait until next week to pick it up!), I will think about grateful I am for all of the friendships, opportunities, fun and adventures this little blog has brought into my life, but really, I brought them to myself.

We often sit and wait for the good things to happen failing to realize that we are so in control of making the good things happen on our own.

Have a great start to the week!


Do you always put your groceries in the trunk or do they ride in the car with you?

Will your run today be inside or outside?

Last time you went to a fondue restaurant?





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