What I Ate Wednesday July 20, 2016


Let’s take a quick look at what I ate yesterday!


I was up early, making my first cup of coffee while preparing oatmeal.

I typically cook four servings of oatmeal at a time which means I only have to prepare oatmeal a couple of times a week, sometimes more often depending on if my son has a bowl for breakfast or if I eat another bowl for lunch.

Lots of oatmeal containers on the counter because two were just about empty so it was time to open the new ones – – I certainly go through these fairly quickly with the amount of oatmeal I eat!


Before heading out for my run, I had my typical pre-run meal of half a banana mashed into a small amount of oatmeal.

Who remembers when I said that my taste buds changed, deciding to hate the chia and flax-seed peanut butter from Trader Joe’s?

Well I suddenly like it again as if I never hated it. Isn’t it funny how that happens?

I usually save the almost empty peanut butter jars for my post-long run breakfasts but felt like using it after yesterday’s run.

Cold oatmeal mixed with berries, Skoop B-Strong, almond milk, cinnamon and peanut butter.

oatmeal in a jar

I got my son off to camp and headed to Panera to work for a few hours until I was hungry for lunch.

panera coffee


I really didn’t know what I wanted for lunch which as you know, is a fairly common problem I encounter.

I ended up back at home roasting some Japanese sweet potatoes, broccoli and brussels sprouts. Then I made an omelette with tomato and onion which actually turned into more of a scramble.

I guess this lunch hit the spot. I don’t know. It was very good, just maybe not what I wanted? But I didn’t know what I wanted so pointless conversation!

eggs with roasted veggies and roasted japanese sweet potatoes

Do you see the steam in the photo? I took the picture before the food had a chance to cool off.

I buy these purple grapes for my son but I always end up snacking on them which definitely happened later in the afternoon yesterday. We had plans to go out for dinner a little later than I normally eat so I was getting hungry.

My stomach and appetite are like clockwork and both get real angry when I mess with normal meal times.

Snacks really don’t do the trick even though I start out thinking that they will. I ended up eating these grapes plus picking around at other foods in my kitchen.

I really should have made a small dinner before going out for dinner.



I took my son and his friend out for dinner to The Main Event.

I had my usual order of a greek salad with a baked potato plus a handful of my son’s onion rings. I don’t think we have been to The Main Event in a while…hold on checking my blog posts for the last time we were here — okay found it — we were last at The Main Event back in March. Ha, this is why I love having a blog.

dinner at The Main Event

The boys didn’t want dessert and I didn’t care either way. I did have an apple quick with some peanut butter when we got home while yelling at the boys to stop all of the racket coming from my son’s room. They went from playing street hockey outside to playing NHL something on the Play Station and it can get a bit rowdy.

I will miss the noise next week when my son is at camp though. I know I will.

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What did you have for dinner last night?

What do you eat as a snack when you are planning to have dinner later than usual?

Onion rings or French fries?



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