Friday Favorites From The Week (Fitness + Fashion + Food)

I decided to go back to my former Friday Favorite layout because it keeps my brain nice and organized. I’m not sure if I will continue to do my Friday Favorites posts like this but we will try it for today..

Favorite Funny
Let’s start with a little laugh. My mom and I joke that I am made for social distancing. I’m pretty sure that I’ve shared the below image in the past. It basically defines me. In fact, right now I maybe even seem polite when I avoid people while out for a run or a walk. I’m normally the type to avoid people when I’m running or walking outside so I don’t have to say hello and now, going the other way is the right thing to do rather than the rude thing to do. Look at me, social distancing has made me a nice person.

Favorite Fitness

My workouts have been so much fun in terms of variety that it’s really hard to pick a favorite from this week so far! I’ve gotten outside for runs and mixed things up inside with kickboxing and strength workouts too. The need to get outdoors for a run or even my walks during the day has been key and definitely a favorite from the week. When it rains, I am not a happy person. Need to get outside!

social distancing

I also want to list the Brooks Ghost 12 as my favorite for this week. They really are so incredibly comfortable and cushiony — definitely my most favorite running shoes at the moment! I ran on Tuesday in the Brooks Launch for a change and my feet really missed the Ghost so much. I even considered going home to switch my shoes during the first mile!

Favorite Food

Let’s go with matzoh ball soup as my favorite this week. I’m not typically a soup person but I do love Matzoh ball soup. Usually, I prefer matzoh ball soup most when I’m sick but for Passover, it’s been very appealing to me.

matzoh ball soup

Earlier this week, I shared a great post of easy recipes to make while stuck at home. Check it out if you missed it, it seems to be a reader favorite so far.

Favorite Finds

So many good fashion finds on sale right now!

From the Gap:

I spotted this Vintage soft hoodie in blue turquoise tie-dye plus the matching joggers!

I like these utility joggers too. 

Oh, I have a version of this softspun cardigan from two years ago and just wore it the other day. Perfect for being home and for spring.

This denim sleeveless shirtdress looks like the same one I bought last year — amazing sale price.

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From Target:

Just a few additional items to add to my Target finds for this week including this tie-dye t-shirt and this new tie-dye cover-up dress.

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Also, I need these joggers with the hearts on them from J.Crew.

From Nordstrom:

I LOVE this Las Olas Shoulder Bag because it screams summer but it’s a bit pricey for what it is, isn’t it?

I’m a sucker for heart flip flops.

NYC friendship bracelets!

The Teva sandal look is back in style – I like this platform pair in white.

Incredible price for this set of NYC & Heart Friendship Bracelets.

A fuzzy laptop sleeve!

Really adore this ruffled tiered cotton skirt.

Maybe a new pair of high waist leggings?

This ruffled sports bra is so cute.

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Have a great weekend. 🙂


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