Recipe Challenge: Sweet Potato Pizza Crust


Get excited because Laura and I chose to try Pinch of Yum’s new 3 ingredient sweet potato pizza crust for this week’s recipe challenge!

sweet potato pizza crust


Ingredients wise, this sweet potato pizza crust recipe is super easy. The main ingredients involve just an egg, old-fashioned rolled oats and a sweet potato.

All you have to do is place the ingredients in a food processor (add garlic powder or fresh garlic) and pulse things up to form your crust mixture.

Some of the chunks of sweet potato kept getting stuck while I was trying to pulse the mixture so I had to keep opening the food processor, removing some of the sweet potato chunks, pulsing things a bit to then put them back and try again.

Towards the end of the process, I chose to remove some of the sweet potato chunks for good and prepared the pizza crust without them because my patience level for getting the potato pieces to cooperate was nonexistent.

This sweet potato crust definitely crisped up (especially around the edges, so good) and held it’s shape in the oven. I probably should have used more coconut oil to grease my pizza pan because the crust stuck slightly to the pan but not at all to the point where I couldn’t remove it.

sweet potato pizza crust


I wish this pizza photographed better because it really was delicious!

While the crust does not mimic the flavor of a true pizza, I definitely like the taste and texture. It’s crispy for sure and the sweet potato combined with the oats gives off the flavor of corn flake crumbs. I know, right? That’s such a random comparison and makes no sense but it’s the first thought I had when I took a bite.

Even after a bunch of bites, I couldn’t help but think I was eating corn flake crumbs. My aunt is basically famous for making the best corn flake crusted chicken by the way. She uses French dressing combined with the corn flake crumbs to coat the chicken and no matter how I would try to replicate the recipe using the exact same ingredients back in the day, it never tasted as good as when she makes it.


You can totally top this sweet potato crust with any pizza toppings you wish! It is dense enough to hold the weight of your toppings so don’t worry about that.

I went super plain with my sweet potato crust pizza by sticking to just tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese mainly because I wanted something simple. Normally I would have made a roasted vegetable pizza but I was not in the mood for vegetables which happens to me fairly often, believe it or not.

I have come to realize that I go in cycles of salad after salad, roasted veggie after roasted veggie and then I wake up and say please no vegetables today.

sweet potato pizza crust

Would I make this crust again? Yes, I would!

I think it’s a great lunch or dinner and perfect to fuel the muscles the night before a run. This recipe is gluten-free if you use gluten-free oats and the ability to select your own toppings creates endless possibilities.

I would like to try making this sweet potato crust using a Japanese sweet potato next time just to see the texture difference.

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