I finally went to the lululemon outlet plus other weekend stuff


Friday night’s weather was not ideal for dinner at Prime so as much as I wanted to try their new Movie Theater Sundae, we changed our reservations.

I wasn’t disappointed though, we went to Kashi which is probably my favorite spot for sushi.

kashi sushi

I still wanted a sundae so we went to Ben & Jerry’s. I had the banana peanut butter greek yogurt with hot fudge, whipped cream and crunchies.

I also tasted their new vegan pb & cookies flavor. It was definitely good, nothing amazing.

Ben and Jerry's

Saturday morning after my run I made a decision on carpet for my son’s room. Remember I randomly decided I was redecorating? This will be fun!


The weather this week went from hazy, hot and humid to cold and cloudy on Saturday that it was a perfect indoor shopping day. I love my window shopping days at the mall while eating Red Mango.

red mango

I can’t get these cute Valentino sneakers out of my mind though. I have been trying to rationalize why I would need to spend my money on them. It’s all about the stars. I am a sucker for stars.

valentino sneakers

Whenever I am asked to list the things I can’t live without or what I would need to bring with me on a desert island, my hairbrush is one of my top three items.

I have been using a Mason Pearson hairbrush since I am a little girl. It’s THE BEST  hairbrush there is, no comparison. Trust me. It’s worth every single penny if you have straight hair.

I last replaced my Mason Pearson hairbrush in 1999. I saw this display in Neiman Marcus and started thinking maybe I need a new one just because the new ones are so nice and shiny but really, there’s nothing wrong with mine.

mason pearson hairbrush

I took a ride out east with my friends (alongside the Hampton Jitney buses which always make me think of Sex and the City leaving the city to go to the Hamptons) to the outlet stores.

This means I finally went to the lululemon outlet!

They set up the lululemon outlet store by size and yes, they have a ton of stuff but I didn’t get anything. I really didn’t need anything and the pricing is the same as the sale price online/in store so it wasn’t a crazy bargain.

lululemon outlet

In yesterday’s workout recap post I mentioned wanting to select a new Pure Barre streaming workout. I chose the Pure Barre Streaming Workout: Feature Focus on Thighs and tried it for the first time yesterday morning.

pure barre pure results focus on thighs

I will need to do this Pure Barre workout a few more times before I can really review it but after just one time, I can say that I made a terrific choice!

I spent most of yesterday getting a handle on packing up the camp trunks for my son. I have been storing almost all of my son’s camp stuff by my parents because I would rather take up a room over at their house with his camp necessities than a room at my house.

camp stuff

My dad helped me organize the insanity that was piled up around the room. We loosely packed up I would say half of the camp stuff and still have half left to finalize next weekend PLUS a few more things to purchase.

I can’t wait to close up the soft trunks and see them leave for camp because the packing list has been a huge part of my To Do list for so many months.

Gotta run (literally!), have a great Monday!

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Do you have a favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor? Have you tried their new vegan flavors?

What kind of hairbrush do you use?

What’s on the workout agenda for today?



Important Weekend Things



So what constitutes important weekend things?

My pizza at Emilio’s Friday night. It may have been slightly burned but I ate it anyway. I love the corner slices from a grandma pie.

grandma pizza

This chopped vegetable salad, which arrived at the table after I snacked on the above pizza.

chopped vegetable salad

They chop it all up so super fine that it arrives in a fancy pile, until you knock it all down with your fork and dig in.


Fall Harvest Salsa has arrived at Trader Joe’s. Yes, it’s good.

fall harvest salad

When your almost 12 year-old son suggests going to the Main Event for lunch to watch the Subway Series (Yankees vs. Mets) instead of walking around a street fair, you absolutely agree because your legs need the rest after running 14 serious miles.


Totally needed a baked potato to go along with the salad…and onion rings.

The picture from dinner Saturday night came out so cool. #nofilter

dinner at Serata

A simple hot fudge sundae at Friendly’s arrived at my table looking all fancy.

Friendly's sundae

Windy conditions down by the beach yesterday morning for the American Heart Walk created wind blown hair.


While I was technically supposed to be walking at the Heart Walk (in memory of my childhood friend Adam), Adam’s dad needed something to eat so I was in charge of running a bagel ahead to him.

Of course I can hold a bagel on a plate and run.

American Heart Walk

New Lululemon Run Top Speed Crops^^  — I bought them on sale 🙂

In other lululemon news:

I brought a pair of my Run Inspire crops back to the store to be fixed by the lululemon tailor. After three years, the seams were starting to fray and they will fix them for you for free.

Also, I had two tops (one short sleeve Run Swiftly and one tank top from a few years ago that they do not sell anymore) that were not wearing well so they allowed me to EXCHANGE them for two new tops of my choice!


I went with a pretty new pink Run Swiftly with a slight tie-die pattern plus a polka dot Power Y tank.

It’s a little chilly out this morning which is reminding me to take a look at my cooler weather workout clothes to see if I will need anything new for the upcoming Fall/Winter seasons.

I’m thinking a new long sleeve Run Swiftly is in order as well as another Race Your Pace 1/2 Zip because I like the cuff-over for keeping the hands warm but I actually don’t see this top on the lululemon website at the moment which is making me nervous!

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Favorite kind of pizza?

Did you try the new Harvest Salsa from Trader Joe’s?

Did you get new fall workout clothes yet?


Let’s Catch Up!


Let’s start with my last Pure Barre class (for now at least) which I attended Friday morning…

pure barre

Fact: I do not wear makeup when I run or workout, regardless of who may see me. I would rather have uneven skin tone and appear half-asleep than breakout from makeup seeping into my pores while I sweat.

So my one-month New Client Special membership is now up. I attended twelve classes within the last four weeks. I loved each and session.

All of that lifting, toning and burning has absolutely made a difference in my strength as well as in my muscle tone and shape.

To be honest, I don’t study my body or inspect every inch of my curves in the mirror on a regular basis but I will say that my arms are more toned and I do think my waist is leaner (thanks to core work) and I pretty sure there is a difference in my “Pure Barre shelf” along with my seat.

I also notice a major difference when I am running in that my muscles feel much more stretched and balanced with a noticeable difference in my form with each step I take. Like, everything just goes in a nice stride if that makes sense.

Without the New Client Special pricing, we are talking more than just a couple hundred dollars for a pack of twenty classes. It is pricey to say the least.

If you have it to spend, it is absolutely worth it. It is such a terrific non-impact full-body workout that truly produces results in your strength, flexibility along with a fine tuning to your shape in those areas that usually matter the most.

After careful consideration of my other expenses though, other things come first right now, especially when you can order Pure Barre DVD’s and do the work at home.

Not that I ever in my life cared to work out in my living room before but I am so truly determined to keep up with my Pure Barre lifting, toning and burning and refuse to lose the fitness I have gained in just four weeks therefore I will push myself to make this work.

Besides, I think it will be a good thing for me to attempt and master so that I can inspire you to maybe do the same.

So the craziest thing happened to me Saturday morning while I was running.

Once again I was having what I thought to be ponytail issues only one mile into my long run.

It felt as though my hairtie was sliding out so I slowed to a walk to fix myself only to realize it wasn’t the hairtie, it was my new (bought on sale!) Lulu headband which completely slipped off of my head and fell to the ground!

lulu headband

I don’t even understand.

I put it back on and it didn’t slide off again but it was weird.

I should have bought these headbands instead….


As for my long run, I think it was over thirteen miles but less than fourteen? Not really sure.

Somewhere after the seven mile mark I decided to shut MapMyRun and just run for another hour.

On the topic of long runs, check out my post from exactly one year ago about skipping my long run because I was sick.

I may be extremely dedicated to my routine but I absolutely have my limits.

It’s always fun to reread old posts. It’s also always fun to order your favorite Cold Stone sundae and not let any drop to the ground.

cold stone sundae

In case you are interested, Cold Stone came out with a new flavor.

PB and J Ice Cream

I didn’t order it in my sundae but I did taste the new PB & J Ice Cream and it was delicious.

I usually order the yogurt as my main flavor instead of the ice cream varieties (the Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Cherry Vanilla yogurts are so good!) because sometimes the ice cream is just too much for my stomach.

Besides, it’s all about the toppings and the chocolate dipped waffle bowl anyways.

And, the biggest highlight of my weekend:


That’s right  – $1.47 per container.

I can’t tell you how many people saw the advertisement for this special and contacted me to ensure that I was aware of the sale at Shop Rite.

My son is scheduled to have his cast removed this morning so since he is off from camp for the day, I also scheduled his orthodontist appointment in order to get all these appointments out of the way at once.

We have a full day ahead of us but I am hoping to get a new recipe post together for you for tomorrow; you may have caught a sneak peak if you follow me on instagram.

grain free banana bread crumble bites

Get your bananas ready. It’s a yummy one.

Have a terrific day!


Do you wear makeup while you run or to the gym?

If you go to Pure Barre, how quickly did you notice a difference in your strength and appearance?

Best thing you ate all weekend?



Ben & Jerry’s and Putting Life In Perspective

I made my son an omelette with my signature recipe home fries for dinner the other night.

He told me that the omelette, which was pretty basic (he let me add plum tomatoes to it though!), was “the best omelette of his entire life.”

The home fries were pretty fab too, trust me. He loved them.

He is funny like that. When he loves something he eats, it’s the best of his life.

Sometimes I laugh and then sometimes, I find myself saying the same words after eating and realize exactly where he gets it from.

ben and jerrys sundae

See this Ben & Jerry’s sundae from last night? Best Sundae OF MY LIFE!

Seriously. I mean it.

I don’t think I can go to Cold Stone anymore. I can’t stop thinking about this cup of Ben & Jerry’s Banana and Peanut Butter Greek Yogurt loaded with hot fudge and whipped cream.

It’s so simple that it is almost cruel to have been so amazing that I will now have to drive a bit out of my way, possibly again today, to have this combination.

I don’t know if it was the peanut butter chunks or the ridiculous fresh and real hot fudge (I am convinced now that Cold Stone’s version of hot fudge is an imposter in the fudge department) or the combination of the two.

Nothing tasted like banana but it sure tasted like a cup of heaven that when it was finished, I felt the need to lick the bowl as we walked through the town of Huntington, not really caring who looked at me.

I know I can buy a container of Ben & Jerry’s in the grocery store and get this flavor but it’s not the same so please don’t tell me to do it.

I almost ordered molten chocolate cake at dinner, which was at Porto Vivo for my local readers, but I knew better.

I knew I wanted to walk down the block to Ben & Jerry’s instead. I never make a poor dessert decision.


I didn’t get any photos of dinner but I did take a picture of the menu which comes to your table via iPad.

I still can’t adjust to such a thing but I guess it’s easier for restaurants to update their specials and menus this way.

Highly recommend Porto Vivo and suggest you order the calamari in the sweet chili sauce as an appetizer.

Can I tell you something on the serious side? Like take me serious for a minute, okay?

Please don’t skip dessert if you really want to have some. Or the bread basket if it’s really tasty and sort of like focaccia bread. Or the glass of wine that you really want but are afraid it will sabotage your diet and your waist line.

There’s just no point to your fitness routine or clean eating ways if you can’t go out and enjoy yourself.

And really, always counting calories, stressing over denying your cravings and worrying that you won’t maintain a certain size in pants is just so frivolous compared to what’s really going on the world.

Do you watch the news? Do you pay attention to what goes on outside of your little bubble?

Even if you do watch the news and follow worldly events, I don’t feel that any of us, at least here in the states, can fully relate, comprehend or appreciate the life we live.

I am so tired of my friends and society getting upset and worked up over what is really nothing.

This includes myself for dropping my waffle bowl the other day on National Ice Cream Day which really doesn’t matter now that Ben & Jerry’s is the new love of my life.

At least we aren’t listening to missiles overhead or speaking about safe rooms.

I want to leave you today with an email from my cousin in Israel. Just to put life in perspective for us….


All is good here. We actually had a siren last night, but it was the first one in over a week.

I don’t think they actually are targeting us here in Modi’in, rather their rockets are not very accurate and we’re not too far from the airport. Another cousin of ours lives in Rishon Lezion, and they’ve had several per day this whole time.

He’s only 15 minutes from me, but he’s closer to Gaza and Rishon is a bigger city.

Thankfully we have the Iron Dome and it works amazingly well. We can sometimes hear the explosion in mid-air when a rocket is destroyed by an interceptor missile.

Besides the occasional running to a safe room, things pretty much go on as normal. Kids go to camp, adults go to work, etc. the weather is actually really nice, not as hot as normal for July.


Have a great weekend.


Favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor?

Do you like your home fries well done and crispy like I do?

What’s on your weekend running agenda?


Rainy Ten Mile Run And Birthday Recap


Can we just start today with me telling you how sweet you all are?

Your birthday wishes and the fact that you listen to me ramble on about chocolate cake means the world to me. Like really. The world.

Can’t thank you guys enough.

And don’t think for one second that I don’t plan on telling you what was in the goodie bag; I just don’t want to discuss the goodies yet and ruin it for our winner. Once I know she received it, we will discuss.

So yesterday I told you what it feels like to be 36.

Today I will show you what it looks like to run ten miles on your 36th birthday in the rain.

rainy run

We have some positives to running right now in the rain even though this picture clearly makes you think otherwise:

*You are drenched but not cold

*You don’t notice the sprinklers since you are already wet

*Dodging puddles beats dodging ice patches

*Stepping in the puddles because you misjudged them is better than in the winter when you misjudge the black ice

*You feel kinda like a serious real runner

*People see you and think you are a serious real runner. Or just insane.

*Still beats running inside on the treadmill

The only real issue you have is that you are so seriously soaked that when you come inside to take a shower, you step out of the shower not feeling any different from when you stepped in.

I must have had some birthday luck going on yesterday afternoon because I popped into Lulu Lemon really quickly to check out that rain jacket I mentioned yesterday and would you believe the stars aligned just so that they had ONE LEFT IN MY SIZE ON SALE?!

lulu rain jacket

Of course I bought it. How do you not buy it?

Now I am hoping for more rainy day runs. I checked the long-range forecast and there’s currently no rain in sight but I am prepared.

Before I quickly recap the rest of my birthday fun, we never spoke about our National Running Day runs from Wednesday.

national running day

I received my finishers badge for running ten miles. If you are paying attention, this means I ran back-to-back ten mile runs again.

Yeah, I don’t know how that happened either.

That rest day on Tuesday I guess gave my legs an abundance of energy. Or maybe it’s all the cake and ice cream.

Let’s see, what else did I do yesterday…..


Ah yes…A relaxing manicure and pedicure.


I routinely go for manicures and pedicures but every year on my birthday, I treat myself to one of the special pedicures with the extra treatments and longer massage.

nail polish

My friend Lisa bought me this adorable Deborah Lippman nail polish set (from Sephora) for my birthday this year. I combined the glitter polish with Essie’s Splash of Grenadine for my toes and the light pink bottle for my fingers.

On to the food:

My friend Meaghan treated me to Red Mango for lunch and let me fill up my cup as much as I wanted.

red mango parfait

I have really good friends.

I always make it a point not to cook on my birthday so dinner last night was at Cirella’s.

Cirella’s also owns Surf’s Out, my favorite spot to walk to on Fire Island.

zuchinni marinara

I went with the zucchini marinara with shrimp and lots of vegetables.

Dining out tip: Always ask the waiter to add extra vegetables to whatever dish you order. So worth it.


I couldn’t help but think of Davida last night since she just posted all about zoodles, you know, zucchini noodles.

I never make them at home because I am lazy but they are oh so good, especially in this dish last night.

Dessert was ridiculous. Just ridiculous. Of course it was, I was in charge of picking it.

brownie cookie sundae

Oh hello…Welcome to my giant martini glass loaded with fresh-baked (and still warm!) chocolate chip cookies and brownies surrounded by vanilla, chocolate and cookies and cream ice cream with hot fudge, caramel and whipped cream.

brownie cookie sundae

You know dessert is serious when it comes with big serving utensils.

Although, there was so serving this out of the glass. There was only eating it straight from the glass.

brownie cookie sundae

I picked Cirella’s for dinner really just to have this dessert. I decided I wanted something special, different and really big.

Did I mention it serves six? That’s the exact serving size I want when there are only two people eating.

The waiter was surprised to come back and find only some melted ice cream left.

That’s the way you do a birthday.


What are you  doing this weekend?

Did you run for National Running Day?

What color is on your toes right now?

Do you make zoodles at home?





Always Room For Cold Stone


Monday morning already? Seriously?

Oh well. No time to think about it since I have quite a busy week ahead of me, beginning this morning with an important meeting in Manhattan.

At least it isn’t frigid today. Wait, let me correct that – At least it isn’t frigid this morning.

It is rainy yet “warm” with temperatures scheduled to drop from 50 degrees now down to 8 degrees tonight. Uh huh.

I can’t control the weather but I can control what I eat so let’s back up a bit to where we left off on Saturday.


I did my usual Trader Joe’s stock-up thing. I have meaning to ask you – do you remember the Trader Joe’s crunchy peanut butter with the flax seeds? I know they recalled it well over a year ago (or was it two years ago?) but they never brought it back and I really liked it.

I also made a pit stop at Fairway for PB2. Still loving the PB2.


Fage was on sale for 88 cents – how do you pass that up?

Of course yesterday morning as I went through the Sunday circular coupons (or Qpons as I like to pronounce the word) I discovered two coupons for my most favorite Stonyfield Greek Yogurt.


Little savings like this excite me. If you don’t clip your coupons, you need to start.

You know what else excites me? All-You-Can-Eat Sushi.


Ever do the All-You-Can-Eat Sushi (from a good place of course, not just some random icky hole-in-the-wall) where they give you the little menus and a pencil and you get to keep checking off what you want so that they just keep bringing you food over and over and over again?

So fun. SO SO SO FUN!


We got all giddy about this and just checked off everything – my favorite is the broccoli teriyaki plates. I think we went with five of those but who is counting.


Of course we ordered more rolls than this. How could you not when they just keep bringing it to you?

Were we full? Never too full for dessert.


I know I said I would have birthday cake for Saturday’s birthday girls but Cold Stone was calling my name. Actually, the chocolate dipped waffle bowls were looking for me.

Is it good or bad that the owner of Cold Stone saw me and made sure to point out their supply of chocolate dipped waffle bowls? I think I made him uncomfortable one too many times on the occasions his store was lacking in the waffle bowl department.


As amazing as this looks, the best part about it is that I wasn’t the only one in my party to order it.


Why was someone else’s sundae a good thing for me? Well, I just knew part of their waffle bowl would end up mine.

The trick is to always dine with someone not only willing to share but someone who gets full easily.

No one understands where I put all of this dessert but after a lengthy discussion on the topic, I explained that my stomach just has an extra compartment for sweet stuff.

There is always room. If you don’t believe me, I challenge you to dinner followed by dessert. Bring it on.



How is the weather by you?

Do you always have room for dessert?

Would you share your waffle bowl with me or would you be able to finish it on your own?

Ever experience All-You-Can-Eat Sushi?

Do you remember the TJ peanut butter I am talking about?


Possible Shin Splints, Uggs Slippers As Shoes And A Sweet Little Treat

Just because I haven’t mentioned my runs this week, certainly doesn’t mean they haven’t been happening.

IMG_0158 (2)

As you can see, my path is still very much under construction but I am slowly getting used to the new route that I created for myself.

Slowly is the keyword here.

My pace has been a bit off for easily the last 5 runs. I am averaging anywhere between 20-30 seconds to sometimes a full minute slower than normal and I am not all that thrilled about it.

My father told me it doesn’t matter what my pace is as long as I am out there and feeling well. Being out there is never the issue and I would say I feel decent.

Why only decent? I think that the increase in my weekly mileage is starting to catch up with me, mainly with my legs.

Mentally I am totally there, totally up and ready for a great run. I am even enjoying my playlist so much these days that I stopped shuffling the songs to get to something better.

My legs are tired maybe? Need a foam roll? A massage? I don’t know. They are showing up but protesting the first few miles in the form of what feels like a possible shin splint, more in the right leg than the left and slightly into the foot.

I have never suffered from shin splints before, my sneakers are new yet broken in and whatever I do feel in the shin is not unbearable by any means and goes away pretty quick.

But I notice it, it is slowing me down and I will continue to monitor it to ensure it doesn’t get worse.

In the mean time, I have been treating my feet rather well when I am not running.

IMG_0162 (2)

I am just loving my new Uggs moccasins. Some may call them slippers. I refer to them as moccasins so that they pass for shoes that can be worn outdoors.

IMG_0167 (2)

You can’t tell that they are slippers. And if you can, well then, snicker and say what you want – at least I am comfortable. And Leslee, over at the blog, Her Happy Balance, is comfortable as well since she proudly sports her moccasins too.

I was wearing my moccasins in the mall looking for refill pages for my agenda yesterday. Not an easy thing to find.

Doesn’t anyone use pen and paper anymore? Have we all gone so technological that holding a pen in our hand to write something down on actual paper so that we remember it is a thing of the past?

It is only a matter of time before being a lefty or a righty is insignificant.

I always hated using the lefty scissors by the way.

IMG_0168 (2)

I did spot this mug though at the Kate Spade store. I am all for cake for breakfast.

Speaking of mugs, I did something totally random the other day that turned out to be so delicious that it has become my new little treat.

If you follow me on instagram, you already know that I had a chocolate fudge cupcake to celebrate National Dessert Day which was on Monday, in addition to Columbus Day and Canadian Thanksgiving.


In my opinion, National Dessert Day really needs to stand alone as a holiday and not be accompanied by others.

To be fair, the cupcake belonged to the little boy- we received a free dessert email from Barnes and Noble for his birthday and we redeemed it after ice skating on Monday.

I had also ordered a cup of coffee and as he attacked the cupcake (he is not the best at sharing, I wonder where he gets it from?), a dessert bell went off in my little head.

I took the chocolate shavings off of the top of the cupcake and dropped them into my coffee cup.

The tiniest hint of chocolate added to my regular cup of coffee was simply divine. And special. It added a touch of cocoa in a smooth and creamy way, not in the added flavoring way that cocoa powder or brewed chocolate coffee may taste.

Those dainty little shavings added to my coffee put a smile on my face.

Sure, you can order those fancy coffee drinks but those are loaded with empty calories and if I am going to down 300 or more treat calories, it is certainly going to be in the form of food I can chew.

I decided in that moment that each afternoon, I will be adding ONE chocolate chip to my cup of coffee.

IMG_0144 (2)

One chip is cute, don’t you think? Such a sweet little concept and special  little treat to give yourself each day.

little things

Something so simple as a chocolate chip hidden in my coffee reminds me of being a kid and getting the conehead sundae at Friendly’s. They always “hid” a surprise at the bottom of the sundae and I always got excited to reach it, even though I knew every time it would be Reeses Pieces.


I vote for more of these sweet little moments in life.



Do you wear slippers out of the house?

Do you still write things down or use the calendar in your phone to keep track of everything for you?

What was your favorite sundae as a kid? I loved the Friendly’s Conehead but also loved the Peanut Butter Cup Sundae with extra peanut butter sauce- no surprise there.


Long Run, Rest Day, Chinese Food, Sushi and a Cold Stone Sundae

Weekends are best recapped in food, don’t you think?

Let’s start with my little boy’s Chinese food craving that hit as soon as he got out of school on Friday.

He walked out of school with an extreme, out of nowhere Chinese food craving and since I never deny the boy an Asian meal, Chinese food it was.

IMG_0059 (2)

It was a bit early in the evening, but since he wasn’t heading off to his dad’s so fast and since I wasn’t going out until much later, it was all good.

IMG_0062 (2)

Or shall I say yum. I just love steamed vegetable dumplings.


As well as steamed shrimp and mixed veggies, heaving on the water chestnuts.

IMG_0064 (2)

The little boy likes chicken and broccoli, although he never eats the broccoli. Hey, at least he allows it on his plate. It is a step in the right direction.

I must admit, I really do miss boneless spare ribs. It may be the only food I truly miss as a vegetarian. They were my favorite.

IMG_0066 (2)

I quickly got over my longing for the Chinese spare rib as soon as I had my favorite sundae. Nothing beats the chocolate dipped waffle bowl from Cold Stone Creamery.

Chinese food and chocolate dipped waffle bowls should have provided me with adequate fuel for my long run Saturday morning, don’t you think?


Taking my sneakers off after running 12 miles = happiness.

My run was just OK. Mentally I was totally there, my legs were another story. They weren’t in total protest, they didn’t have picket signs to rally against the run or anything but they were tired.

IMG_5415 (2)

The jelly beans I carry in my pocket didn’t help much. But they made me smile since they matched my shirt.

Since none of my miles came in under 9:00/mile, I knew I was due for a rest day.

But I just couldn’t rest on Saturday after the run. Oh no. Too much to do.

Besides getting a manicure and my hair attended to, I really needed some new boots. And shoes.

IMG_0082 (2)

Let’s call this love at first sight. They had me at the pink bottom. I now can’t wait for the cold, rainy, messy weather.

IMG_0083 (2)

And these may just have to be worn immediately.

Something to ponder: I recently canceled a race registration and hotel reservation for a particular race weekend. That money was now used to buy myself these awesome boots and shoes.

Don’t get me wrong – I love a good race and the traveling involved with a race weekend but when you are able to spend that same amount of money on apparel…..hmmm. You decide.

Let’s discuss Saturday night’s dinner. I have decided that the sushi chef at one of my favorite restaurants may indeed have a crush on me.

IMG_0087 (2)

Please take note of the heart-shaped sushi roll which appeared on the  plate once again.

Turns out, it isn’t any specific roll that is made in a heart- any roll can be made that way and the chef randomly decides when he does it.

I am so glad he decides to roll out sushi in hearts for me. Makes me feel special.

Anyway, I gave myself a full day of rest yesterday which I really don’t do often enough. My body sincerely thanks me by feeling refreshed and ready for a run this morning.

The little boy is off from school today for Columbus Day and I kinda wish it was Thanksgiving here as it is for my Canadian friends up in Canada. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday- for the food of course.

To all of my Canadian friends, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and please eat extra stuffing and sweet potatoes and pie for me!



If you are a vegetarian, are there any foods you miss or feel you miss out on? I don’t crave anything that I used to eat but I do miss those spare ribs!

Run any races this weekend? How did it go?

Celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving today? What’s on the menu?





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