Thinking Out Loud – Cookies, Keurig and Cold Running




I didn’t plan on participating in today’s Thinking Out Loud link up fun but then I woke up and needed to share my thoughts on something that bothers me on a daily basis:


Yes, that is my Keurig machine. What you can’t see in the picture is the FLASHING BLUE LIGHT TELLING ME IT’S TIME TO REFILL THE WATER TANK.

The last thing I need to see, especially when I am busy cleaning the kitchen, is something else requiring my attention. And endlessly flashing a blue at me is not the friendliest way to get my assistance.

Does anyone else get annoyed by the blue light? I feel like all I do is refill that thing. Granted I drink a lot of coffee and use the water for tea but still- every time I turn around it is yelling at me in blue code.

You know what else requires a lot of attention? Children.


I did my best with the boys yesterday baking and decorating sugar cookies. Can they appreciate that the cookie dough and frosting were both made from scratch? Nah.


Let’s zoom in on my toppings:


Sprinkles, m&m’s, a mix of chocolate chips and peanut butter chips and Rolo’s.

I got all excited to fill up my toppings server but then thought better of it – the more I filled it, the more they would eat. So, I only filled half-way.


I pretty much collapsed after the baking, assisting and cleaning of the cookie decorating process. Although, I am looking around right now and notice flour handprints on the chairs and sprinkles in random places throughout my kitchen.

I was so tired that I even laid down for a while and closed my eyes. I believe I slept for ONE MINUTE.

You see, when a mother falls asleep, a silent alarm immediately goes off alerting her child which is his cue to wake her up because he is hungry. And how he could have been hungry after eating more cookies than he decorated I haven’t the slightest idea.

I think what made me so tired wasn’t even the cookie experience. It all started after my 5.25 mile run in the frigid morning air.

Is it just me or is running in the cold that much harder on the body?

I used to think it was harder in a sense to run in the heat but the last two runs in the cold, even though I feel great and my pace is amazing, have left me drained in a whole new way.

It must have something to do with the energy we use to keep our bodies warm and I think something to do with the energy we use to warm the air we are breathing in? If anyone has the answer, please fill us in!

Don’t worry, I pulled myself together in time to go out for “Christmas” dinner. I never miss a meal.


We opted for Ben’s instead of Chinese.


I always loved Ben’s but as a vegetarian now, my options are a bit more limited. All is right in the world though when onion rings land on my plate.


I couldn’t have been more excited when I saw 16 Handles was open. It is always super thrilling to notice something opened on Christmas, especially when that something involves hot fudge.

Today is supposed to be warmer outside so I am hopeful for a less exhausting run. If I find I have the energy and patience, I may even battle the crowds for the after Christmas mega sales going on this morning.

Speaking of Christmas, please tell me all about your holiday! How was it? Did you get good gifts? Eat fabulous food? Have a new recipe to share with me?

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Merry Christmas And Lots of Chocolate Chips


Good morning and Merry Christmas!

I always wondered what it would be like to wake up Christmas morning with a tree and presents underneath waiting for me.

The closest I ever came to the joy of a Christmas morning as a kid occurred when Hanukkah would overlap and I was able to convince my parents to leave my Hanukkah gift out in the middle of the night so that I could experience waking up to open it.

th (7)

Ahhh, the Barbie Dream Kitchen. How could I ever forget it?

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful holiday and eat lots of delicious goodies including cookies, cakes, pies and who knows what else.

Wait. Cinnamon Rolls. Please have a cinnamon roll. I keep seeing recipes for Christmas breakfast and this Cinnamon Roll Cake looks absolutely divine.

If you are wondering what I will be doing, my day will consist of running, baking and hopefully Chinese Food.


Notice I didn’t say movies? The little boy is having a friend over so I thought it would be more fun to bake sugar cookies and get all fa-la-la about it and decorate them.

unnamed (8)

I bought this new snowman cookie cutter and have a ton of toppings and chocolate chips to choose from.

unnamed (7)

Welcome to my baking supply cabinet. Quite the organized mess, yes?

Let’s zoom in on the chocolate chips:

unnamed (6)

See what I mean? There are even more bags in the back.

Chunks, chips, mini, semi-sweet, dark….so many bags of so many varieties that I don’t even know what to do with them.

I think I just might have the best problem in the world.




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