WIAW – Whole Foods and Hanukkah


Before we get to last night’s Hanukkah dinner, I have a few random foodie things to discuss.


We went to Whole Foods the other day and I was really excited to get both Stonyfield Organic Greek Yogurt and Organic Pink Lady apples on sale.

Stonyfield Yogurt and apples

In my opinion, Stonyfield Organic makes the best greek yogurt, especially when it comes to the plain.

I don’t always buy it because it can be pricey but I think it may be worth it going forward, not just for the taste but for the quality.


Plain greek yogurt really does take on the color and sweetness of the fruit-flavored yogurts when you add real fruit.

I really like Pink Lady apples. When it comes to apples in general though, I get really annoyed when I can’t find super big ones.

I make do by cutting up more than one at a time but still, it annoys me.

My son decided he wanted to try one of the green juices at Whole Foods too while we were there. He is working on the vegetable thing.

green juice

The juice he selected involved spinach, green apple, cucumber and I forget exactly what else (he told them to leave out the celery).

He didn’t like it and neither did I. We brought it back and they tried to adjust the flavor (too much parsley!) but it didn’t work for either of us. So we returned it.

There was absolutely no way that I was going to throw the juice in the garbage when I paid over six dollars for the cup.

Last week I mentioned taking a bit of break from fresh roasted vegetables.

That doesn’t mean I stopped eating vegetables completely, I just made some minor changes.


Wilted spinach in place of lettuce works really nice for me as a salad base.

I also bought Portobello mushrooms caps this week for a change too. Love them in a salad with avocado.

Roasted brussels sprouts aren’t causing me an issue (thank goodness since they are the best!) so I have been sticking to those along with roasted asparagus.

I decided it was the fresh roasted broccoli causing me the most discomfort so for now, I have only been eating the frozen variety and notice a major difference in how I feel.

Oh and I can’t forget to mention my favorite mashed chickpeas with avocado on Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel toast. If you haven’t tried it yet, you really should.

mashed chick pea avocado toast

On to Hanukkah dinner:

I will admit that I didn’t make the Matzo Ball soup.

matzo ball soup

But I did make the rest of the dinner, including lots of latkes (potato pancakes) of all sizes.

potato latkes

For the sweet potato latkes, I couldn’t find a new box of quinoa flakes so I bought this Quinoa & Flax blend instead.

sweet potato latkes

I used a regular shredder and a mini food processor this year to make the latkes. I prefer the old-fashioned shredder even though it requires more work.

You must top your latkes off with apple sauce if you are going to do it right.

sweet potato latkes

As luck would have it, yesterday was also National Chocolate Covered Anything Day.

chocolate covered pineapple

I am a passive-aggressive hostess. I made chocolate-covered pineapple because my dad has arthritis in his knees and the bromelain in pineapple is a powerful anti-inflammatory known to help the pain and inflammation.

I served him the pineapple and told him the bromelain was his Hanukkah gift.

chocolate covered pineapple

I made brownie mini muffins too.

brownie muffins

I sent my dad home with the rest of the pineapple (we finished all of the chocolate-covered pieces) because he needs his antioxidants.


And because I am clearly allergic to pineapple (hurts my tongue so bad and left it bright red last night!) yet if it’s here, I will eat it anyway.

Don’t forget to enter my #NYTough P&G Prize Pack Giveaway and then check out what everyone else is eating today!


Anyone else find pineapple to irritate their mouth? Or is this just another fruit I am allergic to?

If you celebrated Hanukkah last night, what kind of latkes did you have?

What are you having for breakfast today?







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