Back-to-Back Long Runs, Switching Up The Sneakers And Other Smart Moves


I did something smart. And cost-effective.

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My Asics Gel Nimbus 15’s (on the left) are quickly wearing thin. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised – increasing one’s mileage will increase the frequency of purchasing new running shoes.

Don’t get me wrong – I love a new pair of shoes but spending big bucks right now to get THE EXACT SAME SNEAKERS THAT I ALREADY HAVE? Not interested.

To buy me some time (haha no pun intended), I realized I have a perfectly good pair of Brooks that just sit in my closet.

Friday morning I made the decision to take the Brooks out for a run. That run turned into a long run. Followed up by Saturday’s long run.

Back-to-back long runs? I never do that. But I felt like running. My feet felt great. In fact, I didn’t even notice my feet.

Forgetting you have feet = Great Run

Coincidentally, Friday afternoon I saw this article on the Runner’s World website which discusses why you should rotate your sneakers. A recent study has shown that rotating your sneakers is associated with a lowered risk of injury.

Rather than recite the entire article to you, what spoke to me the most was this:

“…different shoes distribute the impact forces of running differently, thereby lessening the strain on any given tissue…”

Were my back-to-back great long runs due to the sudden rotation of the running shoes? Is that why I felt so great both days, no pain or discomfort or soreness anywhere?

Who knows but I will take it.

Come to think of it, my weekend involved a bunch of smart and cost-effective things besides rotating my sneakers.

I bought the Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea for the first time in a while (had a coupon, of course).

While the aroma of the sugar cookie was the same as I remembered, the flavor was just rather eh compared to my favorite Yogi varieties.

IMG_1126 (2)

So, rather than end up with a full box of tea sitting in the back of pantry,  I combined a bag of Sugar Cookie with a bag of Yogi Cocoa Spice.

A little bit of cocoa, a little bit of sugar cookie all warmed in a mug?  Genius.

Never thought to combine your tea? Rather new concept to me as well so don’t feel bad.

I can’t take full credit on this tea combining thing – Amanda introduced me a while back to adding flavored tea to coffee and since then I haven’t looked back.

IMG_1110 (2)

I haven’t looked back since discovering roasted apple skins either. If you have yet to try this out, please add to the top of your to-do list.

Speaking of lists, I went food shopping yesterday to pick up the things I missed on Friday.

Lucky for me, the Stonyfield Greek is back on sale and since I was in smart mode over the weekend, I took the time to print out some coupons from the Stonyfield website.

IMG_1129 (2)

50 cents may not seem like a lot but it all adds up. Especially when your grocery store doubles coupons AND runs sales on what you are buying.

Think about it – those few dollars you saved can pay for a sushi roll.

IMG_1115 (2)

Dinner Saturday night was sushi in the city. Do you ever request brown rice in place of the white? Sometimes I do and Saturday night was one of those nights – too bad my waiter heard me, wrote it down yet didn’t deliver.

IMG_1118 (2)

Clearly this man didn’t check the weather forecast. Not too smart of him. Only in New York. I swear.

My intelligence failed me yesterday morning:

IMG_1108 (2)

I was at the end of the PB2 container so I decided to just add some water to the bottom and mix rather than take out a bowl and have to clean it.

Dumb move. Very dumb.

I couldn’t get to all of the peanut butter because the container is long and tall. I am now on the lookout for super long spoon to avoid this dilemma from ever occurring again.

There is just nothing worse than being unable to reach the last drop of peanut butter. Nothing.


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How was your weekend?

Do you rotate your sneakers?

Ever combine your coffee and/tea?



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