First Beach Run Of Season (weekly workout recap)

My little runner heart is just so happy to be back in my running season.

I know I said this last week but it’s worth noting again because I just feel so much more like my runner self as the temperatures heat up and the sun shines bright so early in the morning.

Last week was an excellent week in running for the following reasons:

  • I happily ran four days
  • My mileage easily went slightly over 20 miles for the week
  • I felt great
  • One run was on the boardwalk!

Long Beach boardwalk

It was warmer than usual for this time of year over the last few days but I’m adjusting well so far. It won’t be as warm this week but at least the sun is out and shining early! Makes such a difference for a morning person like me.

All yoga/pilates workouts listed below are Melissa Wood Health.

Monday – 5 Miles

Played with some speed today!

  • Mile 1 – Warm-Up
  • Mile 2/3 – Alternating 1 min hard/1 min easy
  • Mile 4 – 2 min hard/1 min easy
  • Mile 5 – Easy

Tuesday – 29 Min Full Body Strong Power Series/Walk

Wednesday – 3 Mile Walk/12 Min Arms (1 lb weights)

Thursday – 5 Miles

Mostly easy run but faster than I’ve been because I am happier running in the warmer weather!

Friday – 40 Min Pilates (1 lb weights + resistance band)

Saturday – 7 Miles

I didn’t mean to run seven miles today!

My friend called towards mile three and I slowed to chat with her. Once I was off the phone (right around mile five), I picked up the pace again until reaching six miles. Although I thought about stopping to walk, I decided to keep running for a little bit which turned into continuing to seven miles.

Sunday – 6 Miles (Boardwalk Run)

This was my first run on the boardwalk in Long Beach of the season!

I was so happy to be back running by the beach with the bright sun and warm air. It was pretty warm for this time of year (already 75 degrees in the morning) but I didn’t care! I was in the mood to sweat.

This run flew by. I barely remember any of the miles! I had planned on running five miles but added an extra mile as a cool down.

Long Beach ny

Maybe the most exciting thing about running by the beach again was packing up my Stoney Clover pouch to take with me.

I bought a new Stoney Clover clear travel pouch for this summer with the pretty shell letters and I’m obsessed.

stoney clover clear pouch

Last summer I wrote a post about what I bring in my Stoney Clover pouch for beach runs — here’s the link if you want to revisit it!

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Last Round of Favorites For the Year (Stoney Clover + Glossier + lululemon)

I haven’t shared a round of my favorites in at least a few weeks so I figured, why not pop in randomly on a Tuesday to discuss?! We are in that holiday time period where the days really blend together so might as well discuss my Friday Favorites on a Tuesday, right?

Of course, I’m starting with Stoney Clover.

Hanukkah was so good to me.

stoney clover duffel and pouch

I’ve wanted a Stoney Clover duffel since I laid my eyes on the brand almost two years ago. I knew eventually I would be able to pick a color and patch combination. After much turmoil and debate, I finally knew that I wanted the sparkling champagne color for my Stoney Clover duffel. This shade of blush pink is just so pretty, and just…so…ME.

I went with a matching sparkling champagne glitter M on the front of the duffel and the sparkling champagne and buttercream hearts on the back. The nice thing is that I can always add additional patches if I want to the Stoney Clover duffel. And the small pouch! I love the tone on tone with my name! If you aren’t sure where to start with Stoney Clover products, start with a small pouch. You will not be disappointed. I’m all set and ready to travel in style…whenever it is I travel again.

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More Love For Glossier

The beauty product junkie in me was very excited to receive this order from Glossier after I placed my order during the Black Friday sale.

I love the pink zip pouch that the Glossier products arrive in — it really adds to the excitement.

glossier makeup

With or without the sale, I find Glossier really reasonable in general for quality, clean beauty products.

glossier order

My latest Glossier haul:

First, some restocking of  Colorslide eyeliner, another shade of Cloud Paint, definitely needed another Lash Slick since it’s the best mascara ever, and since one can never have enough of the right lip balm, another Balm Dot Com.

Then I decided to try Brow Flick which is used to fill in the brows (I like it!).

And even more exciting, I’m obsessed with the Perfecting Skin Tint and Stretch Concealer Duo.

Glossier is known for the no-makeup makeup look so the skin tint is not a heavy foundation. it’s perfect for every day and for creating a really natural look that evens out coloring without looking heavy or caked on. It’s your skin, but better. I find that it actually gives nice coverage in a light sort of way. And the stretch concealer? It’s amazing. I find it to give great coverage, still in a light sort of way, that blends quickly and is easy to apply. Do I recommend the duo? YES. You can’t beat the price for the quality of clean skincare you are getting!

Let’s not forget about Futuredew. It’s like a serum type of primer that gives such a nice glow. You can wear it alone or, as I wear it, under the skin tint. When I want a little more coverage out of the skin tint, I use my favorite Tatcha primer (primer does make a difference!) but the Futuredew is great for an easy, laid back day time look with added dewy glow. You can also use it as a highlighter after putting on foundation.

And because I couldn’t resist the hype of the cute pink container, I needed to try Glossier’s Hand Cream.It’s a cult-favorite and I understand why. While normally my skincare is fragrance-free, it’s nice to have this hand cream that offers a light, happy scent. The hand cream itself is really nice and hydrating. And yes, the pink container adds to the fun.

Speaking of hand cream, I also ordered the most amazing hand repair cream from Biossance. It is so incredible that it’s sold out. I definitely recommend that you keep checking the Biossance site for when it’s restocked. I’m so glad I bought it when I did and got my mom a tube too for Hanukkah.

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More Favorites:

So it’s that weird time of year (especially this year) when I don’t really need clothes and can use what I have until we get to spring.

I did use my lululemon gift card to get the Sherpa Wear Pom Beanie and I LOVE IT. It was totally worth my gift card (I can be so selective when I have a lulu gift card). I wear it every day and the blush pink is perfect for me. I also bought the Energy Bra High-Neck Long LIne Rib Sports Bra. It fits really well and looks nice as a top with high leggings. From the We Made Too Much Sale, I quickly grabbed a new Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve and the Align High Rise Tight with Twist Band. I tried to get a Swiftly Long Sleeve on the sale but it was sold out once I placed my order.

In other news, Shopbop has so much on sale right now, including Stoney Clover masks.

I love these Aqua Foil Star Leggings and the matching Oversized Foil Star Hoodie.

And finally, yesterday I highlighted the positives I found in my workouts this year. Well here’s another positive of 2020 — being able to live in my tie-dye fuzzy slippers. I’ve never been home so much in my life but being able to wear these slippers makes it all so wonderful. What I love most about the slippers, aside from the pretty colors, is that they are so comfortable without making my feet sweat. I hate enclosed slippers or anything style that makes my feet feel hot or suffocated — these slippers are perfect.

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