What’s For Breakfast? Don’t ask me.

I have quite the dilemma this morning. I don’t know what to have for breakfast. Weird, right? Breakfast is usually my creature of habit meal and I don’t deviate all that often, especially on a random Thursday morning, but I am just not in the mood for any of my usual oatmeal bowls, nor do I want raisin bread or any kind of pancake. Nothing appealing to me today.

This is not good.

You what is good though? Cleaning out your closets and drawers and getting to buy some new stuff to replace the old stuff.

IMG_4825 (2)

I started with new socks to fill my newly empty sock drawer. I happen to love Gap socks and lucky for me, a bunch were on sale. I didn’t really care what colors I found but I think I might be excited to sport the orange and blue.

Hockey season is just around the corner, yes?

IMG_4827 (2)

Of all the running socks I have tested out, I still favor the Gap Performance Athletic Ankle Socks. Now, I normally only buy the white but the salesperson swore to me that the black pair is exactly the same just a different color.

I informed him that I am an insane runner and take my foot comfort very seriously and he didn’t look nervous so I bought them. I will test them out this morning and trust me, if my toes can’t wiggle properly, I will be back at the Gap when they open.

Before going to the Gap yesterday, I of course needed a stop at Trader Joe’s.

IMG_4832 (2)

The Fearless Flyer is out once again.

It’s funny – I know the store so well that without even looking at the flyer, I can usually pick out what is new on the shelves before flipping through and reading it.

I spotted a new BBQ sauce but didn’t buy it.

IMG_4833 (2)

What I did not see, because I never look at the sushi, is the new veggie sushi roll made with quinoa. Now this I may have to go back to see. Like today.

Their sushi never really receives great reviews and always looks so loaded with rice that I just never thought to try it. But, for $3.49 for 8 pieces of sushi made with quinoa? Maybe I will give it a shot.

I have been on a bit of a sushi hiatus these last few weeks, does quinoa sushi count as sushi? Hmm.

IMG_4823 (2)

I did buy this bottle of balsamic vinegar and drizzled it on just about everything I ate yesterday including roasted butternut squash, carrots, mini pearl tomatoes, kale chips and these potatoes.

IMG_4831 (2)

I had planned on making a baked potato. I always microwave the potato first for a few minutes just to soften it before putting it in the oven (cuts down the cooking time).

At the last second, I decided I wanted to slice it up and roasted it as wedges. I drizzled the balsamic vinegar on a whim and threw them into the oven for 30 minutes. I will definitely be making these again.

I must go now and figure out what the heck I will be eating for breakfast. This is unchartered territory people. I not only need to determine what I am in the mood for, but determine if it can keep me full, satisfied and fuel my morning workout.

I haven’t decided if I am running or hitting the elliptical machine. I should probably cross train but it is nice outside.

And I am a sucker for sunshine.

Have a great day!



Do you eat the same breakfast everyday?

Do you buy Trader Joe’s sushi?

Have you tried this new roll made with quinoa?

Where do you buy your socks?







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