I’m Moving! (weekly workout recap)

Well, last week was quite a busy week and it’s looking like the next couple of weeks are insane too because I’m moving! I kinda knew I might be moving (within the same area) but wasn’t sure how fast it would happen and well, it happens at the end of next week!

This means I’m scrambling to organize, pack, order some new things, and then move into my new bigger, brighter home with lots of storage space and a pretty balcony. I’m very excited but very busy which means the blog will be lacking until I’m settled. I haven’t moved in 14 years so although I’m super organized and often clean things out, there’s still a lot fo do.


My workouts are not lacking but will be a little different, I’m sure. My focus when I’m this busy and working hard physically to pack my house is on yoga and doing what feels good through the chaos.

Last Week’s Workouts

  • 2 Yoga Classes
  • 2 Pilates Classes
  • 2 Runs
  • 1 Spin Class

I never made it to a barre class and skipped the walking class that I normally take on Sunday before pilates in favor of walking easy myself on the treadmill before pilates. I just wasn’t up for inclines — moving is a physical activity and I have to balance that into my usual workout routine!

Monday – 4 Mile Run (outside!)

I don’t recall the last time I ran outdoors before today!

Tuesday – 60 Min Pilates Fusion (2 lb weights + ball)

Wednesday – 30 Min Walk (treadmill)

Thursday – 60 Min Vinyasa Yoga

I cannot tell you how amazing this practice felt — I was so tired and so busy packing and planning but I knew that escaping for yoga would be worth it, and it was.

Friday – 45 Min Spin (Beats & Bands)

Saturday – 20 Min Run + 60 Min Vinyasa Yoga

Sunday – 45 Min Pilates

Back To Running (weekly workout recap)

I’m totally back to running after that brief week with my hamstring bothering me. I mean it when I say that I never run with any sort of aches or pains so for me to have said my hamstring didn’t feel right, means it really didn’t feel right.

But I’m all better now and hey, that didn’t take long!

Last Week’s Workouts

I was really in the mood to run after testing out running last weekend to realize my hamstring was better! I am, however, being really careful not to push my pace too quickly and risk my hamstring feeling tight again.

  • 4 Runs
  • 2 Barre Classes
  • 2 Pilates Classes
  • 1 Yoga Class
  • 1 Walk Class
  • 1 Spin Class

Monday – 20 Min Run + 45 Min Barre (2 lb weights + ball + band)

My hamstring felt fine and normal during my 20-minute warm-up run on the treadmill today before barre! I was still cautious, gradually increasing the speed from 6 to 6.8, hovering between 6.3-6.5 with inclines between 1 – 3%.

Tuesday – 20 Min Run + 45 Min Spin (Beats & Bands)

Wednesday – 60 Min Bala Bangle Barre Burn


Thursday – 30 Min Run + 60 Min Pilates

I signed up for Vinyasa Yoga today (my favorite Thursday class!) but they called me from Equinox shortly after to say the instructor was sick and yoga would be changed to pilates at the last minute.

Friday – OFF

Saturday – 30 Min Run + 60 Min Vinyasa Yoga

I skipped spin and the run class in favor of an easy run on my own. While I kept it easy with speeds between 6.3- 6.8 and inclines between 1 – 4%, I did slowly increase my speed to the 7 – 7.5 speed range in the last ten minutes while paying attention to my hamstring to ensure all felt fine. All was good!

Sunday – 45 Min Precision Walk Elevate + 45 Min Pilates

Both of these classes have become so popular that I have to sign up when registration opens 24 hours in advance to get my spot! Seriously, people show up without signing up for pilates and are turned away lately.

Quick Look At Last Week’s Workouts


I don’t have much to add beyond the workout recap details listed below. In Friday’s post, I mentioned that last week was a blur. I wasn’t kidding! Something about it felt very blended together, which is likely why I have nothing to add beyond what I noted below each day.

Last Week’s Workouts

Last week played out a little weird – I usually get to an additional barre and pilates class.

  • 2 Runs
  • 2 Spin Classes
  • 2 Yoga Classes
  • 1 Barre Class
  • 1 Walking Class
  • 1 Pilates Class

Monday – 3 Mile Run + 45 Min Barre (2 lb weights, ball, band)

This is such a great workout combo!

The run was not too challenging but very engaging. It went like this:

  • 1-mile warm-up following my easy run on a treadmill workout with an incline between 1 – 1.5%
  • At the 10-minute mark, I dropped speed to 6.3 and ranged inclines in this ladder: 1-2-3-4-3-2-1
  • At the 20-minute mark, I picked up speed to 7.0 and stopped at 3 miles

Tuesday – 5 Mile Run (outside!)

I really wanted to try the new spin class on the schedule for this morning – Beats and Bands – which incorporates cycling with resistance bands. However, I knew I needed a day off from the gym so I will try the spin class next Tuesday.

I did have energy though and decided to run outside for a change. Time flew by and before I knew it, I was at five miles.

Wednesday – 45 Min Walk (treadmill)

My glutes were sore from Monday’s barre class so I opted for a walk today followed by stretching. I hate missing today’s bala bangle barre class but I just knew it was not a good idea for today.

Thursday – 60 Min Vinyasa Yoga (yoga blocks)

I love the instructor for today’s yoga class – challenging but so doable and worth it! She also teaches the Friday morning pilates that I’m currently not taking because I don’t need to get up and out in the winter for 7:00 AM classes if I’m not working — but I will be back to that class for sure.

Friday – 45 Min Spin (Beats & Bands)

To my surprise this morning, the spin class I often take on Friday mornings had an instructor sub and he chose to run the class in the new format – Beats & Bands. I was so excited to try it! They incorporate two sections into the class using a resistance band that you attach to the bike for some upper body work. It was so fun and a great workout.

Saturday – 45 Min Spin (Anthem Ride) + 60 Min Vinyasa Yoga

Sunday – 45 Min Precision Walk Elevate + 45 Min Pilates

We regulars for the walking class agreed that today’s incline walk was HARD. Although we don’t know why, we think it had something to do with the intervals being 2-minutes vs the shorter lengths we normally do. It’s always an accomplishment when it’s done and the restorative pilates class 15 minutes later feels great.


I try to reserve my newest pair of Brooks Ghost 14’s just for running but today I wore them for the walking class — I definitely felt the added cushion (because they haven’t been worn as much yet) and it was really nice on those inclines!

Last Week’s Workouts at Equinox

Another nicely varied week of workouts in the books!

I ran a little more last week and tried a new-to-me 60-minute barre class on the Thursday Equinox class schedule. This week I plan to try a TRX class! My pilates instructor teaches it and said it’s perfect for me. I will report back about it next week!

Last Week’s Workouts at Equinox

Just hanging out in the stretching area…

Monday – 15 Min Run + 45 Min Spin (Cycle Power)

Tuesday – 60 Min Pilates Fusion (2 lb weights + sliders)

Wednesday – 5 Mile Run (treadmill)

I don’t recall the last time I ran five miles, it must be at least a month ago!

Thursday – 30 Min Treadmill Incline Walk + 60 Min Barre (2 lb weights, ball, resistance band)

I made up my own incline walking routine with inclines ranging between 3 – 13% before swapping my sneakers for bare feet in barre class.

Friday – Off

Saturday – 15 Min Run + 45 Min Spin (Anthem Ride)

With a day off yesterday, my legs were fresh and ready to run some speed instead of hills. While it wasn’t for long, I felt so great and was cruising at 7.6 which is something I haven’t done in a while.

Sunday – 45 Min Precision Walk Elevate + 45 Min Pilates

My favorite Sunday workout class duo! In today’s treadmill walk class, we ranged inclines from 3 – 15%. My speed is mostly between 3.5 – 3.6 but we did have a speed section at a lower incline where I was as high as 4.7. So fun!

Thanksgiving Week Workouts in Review

The Monday after a long holiday weekend (especially Thanksgiving!) is always a bit strange. Not only is today weird, but last week also seems like a total blur! Good thing I write down my workouts after they happen so I can put together this post.

Did you shop the Black Friday sales? Are we supposed to discuss Cyber Monday?

I ordered a few more things from Alo Yoga — I finally grabbed those keep-it-dry fitness pouches (I’m a sucker for a good pouch), the hot pink solar visor, and the slides in the white.

But seriously, don’t miss the sales going on with GapFit. Those tops I mentioned in this post are so so good.

Last Week’s Workouts

I haven’t been in a real running mood so with the little bit of running I’m doing, I’m mixing things up when on the treadmill. I don’t usually focus on the incline so that’s exactly what I’m doing right now – focusing on the incline. I run my usual mile warm-up on the treadmill and then with the remainder of the time (a little over 10 minutes), I drop my speed (between 6.1 -6.3) and range inclines from 3 – 6%. I ran this style of workout twice last week and really enjoyed it.


Monday – 20 Min Run + 45 Min Barre (2 lb weights + ball)

Tuesday – 45 Min Spin (Cycle Beats)

Wednesday – 20 Min Run + 60 Min Bala Bangle Barre Burn (2 lb weights + ankle weights)

Thursday – 60 MIn Spin (Thanksgiving Special Ride)

The spin classes are normally 45 minutes so today was a special ride for Thanksgiving. I find the classes go SO FAST, even the full hour went fast for me!

Friday – 60 Min Barefoot Sculpt (2 lb weights + ball + resistance band)

Saturday – 3 Mile Run (outside!)

I hadn’t run outdoors in over a month. In fact, it took me a minute to remember what to wear when running outside this time of year!

Sunday – 45 Min Precision Walk Elevate + 45 Min PIlates (ball)

Little Bits of Running (weekly workout recap)

A few notes before getting to my workouts from last week!

My Ever-Changing Gym Routine:

Do I not always say that my workout routine will vary from week to week? Well literally, no kidding on that.

While I’m a morning person, I don’t need to get up as early right now so the 7:00 AM class time range is not necessary. Instead, I can explore the Equinox classes that happen at later times.

If I thought my Gemini personality had issues a few weeks ago, look at my issues now:

7:45 AM Spin? 8:00 AM Barre? Spin at 9:15? Barefoot Sculpt at 8:45? Do I get up for the 7:00 AM pilates anyway? Can I wait until the 9:30 spin? Pilates at 9:00 AM, for an hour? Can I hold off until 10:15 for a class or even 11:15 to try Yoga?!


On the positive side, I HAVE SO MANY OPTIONS at Equinox. My workout routine continues to vary, and the time options work for any possible schedule. I love Equinox so much and remain so happy that I joined a few months ago. It’s so worth the investment.

Little Bits of Running:

As far as running goes, I think I’m in the little bits-at-a-time phase.

I did get a fresh pair of Brooks Ghost 14s (on sale!) so it was fun to run a few miles. Other than that, I just don’t feel like running much. I’m finding that squeezing in little bits of running, as in 10 – 20 minutes of running prior to a class is working for me right now.

At the moment, I think I’m enjoying spin as my main form of cardio. This opinion can change at a moment’s notice.

Forgot My Water Bottle:

Clearly, my head is not in its usual place because I FORGOT my water bottle on Saturday, even though I filled it up while getting ready to leave the house.

I felt so LOST without my water bottle! What a weird feeling.

Last Week’s Workouts

Monday – 15 Min Run + 45 Min Barre (2 lb weights + ball)

15 minutes of easy running with inclines mixed in to get me back into running after an unplanned week off.

Tuesday – 45 Min Treadmill Walk + One Hour Pilates Fusion (2 lb weights + sliders)

My treadmill walk was precise enough to include the time for today.

This was my first time taking Pilates Fusion – I would describe it as similar to the other pilates classes I take only it incorporates additional sculpting exercises. It was great!

Also, using sliders makes things extra hard.


Wednesday – 45 Min Spin (Cycle Power)

Thursday – Outdoor Walk (rest day from the gym)

Friday – 3 Mile Run + One Hour Barefoot Sculpt (2 lb weights + ball + small towel)

Saturday – 15 Min Run + 45 Min Spin (Anthem Ride)

Sunday – 45 MIn Precision Walk Elevate + 45 Min Pilates (ring)

Back To Barre (weekly workout recap)

A couple of notes before getting to my workouts from last week:

Just as I said in last week’s post that ideally, I would like to take two barefoot sculpt classes a week, I didn’t take any and instead tried two new-to-me barre classes. Which I LOVED. Two different teachers yet both styles were fairly similar to Pure Barre. I was in my element.

ball, 2 lb weighs, resistance band

The good news for me is that literally every morning every day of the week, I have a class (or two, or three), that I love and can choose from depending upon my mood and schedule.

I realized that I didn’t run very much when writing this recap. Here’s why:

1 – I’m happy to take classes instead of run

2- Work was insane and draining which zaps me of my running mood along with being in the city and sleeping a little less.

3- I had PMS which left me feeling hot/cold/hot/cold without actually being hot or cold plus nauseous but not nauseous. This situation also made me forget that I would normally want to run.

Last Week’s Workouts

It’s worth mentioning that I do walk on the treadmill often before/after classes in the morning. I don’t include those walks in the list below because I don’t track them. They are pretty informal.

Monday – 20 Min Run + Barre

I LOVED this barre class. We used a ball, 2-lb weights, and a resistance band.

Tuesday – 45 Min Treadmill

This turned into a ranging incline walk with some running in the middle — not my typical workout but it’s where I was today.

Wednesday – Off

Thursday – Barre

Another great barre class! 2 lb weights + ball.

Friday – Pilates

This pilates class used the ring, ball, and 2 lb weights.

Saturday – 3 Mile Run + Spin

I love this combo of running first and then jumping into the spin class. 3 miles in 26 minutes basically on the dot without feeling like I was doing more than a warm-up. It was great. Spin was excellent as well.

Sunday – Precision Walk + Pilates

I say this every week lately but the treadmill walking class at Equinox is SO GOOD. Inclines ranged from as low as 3 during rest to 14 — time flies.

Workout Variety + Figuring Out Equinox Routine

So I’m still in the mindset of not wanting to write a weekly workout recap each week but I did join Equinox so I feel like I should give some updates on how that’s going.

I love it.

It’s been so fun and rejuvenating to my workout routine and mornings! I don’t think I even realized how tired of my usual running loop in my neighborhood I actually was until I joined Equinox. While I ran outside once this past week, I WAS SO BORED and sorry I chose to do that instead of going to the gym on that particular day.

I love all of the Equinox classes so far.

I’m still figuring out a routine with them but realize I can figure it out as I go each week and every day. The options are great and have me saying — omg what should I choose for tomorrow?

I’m still squeezing in some runs but they are happening around the classes instead of the classes happening around my runs.

While I’m not tired of running, not at all, I also don’t mind doing other things.

One combo I did find that I loved was running a quick three miles followed by a pilates class. I will try to do that often! It was the perfect balance for me and a great way to start the day.

Here’s a loose look at last week:

  • Monday – Spin
  • Tuesday – Barefoot Sculpt
  • Wednesday – Treadmill Run (3 miles) /Pilates
  • Thursday – Outdoor Run (3 miles)
  • Friday – Pilates
  • Saturday Spin + Barre
  • Sunday – Precision Walk + Pilates

I love the Equinox pilates classes!


I also love the cold eucalyptus towels at Equinox. I take advantage of the towels and use one after each workout.


Barre is still really hard. Granted, I’ve taken it twice, and both times with the same instructor. I have yet to try the other barre classes and from what I’ve heard, the Saturday class is the HARDEST. I’ve been thinking about it since Saturday and don’t think I will take this same barre class next weekend.

Do I even love it? — Of course, I like it, but I don’t know that I love it the way I loved Pure Barre for so many years. I may try a different barre class this week if I get the chance. Otherwise, I prefer barefoot sculpt which is a combo of barre and pilates.

Precision Walk

Yesterday it worked out for me to try the Precision Walk treadmill class where the instructor guides you through about 45 minutes of walking intervals. Yesterday was focused on inclines. It was intense in such a good way. I always say walking is so underrated — walking at steep inclines is especially intense and hard, but just so good for you. The inclines varied from 30 seconds to a minute and ranged all over the place. I hope to do this class again! It was really engaging and a fun way to do something different on the treadmill.


I still haven’t tried the Precision Run class – the times haven’t worked for me yet but I’m hopeful at some point I will make it! I’m really interested in seeing what the running class version on a treadmill is like!

Trying All of the Equinox Classes

Last week was my first full week at Equinox. It really does feel great to be back in the gym atmosphere and I’m loving the whole Equinox experience.

My main excitement over joining Equinox is the access to so many great classes!

Last week at Equinox I tried:

  • Barefoot Sculpt
  • One-on-One Pilates
  • Spin
  • Barre

I also ran on the treadmill twice last week, five miles each run.

A couple of notes:

The private pilates using the reformer was SO GOOD. It was great to have personal attention for an hour and have her show me all of the positions/exercises on the reformer. I don’t know that I’m signing up for the private sessions so quickly but I will keep it in the back of my mind because there’s definitely a benefit to having that kind of attention.

Barre was quite humbling. While I haven’t been doing barre as regularly as I once was, you would think it would be “easy” enough for me to jump back into a class. OMG. It was a challenge! In a good way of course — but wow. The instructor started the class by saying, “this class is hard, do the best you can.” She was not kidding! I knew I was in trouble in the opening planks section. I really wondered what it is I do every day for years to feel that challenged in the class but hey, the challenge is a good thing.

Spin, on the other hand, I was able to jump right into and feel great about it. I can see already that spin classes will replace a run or two a week.


I mentioned Barefoot Sculpt in last week’s post. I LOVED that class but it left me sore for a good three days. Hopefully, when I take it this week, my body remembers what is going on and doesn’t get so sore.

I’m still in the process of trying all of the classes and figuring out my weekly workout routine.

Equinox has a really nice app that gives you the full class schedule and the ability to reserve your spot 24 hours in advance. Obviously, it’s an adjustment for me to even think about a class 24 hours in advance but I will figure it out! It’s fun to look at the week and try to see which class I may take when.

Yesterday’s Beach Run

It was such a gorgeous weekend that I couldn’t miss the opportunity to run on the boardwalk, especially with the summer season winding down.

I kept it short and easy (only three miles) as I didn’t want to overdo this run and set myself up with any chance for fatigue to start the week.


As of now, my plan for this week in terms of Equinox classes is:

Monday – Spin

Tuesday – Barefoot Sculpt

Wednesday – Pilates

I haven’t figured things out beyond that but I certainly will as the week goes on. I’m sure I will add another spin and likely a barre class.

Have a great week!

SoulCycle & Pure Barre Birthday Celebration (workout recap)

Happy Birthday to me!!

My friend Dina is so awesome. She treated me yesterday to a special morning of birthday workouts: my first SoulCycle class directly followed by a Pure Barre class!

The best part – the double workouts were her idea! I still can’t get over that.

Just look at her endorphins on display as we arrived at Pure Barre after sweating through SoulCycle – doesn’t she look like fun?!


Dina isn’t a runner but is always up for some fitness fun. She takes regular pilates and yoga classes and often tags along with me in the summer when I run the Boardwalk. We used to take kickboxing classes together at New York Sports Club when our kids were younger.

The Birthday Workout Plan

Dina signed us both up for SoulCycle at 7:15 am which was a 45 minute spin class. Following SoulCycle, we were to drive to the next shopping center for an 8:30 am Pure Barre class < – Still not the new Pure Barre Platform class, that class isn’t offered much and the few on the schedule are either at off times or booked.

Soul Cycle:

I arrived at 7:00 am to fill out some paperwork since it was my first time at SoulCycle.

soul cycle

All SoulCycle spin bikes require spin shoes that clip to the pedals so I love that they provide you with spin shoes if you don’t have a pair – the shoes were free for me yesterday since it was my first class.  If I go again, they said the shoe rental is three dollars.

A nice SoulCycle person (not the instructor, not sure who she was actually) then set me up on my bike, positioning it to fit me perfectly. She also took my picture before I got my hair up in a ponytail…


Thoughts on my first SoulCycle class:

The 45 minutes flew by! I think the spin classes I used to take at Lifetime were longer.

The energy in the room was amazing for 7:15 am. I loved the music and fast paced nature of the class.

I haven’t taken a spin class in probably two years (I would have to check my posts to see for sure) but it really didn’t matter – I held my own just fine. I was actually surprised at how strong my legs felt.

I loved that the spin bikes have a place behind the bike seat to hold free weights. We used those 1 lb free weights for the arm section towards the end of class.

The room was a bit hot but maybe that is done on purpose to help us sweat? I prefer it cooler.

The spin bikes are not technical. They don’t display your RPM or any of that stuff which I am totally okay with. I never paid much attention to those numbers.

Once class was over, we darted out the door to get down the block to Pure Barre!

Pure Barre:

I love popping into the Pure Barre studio for a class now and then for two reasons:

  1. I like to see if the Pure Barre workouts I do from home are keeping me in Pure Barre shape
  2. I like to learn what new moves are being featured in the studio class

pure barre

Oh my goodness – this Pure Barre class felt KILLER! A part of me thinks it’s great to warm up first with a cardio session like spin or a run before Pure Barre and the other part of me thinks it definitely increases the burn.

While the class flew by fast, Dina and I were exchanging OMG at each other several times throughout the 55 minutes.

The pace of the class felt slightly faster than I recall and is a bit quicker than the pace of the at home workouts, especially during the stretching segments.

I enjoyed the studio atmosphere and slight variations to all of the regular exercises. The warm up is still the most challenging part if you ask me and the planks felt especially grueling!

Spin + Pure Barre VS. Running:

It is worth noting that although I probably spent the same amount of time exercising through both classes yesterday morning as I would have had I run my usually long run, the after effects and feelings were NOT the same.

Even though Pure Barre felt killer, I felt completely fine when we were finished. I was not sore, fatigued or tired. There was no lingering drained feeling at any point during the day as there usually is after a long run. I actually could not get over how fine my legs and feet felt all day! I am so used to that after long run tired, happy, tired, stiff but not sore feeling!

And a quick look at the rest of the week’s workouts:

Monday – Treadmill Run & Pure Barre

Rainy Memorial Day meant treadmill time in the gym: Two sets of 30 minutes on the treadmill (over 6.5 miles but less than 7 miles) following closely to my easy run on the treadmill workout plan. In between the treadmill sets I stepped off for some free weight work for biceps and triceps.

Pure Barre Tone in 10 workout when I got home: Thighs & Seat

Tuesday – 9 Miles

I went with one of Laura‘s workouts that was part of my half marathon training plan and tacked on an extra cool down mile to make it 9 miles for the morning.

2 mile warm up + 8 rounds of 3 minutes 10k effort/2 minutes recovery + 2 mile cool down.

Wednesday – 5 Easy Miles & Pure Barre

Pure Barre Tone in 10 Combo:

  • Arms & Abs
  • Thighs & Abs
  • Back & Cooldown

Thursday – 10 Miles

Running 10 miles during the week may become a trend since the early daylight allows me squeeze in some extra miles.

2 mile warm up + 3 miles @ 10k – half pace + 1 mile easy + 3 miles @ 10k – half pace + 1 mile cool down.


Friday – 30 Min Easy Run & Pure Barre

Saturday – Soul Cycle & Pure Barre

Sunday – Birthday Run

I love to run on my birthday so it really worked out perfectly that I didn’t run long yesterday.

I will be back tomorrow with a full birthday weekend recap including this morning’s birthday run!

Birthday Flashbacks:

June 5, 2015 – I now want a slice of Linda’s Fudge Cake

June 5, 2014 – A really fun birthday survey, my answers are still the same today!

June 5, 2013 – When my birthday and National Running Day fell on the same day

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Are you a spin class fan? SoulCycle or another type of spin class?

Best thing you ate so far this weekend?

Who else is running today?

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