how I get through the bad runs…


I have this issue where I constantly change radio stations. I have always been this way and really can’t help myself.

I remember as a little girl someone once telling me that if I would only leave a bad song on, a really good one was bound to come on next.

While I think they told me this just so I would stop flipping the stations and annoying them, I do think about this theory lately in relation to when I have a bad run.

The bad runs happen, just like bad songs on the radio, but once we get through them, a good run should be up next.

So many blog posts and articles have been written on the topic of bad runs but I don’t think I have totally discuss the topic with you ever in detail.

I had what I would classify as a bad run last week.

I noticed it within the first mile. I knew it was not going to be a great running day which was unfortunate because I had planned on some speedy intervals during my 8-mile run.

bad run tips

1. I did an internal check to make sure nothing hurt and that I felt okay otherwise. If something truly hurts or you know you really don’t feel well because you are sick, you stop. And that’s that.

I felt fine. So I continued.

2. I dropped the speed work plan. I saw right away that speed just wasn’t in the cards so why push it?

3. I told myself that I can run just fine so long as I slow my pace to where I am most comfortable. There was no reason to stop if I felt like continuing but the key was continuing at a pace where I felt the best, even if it was slower than planned.

4. I stopped to adjust my laces. My feet swell, especially in the summer. I couldn’t decide if my shoes were bothering me but it certainly didn’t hurt to stop and see if adjusting my laces would help.

I think it may have relieved some pressure that was forming on the tops of my feet but who really knows.

5. I listened to some of my favorite songs. I reserve my playlists for races and special runs.

This run counted as a special run because I needed some extra motivation. When I save songs and don’t hear them often, it’s always a nice pick me up when I need it the most.

This is the playlist I went with for this run. It’s my favorite and I don’t feel the need to keep changing the song either!

6. I took the pressure completely off. Sometimes pressure that we have on ourselves to hit a certain pace affects how we run. I just kept relaxing my shoulders and telling myself to just run where comfortable, there was no rush, no pace to hit, no interval to run. The only requirement was to enjoy myself.

It’s the no rush thing that sometimes gets to me. When you are running slower, it takes you longer to complete your usual loop which can be frustrating, especially if you have places to be (like work). I do my best to not let the extra minutes get to me but if you are really in a hurry and the minutes are adding up, you may need to cut your run a little shorter. Or just take a much quicker shower afterwards!

7. I reminded myself that I needed a rest day from running. While bad runs do happen to all of us at any time without any real rhyme or reason, I try to pay attention to their timing.

For the most part, I have tons of energy on Tuesdays and Thursdays especially since implementing my workout routine which I shared with you in Tuesday’s post.

Since this bad run hit me on a Thursday, I gave same thought to how I felt the rest of the week prior to this run. I did realize that my pace was a tiny bit slower than normal during those other runs so I decided that I was probably in need of a day off from running which I would take the following day.

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I hope that you have a terrific weekend and of course, a really good run!


Anyone experience a bad run this week? How did you handle it?

Are you a radio station changer like me? Do you get antsy with your running music too?

How often do you stop to adjust your shoelaces?



Three Tip Tuesday – Make It Through The Mile On Treadmill


Ever have a day where it suddenly hits you out of nowhere that you are exhausted? The kind of fatigue where you want to lay down and not move for a week?

After working through the morning yesterday, I broke for lunch and then suddenly, exhaustion set in. No, I did not have turkey or anything with tryptophan to make me sleepy.

I am the worst at giving in to rest and I don’t even know what I was so tired from. Sometimes I think it just sort of catches up with you.

Since I knew I couldn’t focus mentally on writing anymore and since the more I sat, the more tired I became, I decided to run my errands in order to keep moving.

unnamed (3)

I think I end up grocery shopping several times a week because the stores are always missing something I am looking for the first time around.

Anyway, yesterday’s Trader Joe’s haul:

  • Bananas
  • Apples
  • Pineapple
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Sweet potato tots
  • Very Cherry Blend
  • Blueberries
  • Farfalle with Spinach/Cheese – my son loves this pasta; at least he is obsessed with something containing spinach
  • Organic American Cheese
  • Whole Grain English Muffins

I bought the pineapple since I polished off the cantaloupe and felt like we needed more fresh fruit on hand.

And, well, the extra dose of bromelain can’t hurt anyone, especially anyone looking to run on the treadmill. If you recall, pineapple contains bromelain which is an anti-inflammatory terrific for muscle recovery.

The emails are flowing in this week and I love it. I love interacting with you guys and I love even more when you have questions for me to answer.

In addition to the oatmeal inquiries, I have been getting a lot of questions asking for more specifics on adjusting to running on the treadmill.

I know I have touched upon a couple of the coping mechanisms but I have a few more for you this morning.


1. Shoes

I cannot say enough about the importance of the right running shoes. I am IN LOVE with the Adidas Energy Boosts.


Full on, cloud nine, head over heels, sprinkles sunshine and unicorns perfect world, happily ever after love.

I do believe that these sneakers play a major role in my newfound treadmill ability. They are lighter than my past sneakers which I think helps to keep my feet and legs easily moving along.

I no longer get that heavy leg, heavy foot feeling that I recall from running on the treadmill in the past that I swear would not only slow me down, but make me want to hop off.

When was the last time you had your foot measured and evaluated to be fit for running shoes? Are you familiar with the terms Neutral, Neutral Plus, Stability, Motion Control etc.?


I bet you a cookie cake (edged in chocolate frosting) that most of us are running around in the wrong shoe.

Just like they say about bras, one needs to be measured and evaluated in order to narrow down the selection to the styles best made for your feet.

Even if you think your running shoes are good, there may be a shoe out there that is great.

Click here for an informative link from Runner’s World that helps you narrow down the right shoe for you. I do advise though that the best way to be fit for shoes is to pop into your local running store. And hope that the employees know what they are doing, which I do believe most of them do.


Running inside doesn’t allow for me to zone out as well or as often as I do outside. And, to make matters worse, you have your time plastered in your face on the display.

However, I stopped focusing on the time clock and only look at the distance display.

Once you learn to focus on the distance, you can make it go very fast. BY SPEEDING YOURSELF UP.

The faster you run, the faster you are done.

But how do you adjust to running faster, especially on the treadmill?

treadmill workout

If you like these infographics, then please give mine a try.

There are so many fun and informative charts out there on the internet yet I have never used one as a guide.

How does one use it? Do you read it and memorize it or do you print it out and attach it to the treadmill or do you load it on your phone and hold it in front of you?

I am being serious here. Can you really follow the 20 steps listed in the graphic or do you just use it as a guide and hope you remember it all once you are running?

This graphic is a loose description of how I tackle each mile on the treadmill.

When I refer to “HOME PACE” I mean the pace at which you can run comfortably.

Then, kick it on up. But only for a short time. By playing around with your speed, you are constantly engaged, constantly going faster and then slower that you build up your ability, stamina and most importantly – accomplish your workout faster.


By this I mean, stop trying so hard. Stop beating yourself up if you can’t run 5 miles inside like you can outside. Don’t hold tight to following my “Make it through the mile” or anyone elses’ chart or plan.

Give yourself a break. Literally. If you need to slow down, walk or even stop, allow yourself.

PLENTY of times I run one mile and then stop to stretch, go to the bathroom or even jump on the elliptical instead to warm up my legs a bit before getting back to running.

And sometimes, I don’t get back on the treadmill. Sometimes my legs want no part of the treadmill and that is OK.

I find that taking the pressure off, makes you feel a bit more free. And when you feel free, you are more likely to do something.

This little concept applies in all areas of life. Don’t you want to do something more when you feel like it rather than feel the pressure to feel like it?

Just that feeling of “forced” makes whatever you are doing not so fun, not so welcome and not enjoyable.

It’s the whole push-pull theory. The more you feel pushed, the more you may want to pull away.

At any time on the treadmill, know that you can stop. There is even a big red button staring at you, just waiting for you to push yourself to a halt.

You don’t HAVE to run 1 mile or 2 miles or 10. It’s up to you. You are in control.

Have I motivated you to get on the treadmill this morning? Good. Now I all I need to do is reread this post and motivate myself.


Which sneakers are you currently running in?

How often do you accidentally bump into the stop button on the treadmill and almost fly off? Yeah, it happens to me more than I care to admit.

Quick – Tater tots or French fries?





Three Tip Tuesday – Mind Games While Running Plus Favorite Songs


Three Tip Tuesdays can be overwhelming for me. It’s never about coming up with the ideas because I always have something to say.

My problem becomes having the time to not only develop the ideas into words for posts but choosing the topics I feel passionate about at the moment.

I know I have said this before but I rarely plan posts in advance. I like to feel and be real each morning and I just can’t pre-write real.

I can have an idea and work on developing it ahead of time but sometimes I wake up and want to talk about something totally different.

Anyway, I knew exactly what I wanted to talk about today. But the whole off from school thing that went on yesterday combined with taking the boys to the Islanders game didn’t give me much time to develop today’s post to the point where I could fully finish it up now and like it enough to hit “publish” this morning.

unnamed (34)

But at least the Islanders won, right? They are playing pretty well these days.

Instead of getting upset and instead of choosing to not post at all today, it suddenly dawned on me that I did have something else I felt like discussing with you today and my other post can wait until tomorrow.

Although I don’t want to think about tomorrow just yet – we have a snowstorm looming for later today into tomorrow meaning cabin fever (and no school) on the horizon.

I am glad I was able to squeeze in a six mile run outdoors yesterday morning because it is sounding like I won’t be seeing another outdoor run for a while.

If I want to be totally honest here, I think the switching between indoor and outdoor running is taking a toll on me. Theoretically I despise the treadmill  but running outside in the winter air, like I did yesterday, is becoming tiring and tough in a whole other way.

I felt great yesterday but found myself a bit taken by the cold air. It is hard on the lungs and tires me out much faster.

And sometimes as good as you feel, you suddenly bail out mentally or realize you are fatigued and wonder if you are going to make it.

I know that saying I squeezed in six miles makes those six seem like nothing for me to run but every run is something.

Even the “easy” runs require you to show up with some effort.

While I struggled a bit mentally yesterday, I realized there are a few things I involuntarily have come to do that help my mind and body to work together in order to not give up:



Sounds counter-intuitive doesn’t it? Just when I want to slow down, just when it’s all starting to get to me, rather than slow down, I quickly make the decision to speed up.

I find that the slower I go, the harder it is to pick up the pace again.

Instead, a quick little burst of speed not only accomplishes the miles in a faster fashion, speed work helps your legs, muscles and mind adapt to running faster.

And, once you adapt to running a bit faster, the next time you speed up your legs tell your brain they remember the pace and can handle it without as much effort on your part.

2. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING FOR ONE MINUTE – I have mentioned this little phrase before.

My spin instructor used to shout this phrase to get us through the speed intervals on the bike and I absolutely shout this phrase to myself whenever my mind starts taking over and/or when I am trying to keep up with my pace.


Yes, I know the time feels like it doesn’t move on the treadmill – that’s why I focus on distance on that blasted machine instead.

A minute can totally feel like eternity but when you really think about it or even convert it to only 60 seconds, it isn’t so bad.

You really can do anything for one minute, so why not try? Often times, once I pick up that pace, I am able to continue it well beyond a minute.

Maybe set your sights on a landmark, a target in the near (or far) distance and make it your goal.

unnamed (46)

I realize I have used my running path picture twice already this week but I have a point here, trust me.

See the lamp post on the right? My path is lined with them and I use them not for light but as my markers for speeding up and slowing down.  I sometimes tell myself to speed up the length of one lamp post, sometimes two, three…you get the idea.

Just setting a goal in your head while you are running will keep you focused and distracted enough that you are tricked into being motivated to continue.

It’s all about playing head games with yourself, telling yourself whatever you have to in order to make things seem easier, quicker and not so bad.

When I am out for a long run, if I start to get tired as I realize I have let’s say three miles left, I convert those remaining three miles to minutes and say,  “Hey, you only have about 25 minutes left to run – you can do that!”

25 minutes may sound like a lot to you but when you have been running for well over an hour, hearing less than 30 minutes left to run sounds more pleasant than a number of miles. Make sense?


I love to drift off into my own thoughts but sometimes I don’t want to think. Sometimes the mental part takes a toll on my run and slows me down. Sometimes my brain doesn’t want to keep running or it starts doing a terrible thing like calculating how many miles are left and I want no part of such negativity.

I always have the volume up but I save a few decibels for those times when I need to kick it into high gear.

Turning up the volume on the music helps to drown out your own head and pump you up to get back into the running groove.

My tune of choice these days?


Gotta love Brittany.

I bet you one dozen chocolate chip cookies this song will empower you. Put it on repeat if you have to. It is a guaranteed pick-me-up and speed-inspiring tune.

And since I am feeling all Three Tip Tuesday-ish today, here are my top three favorite running songs at the moment in addition to Work B*tch:

1. Hush Hush by Pussy Cat Dolls


2. Titanium by David Guetta


3. Gives You Hell by All American Rejects

th (2)

Some times I pay attention to the words and sometimes it is about the beat. These songs right here are totally about both.

Now all I need are some mental tips and tricks for dealing with a relentless winter and the cabin fever associated with being trapped home with a 10-year-old.

I guess I can always put him to work with the shovel and pay him with the cookies I may bake.

Snowstorms mean baking, right?



How do you handle mentally tough workouts?

Favorite workout songs?

When on the treadmill, do you watch television? I never do, I need music!




Speed Work on the Treadmill and Helpful NYCM Apps

Hello and happy weekend…I just finished my long run not too many minutes ago but that’s not what I am here to talk to you about today.

We need to discuss yesterday morning’s speedy 5 mile TREADMILL RUN.

That’s right friends. I opted for the treadmill yesterday morning for the first time since, oh, I don’t know, March?


I hate the treadmill. Or so I thought.

I really felt like going for a good run outside but it was quite windy and drizzly so I decided it was the perfect time to make peace with the treadmill – just in case it is a bad winter and I am forced inside more often than I would like.


I ran 5 fabulous miles with a majority of my time spent well below an 8:00/min mile pace. I think I hovered somewhere between 7:18 -7:45 min/miles.

I haven’t seen my pace there in a while and to say I felt great is an understatement. It was one of those runs where you easily could have kept going but I chose to stop knowing that my long run was on the schedule for today.

I have decided it is time, rain or shine, to do at least one run a week on the treadmill to keep my pace in check. Perhaps my speed work runs will be saved for the treadmill? We shall see.

Now, before I leave you for the day so that I can go about my business and head off to Red Mango for my Saturday parfait, my friends over at Verizon Wireless came up with a super list of apps for this weekend’s New York City Marathon.

If you are a runner or a spectator, be sure to download these apps to your 4G LTE Smartphone.


  •  ING NYC Marathon app – allows fans to track up to 10 runners along with their mile splits, while also keeping up to date on the latest marathon news with their official twitter feed.
  • ING’s Marathon Neighborhoods page and spectator’s point of interest map to check out the best locations to snap those memorable picks using that 4G LTE smartphone camera.
  • MTA Trip Planner and Hopstop are handy for figuring out the easiest ways to get around the busy streets of the Big Apple. While traveling from spot to spot, use apps like MyCityMyWay to check out some of the local sights and Open Table to build up that energy at one of NYC’s delicious food establishments.

Thanks Verizon Wireless!

Enjoy your weekend and good luck if you are running tomorrow!

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