Friday Favorites – January 2017


I have a few favorites to share this week! Happy Friday!Friday Favorites

My Henri Bendel Mug:

Hanukkah brought me the All That Glitters mug from Henri Bendel that I mentioned a while back and I just love it.

It makes me happy to look at this pretty mug as I drink my coffee especially when I am drinking my coffee on the couch in my favorite sweatshirt and sweatpants too.

Coffee + Sweatshirt + Sweatpants = nothing more comfortable than this.

all that glitters mug


I have become a regular at Stew Leonard’s, some days walking in just for the bagels. Lately I do grab a few cinnamon raisin bagels but the French Toast bagels really do have my heart.

french toast bagels

Favorite Quote:

I pinned this quote back in 2013 but came across it just the other day and loved it all over again.


Favorite Songs:

This Love by Taylor Swift < – I listen to this song over and over, and then over again.

Million Reasons by Lady Gaga < – We all just need that one reason, right?

Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur < – Always stuck in my head!

Favorite Links:

I want to make these chocolate ganache chocolate cookies.

12 Things You Don’t Owe Anyone < – Yes to #11. JUST YES.

The Best 3-day Weekend Getaways < – I was just saying yesterday to Heather that I am in desperate need of an escape weekend to Florida!

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3 things you are planning to do this weekend?

Do you have a favorite weekend getaway?


8 Random Thoughts



  1. The after hours texts from my son are still going strong. Here’s a good one, from Sunday night:


I need to talk to him about firing off multiple texts at once. My phone is not always on vibrate so hearing the text sound over and over AND OVER can seriously produce anxiety in even the calmest of people, myself included. In fact, I read a study on this and it’s a known fact.

One text is sufficient < – My sanity thanks you.

2. I don’t know why he would want to go to school late anyway since we have our favorite 7:45 am morning routine of listening to  “Blown Off” on 95.5 PLJ on the way to school. Even though there is a bus he could easily take to school, somehow I have been driving him and I think part of the reason is because we both enjoy these crazy dating stories and hearing the people on the phone rattling off why they chose not to go out with the person in question (who is listening on the other line!) again.

3. Why can’t I get obsessed with Adele’s new song? Everyone else is, I keep trying, but it’s just not speaking to me.

4. That other new song, Here by Alessia Cara — This song IS MINE.

I will even say that when I first heard this song a month or so ago while driving, it spoke to me in that moment (..I asked myself what am I doing here, oh oh here, oh oh here…) and it made me realize that where I was, was NOT where I wanted to be.

Ah, the power of music.

5. And how about the power of smells? Random scents remind me of things.

Like the other day in Fairway when I popped in so innocently for a few groceries? I was in the store for not even 30 seconds when the smell of the prepared foods for whatever reason totally reminded me of when I used to do all of my food shopping at Fairway on Sunday afternoons with my son in the shopping cart back when he was little and I was still married.

The memory was so strong that I almost had to leave the store. Yeah. Divorce can come back and hit you sometimes out of nowhere even when you are minding your own business just trying to price out some almond flour.

6.The scent of blueberry waffles on the other hand, always reminds me of my son as a toddler and that makes me smile.  I have been making (okay fine, heating up) Trader Joe’s blueberry waffles for his breakfast all week and each morning the smell suddenly makes me feel like its 2004 and my little boy was going to be sitting in his high chair.

blueberry waffles

Blueberry waffles were his favorite back then so whenever I smell them, I immediately think of him feeding himself the little pieces of waffle that I broke up on the tray (no plate, he would throw it) while watching Sesame Street with a spoon in his other hand for applesauce.

7. I read this awesome post the other day from NYC Running Mama regarding nutrition and fueling for marathons. I appreciated her honesty and what I consider expert opinion regarding what worked for her and what didn’t, especially the part about glycogen depleted training.

8. How are we all doing with the time change? I want to blame the clocks for my falling asleep at 6:45 pm the other night with my glasses still on my face and the lights not even off but you know, maybe I was just tired and needed some extra rest.

Don’t forget to check out what everyone else is thinking about today 🙂

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Do you keep your phone on vibrate? Do multiple texts in a row drive you insane?

Do certain smells trigger certain memories for you?

Have you been falling asleep/waking up earlier this week?



Running Playlist – Top 10 Favorites



Boys are low maintenance.


All they really need is a ball to bounce around (thank goodness we have an indoor court in our gym) and good food.


The kids asked me to make s’mores again so of course I did.


As for me, I am just so happy to feel normal again this week.

It’s funny — sometimes we don’t even realize how unnormal we feel (unnormal should be a word!) until we feel like ourselves again, especially our runningselves (did I just make up another word?)

I am back to running and battling that treadmill, breaking my sweat without feeling hormone sick, stretching into silly sweaty selfies and listening to my favorite songs each morning.


During most of my runs, I usually flip between a bunch of Pandora radio stations.

I try really hard to preserve my running playlist to keep the songs fresh and fun but lately I find it motivates me big time if I switch over to my guaranteed favorite songs, especially when I am stuck running on the treadmill.

As I have come to learn, most of my favorite running songs can’t get old on me. There is just something about this select group of songs that gives me energy and makes me happy to sing along.

I put together my top 10 favorites songs from my running playlist just in case you were looking for some running motivation and want to update your own music library.

I promise that listening to these songs will inspire you to move faster and finish the miles you set out to complete, even if you are stuck on the treadmill!

running playlist

You know you still love Debbie Gibson too….

Ohhhhh only in my dreammmmmsssss, as real as it may seeeeeeeeem, it was only in myyyyyyy dreammmmmmsssssss….

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Do you have any of these songs on your playlist?

Who did you like better – Tiffany or Debbie Gibson?

Is there one song that always motivates you when running? Which is it, I want it!


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