Self-Care Stuff, Best Chocolate Chip Cookies In NY, Isles Coming Back! (TOL)


Just a quick Thinking Out Loud post for today!

thinking out loud

I finally got a pedicure the other day. I say finally because I am usually so good about going every few weeks but this month, actually more than a month, got away from me.


Pedicures are important beyond the pretty polish colors, especially as a runner. You need your nails and cuticles taken care of so they don’t start to hurt and irritate you in your running shoes. You also need your calluses tended to on a regular basis. While we need some toughness to our skin on our feet, too much build up isn’t good either.

I always marvel at how cheap manicures and pedicures are in New York. In fact, I walked into a nail salon in Boston last week for a quick manicure and walked right out when I saw the price. Twenty dollars for a basic manicure would never fly in a majority of the nail salons in NY. I just hope the nail salons I frequent never catch wind of the concept of raising prices. I swear I pay the same price (or even less sometimes!) as I have my entire life which is spanning now almost 40 years.

In other self-care news, I’ve been really good at exfoliating lately. I use this Dior Hydra Life Fresh Jelly Mask (an Allure magazine Best of Beauty award winner) once a week. Somehow I’ve designated Monday night as the night that I apply it. Obviously it’s not a big deal and only takes three minutes but if I don’t stop to say hey, this is what I do on Monday nights when I wash my face, I probably won’t remember to do it.

So this is work-related but involves cookies which means we can discuss it here on the blog. I had the pleasure of writing up an event spotlight recently which   featured the NYC Charity Chocolate Chip Cookie Off! Basically, all of these amazing cookie companies (33 cookie vendors including Levain Bakery!) donated their cookies for this fundraising event and then the attendees got to taste test and vote for the best chocolate chip cookies. It was a great cause and also interesting to see which cookies were voted as best chocolate chip cookies in New York!

chocolate chip cookie off

And I don’t know that anyone else cares but I care so I will tell you anyway. The Islanders were approved to build their own new arena NOT IN BROOKLYN. They will be back in Nassau County and I won’t have to go to Brooklyn or take a train to the games anymore so my life is really happy again.

islanders leaving Brooklyn

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Have you tried Levain Bakery? What do you think of their cookies?

Are you good about pedicures and taking care of your feet? 

Anyone going away next week? Where are you going?


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