Pre-Race Food and Ready For Today’s LI Half Marathon


By now you would think that I had a clue what I am wearing this morning for the LI half marathon since I need to leave pretty soon but I just haven’t decided yet.

This is sort of like when I used to struggle with choosing between five pairs of jeans to wear (when I actually wore jeans instead of leggings every day which I just cannot relate to at the moment).

Lulu skirt or pants, which tank top…hmm. Not a clue yet.

I did get this fun infinity scarf at the Gap yesterday though.

unnamed (299)

And a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee. I think it just might be iced coffee season again.

I am a bit obsessed with this scarf. I love the colors and I love the soft t-shirt material. Maybe I can wear it to the race?!

I can’t seem to find new clothes to update my spring wardrobe so this scarf is the perfect item to brighten up what I already have and trick me into thinking I am wearing different clothes.

My only issue with wearing a scarf into the spring is that it may signify old age. You know, you wear the scarf not just because it is pretty but because you are admitting to yourself that it helps to protect you from the inner chill you experience like a little old lady.

Anyway, I ran three easy miles yesterday morning which required a lot of will power on my part to NOT keep going. I don’t know how to run only three miles at a time anymore, especially on a Saturday morning.

I have been eating my usuals with just some extra carbs over the last few days to ensure the glycogen stores are packed to the brim.

Both dinner and dessert last night involved sweet potatoes.

unnamed (302)

I told you the other day I would be topping a pizza crust with sweet potatoes and really, we need to devote an entire post to my new favorite sweet snack – sweet potato dessert wedges. For now, here’s the pin that inspired my version.

Before I go eat some oatmeal and figure out what the heck I am wearing today, a very happy birthday is in order for one of my most favorite food partners.


Cute card, don’t you think? I always loved scratch and sniff stickers. The chocolate stickers never smelled like chocolate but remember the pickle? The pickle was the best.

Ok, I really need to go get ready. Have a great Sunday! Follow me on Instagram for the latest from the LI Half Marathon!


Anyone else running with me this morning?

Favorite scratch and sniff sticker?

Best thing you ate yesterday?


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