New Clothes, Salads & Baked By Melissa (week in review)


What a difference a week makes!

Although there are still some minor Bar Mitzvah details lingering around (like waiting for the pictures from the photographer and coordinating the service video from one videographer to be edited into the party video from the other videographer) I definitely felt more like more like myself over the last several days than I have in a long time.

Even under PMS conditions at the moment, my mind isn’t clouded and busy with planning a huge party which means I can focus more on running rather than feel burdened by everything going on in my life.

Please remember I was planning a Bar Mitzvah as a DIVORCED Mitzvah mom. Planning is tough enough when you are married but being divorced brings the process and the actual Bar Mitzvah weekend to a whole other level. I made it through and could not be happier and more relieved to now be on the other side.

You know I was not in my usual place mentally when I allowed myself to put off purchasing a much-needed pair of running shoes for at least a month, if not longer. In yesterday’s workout recap post, I mentioned that I finally bought a new pair of Saucony Ride’s for my easy runs and recovery runs.

I am definitely excited to wear my new running shoes this morning when I head out for my easy run! They are really comfortable. Even though I have only run in them once so far, I can’t feel any distinct difference between these Saucony Ride 8’s and my previous pair of Saucony Ride 7’s.

Saucony Ride

In other news from the week:

Friday became an unplanned day off from school for my son. It started out all fine and normal for a Friday until he texted me minutes after I dropped him off at school saying there was problem with the school’s electricity.

I waited a little bit to hear the full situation which involved the school busing the kids over to the high school until the power was restored at the middle school. It was only a matter of time before I decided to give up on having a normal Friday and pick him up for the day.

While I beat most of the crowd of parents who were waiting to hear if the school would reopen (it didn’t) I still waited amongst a large amount of people.

Why couldn’t the power go out when I went to school? I never got a day off for things like this.


The kid got lucky. With the unplanned day off, we went out for salads at Chopt for lunch.


In my salad:

  • Romaine & spinach mix
  • Quinoa
  • Avocado
  • Roasted red peppers
  • Hearts of palm
  • Roasted beets
  • Tomatoes
  • Charred onions

I always get the lemon tahini on the side with the piece of bread that they serve in the brown paper bag. While I still don’t think Chopt is worth their hefty price, I do enjoy the salads that I order so I am trying to ignore the financial aspect as much as I can.

I also enjoyed my favorite salad from The Cheesecake Factory this weekend.

cheesecake factory salad

I found a few cute things (all on sale!) as part of my never-ending missing for new clothes:

These Long Sleeve Modal Crews from Banana Republic. The link is showing the long sleeve top in a powder blue but I bought the white, pale pink and black. I have already worn each shirt which signifies that they are totally worth buying.

I also bought this Banana Republic Quilted Navy Vest. I really like the fit and color BUT then I also bought this Ivory Quilted Vest at J Crew because I wanted a vest that would coordinate when I wear black. I cannot wear black with navy, HUGE pet peeve.

My favorite store lately is Henri Bendel and they brought my love up a notch by offering Baked By Melissa cupcakes for free while you shopped this weekend. I tried the chocolate cupcake which upon first glance I thought would be a peanut butter cup flavor but I think it was actually Kit Kat.

baked by melissa

One of the best things I did this weekend was get back into bed after Saturday’s long run. This used to be a crucial part of my long run routine yet I can’t remember the last Saturday when I had the chance to relax like this.

coffee in bed

It was wonderful! Although, I had to force myself to get up because resting for too long after a long run can make my legs a bit stiff. 🙂


We are getting through the thank you cards < – It’s a draining but necessary part of the after party process.

Pizza and salad for dinner Saturday night at La Piazza< – this is becoming a weekend trend.

Cold Stone is still out of cookie dough <- I think it’s time to write a letter to corporate.

Cleaned out the hall closet and donated about ten winter coats that we no longer wear!

Weekly manicure < – Another week, another shade of Essie light pink. I am boring.

I almost forgot that today is Halloween.

Last year on Halloween I got to hang with my son a little bit since we went to the Islanders game during the day.

The truth is, my son no longer finds it cool to trick or treat with me, so all Halloween means for me this year is that I have to be on call to pick him up from his friend’s house.

Oh, and then after I answer the door a few times, I will leave the bucket of candy outside so I don’t have to be deal with the ringing doorbell. Did you know I hate when my doorbell rings?

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Which candy will you be looking for later today?

Best thing you ate over the weekend?

Have you tried Baked By Melissa Cupcakes before? Which kind is your favorite?


running shoe rotation plus workout recap

My running shoe rotation fell off course this week which sounds totally weird if you don’t run but since most of you reading are runners like me, you will probably appreciate the conversation we are about to have.

I have a system to my running shoe rotation and I rarely deviate:

Adidas Energy Boosts = Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays (speed runs/long runs PLUS races)

Saucony Rides = Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays (easy runs/recovery runs/not looking to accomplish much runs)

I ran a race on Monday so I wore my Energy Boosts because those are my race running shoes.

Then Tuesday morning, I wore my Boosts again even though I never wear them two days in a row. I was attempting to just get back on a normal running shoe schedule!

Come Wednesday morning, I forgot that it was Wednesday because Monday off made Tuesday feel like Monday so I thought it was Tuesday which means I put my Boosts on again not realizing until I was already running.

By Thursday I wore my Boosts AGAIN because it was Thursday and I wear my Boosts on Thursdays. Then came Friday when I normally wear my Saucony Rides but I decided to run a little longer instead of running long on Saturday which meant I needed my Boosts so I wore my Boosts AGAIN.

Are you still following me? Is this too much thinking for a Sunday?

I can’t complain about my workouts though. I ran a great race in the heat and the rest of my miles were decent considering we had a heat wave going on for most of the week!

workout recap

Monday – Yoga & July 4th Race

2 Mile warm up  + 4 miles in the Independence Day Race. Recap here if you missed it!

race outfit

Tuesday – 7 Miles & Pure Barre

I ran fairly easy for today’s run even though I felt fine from the race. It had just stopped raining when I got outside so it was very humid but not sunny.

I can do humid without sun and I can do sun without humidity. It’s when I have to deal with hot sun plus humidity that I tend to struggle.


After my run, Pure Barre Tone in 10: Arms & Abs.

Wednesday  – 4 Miles & Pure Barre

There was an air quality warning and heat advisory in effect for today so I headed outside even earlier than usual to avoid the hot sun. It was humid but not unbearable.


Pure Barre Mile High DVD #1 after my run. Love this series of Pure Barre DVD’s! 35 minutes in length, just perfect.

Thursday – 7 Miles & Pure Barre

MapMyRun was definitely off by a tenth of a mile per mile so I am skipping the splits for today as they were not even close to accurate.

2 mile warm up + 3 miles at half marathon effort + 2 miles easy

Pure Barre Tone in 10: Seat & Abs

Friday – 10 Miles

I chose to run long today instead of my usual long run day of Saturday just so I could enjoy my dinner/dessert in the evening without thinking of how it may affect my run in the morning. The warm weather makes me a little more sensitive to my meals so I try to be careful in the summer.

Hot and humid is the trend this week. Brutal out there even early in the morning.


See this yellow tape? They are doing construction in my community so one little section of my running path was closed off. I tried really hard to make a mental note of this the first time I saw the yellow tape but I totally forgot and almost ran right through it like it was a finish line on several occasions.

running path

Saturday – Untimed Run

Friday night’s rain broke the humidity so when I woke up to clouds and cooler air, I just had to go for a run. I don’t really know how long I was out there exactly, maybe an hour? Maybe more? All I know for sure is that I wore my Sauconys which never happens on a Saturday!

Sunday – Rest Day

I think I told you that my one-year streaming access to the Pure Barre Pure Results workout expired recently. I want to check out the Pure Barre website to select a new steaming workout to replace it — I will look this morning!

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Do you rotate your running shoes on a strict schedule?

Best thing you ate so far this weekend?

Has it been crazy hot where you live?

TOL – Hershey Park, Running Shoes & Chocolate Banana Pudding

thinking out loud

This week has been weird because my son has been sick for most of it. It started out as I don’t feel well which I took as I don’t feel like going to school which then turned into he wasn’t kidding and he’s real sick. The positive side to this is that he hasn’t been eating the grapes he normally brings to school so I got to polish them off without feeling guilty for eating the kid’s snack.

Another positive this week? The money I saved on not having to pay the New York City marathon entry fee has now been spent on the quick trip I just planned to Hershey Park for this summer, right before my son leaves for sleep away camp.

When I called to make the hotel reservation (because I am old school and prefer to make reservations sometimes via telephone), they already had me in the system from the last time I was there which was back in 2012 for my very first half marathon.

hershey half

A little blurry but you get the idea – this was taken before the race started!

I ran the Hershey Park half marathon before I started writing this blog so I don’t have a formal recap but I remember it like it was yesterday. If you ever have the chance to run the Hershey Park Half Marathon, I absolutely recommend that you do so! I know it was my first half so it was extra special but hello – running through a chocolate themed amusement park?

A chocolate aid station at mile 12 where they throw you candy during the race? An awesome medal with a terrific goodie bag containing a giant chocolate chip cookie? Free entry into the park?

Do it.

I can’t do it this year because it’s the same weekend in October as my son’s Bar Mitzvah but hopefully I can get to Hershey Park for the half marathon next year.

So rumor has it Magnolia Bakery came out with a chocolate version of their banana pudding.

My son loves their original banana pudding as seen below. We haven’t stopped into Magnolia Bakery in several months (click here for our last visit) so we have to make it a point to try the chocolate version as soon as possible.

banana pudding

I say as soon as possible just like I said I need to get to the lululemon outlet as soon as possible yet I still haven’t gone. Something tells me that the drive for chocolate banana pudding will happen before the drive for outlet pricing. Hey, we all have our priorities.

I have had two easy runs wearing my new pair of Saucony Ride 7’s this week and I really like them. Actually, no, it’s more like I LOVE THEM!

saucony ride

I think that one of the less often spoken about benefits of rotating your running shoes is realizing that there really is another pair out there that you can learn to love just as much as your main pair. Sometimes we get so caught up in thinking only one running shoe is right for us that the thought of wearing another seems impossible. We can find alternate shoes that we can love and these Saucony’s prove it.

I am trying not to think about turning the clocks ahead this weekend. It’s not so much about losing an hour of sleep but the whole darker again in the morning thing that is bothering me. I know it won’t be for long, I know that soon enough it will be light by 6:00 am but still, I don’t want to go back to running indoors. I am enjoying my early morning outdoor runs again way too much to go back indoors during the week!

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Don’t forget to check out what everyone else is thinking about today 🙂

Where was your first half marathon or first ever race?

Are you planning any trips for this summer?

What was for dinner last night?

Back From Florida!


Good morning!

I missed chatting with you yesterday but my flight home from Florida didn’t get in until after midnight Sunday night so I allowed myself to sleep a few extra minutes in the morning before getting my son ready and off to school.

As much as I love coming home to my bed, my routine and my peanut butter, the quick weekend away in Florida for the Bar Mitzvah and to see my best friends was awesome.


I love a photo booth, don’t you?

I cannot wait to see the pictures from the photographer because every time I turned around at the party, he was snapping my photo.

I am sure he does a better job than I do, that’s for sure.

danielle and me

We tried to do the selfie thing and we are not good at it. At all. I think we are too old to master the concept.

I love the back of the dress I wore to the party.

back of dress

It’s hard to tell from the picture but the skirt of the dress is all rosettes. It’s such an adorable dress, reminds me of something Carrie Bradshaw would have worn.

I was asked about the dress I wore to the Bar Mitzvah services…

bar mitzvah services dress

It’s made by Juicy Couture from a couple of seasons ago. I don’t believe they still sell it, however, Juicy usually comes out with new styles which are similar to previous cuts and designs.

Anyway, I squeezed in one short run while I was away (5.60 miles) early Sunday morning under the palm trees in my friend’s community.

I hadn’t a clue where I was going but I followed a main path and took her address with me to enter into google maps just in case I got lost.

running in florida

I found my way back to her house but along the way I encountered some interesting wild life on my run which made me think that even though I love Florida, the cost of living, the nonexistent winters and my friends, I need to stay in New York.

The humidity didn’t even bother me as much as hearing and seeing the birds that thankfully were not peacocks because I have a fear of peacocks and may have lost it if I encountered one.

I tried to take pictures of the wildlife while I was running but I can barely take a picture when I am not moving so none of them came out. Instead, I googled and found you what I believe to be what I saw.


I will take the people on my running path saying hello to me any day over these birds squawking at me.

The good news is that my feet were pretty comfortable during my run considering I wasn’t in my normal running shoes.

saucony kinvara

Picture from the plane – the Lulu bag contained all of my snacks which thankfully made it through security without a fight.

My weekend wasn’t focused on exercise so I went with the Saucony sneakers just because they were cuter. I knew that whatever miles I was able to squeeze in wouldn’t be much so wearing them for one run wouldn’t be a problem.

Oh wait, I read some good stuff on the plane!

womens health

I love magazines but hate paying for them so I save my guilty pleasure for traveling. I splurged on a couple of Women’s Health and one Us Weekly.

Women’s Health was packed with valuable information, so much so that I made a list on the plane of some new post ideas for the coming weeks.

In the meantime since my brain isn’t fully back to writing mode, I jotted down a few of the things I read worth mentioning quick this morning:

I just love when my favorite hairbrush in the world receives a shout out:

mason pearson

I have been using Mason Pearson since I am little girl and never ever travel without it.

mason pearson

It may be pricey but it is so worth it. My current Mason Pearson was purchased in 1999 if that is any indication on its durability.

mason pearson

Want another hair tip? Use paper towels to scrunch about 50% of the moisture out of your hair before blow drying.

It seems paper towels remove more of the moisture than a regular cotton towel. Using a cotton towel can actually cause frizziness and breakage because of the rubbing back and forth.

You can read more tips from the article here.

I will be back tomorrow to discuss what I ate in Florida. OMG the chocolate cake…

Have a great day!


Do you have a favorite hairbrush or beauty product you can’t live without?

What’s on your workout schedule for today?

Best thing you ate over the weekend since I missed asking yesterday?



How About A Giveaway Today?


It was beautiful out yesterday.


Everything about my run was terrific and the weather was just an added bonus.

I did my best to focus on running rather than allow my mind to wander and it worked out rather nicely for me. I was able to achieve negative splits as well as the quick paces I was looking for leaving me happy and high on endorphins for the rest of the day.

Since I was on an endorphin high into the afternoon and because it was still beautiful out, I offered to have a catch outside with my son.

He told me it isn’t cool to have a catch outside with your mother and turned me down.

I don’t understand. Aren’t I cool? I mean, he isn’t even aware of all of the haters I have in our community based upon my interactions lately on the running path so why would he be embarrassed by me?

It isn’t my fault that the dog walkers in my community choose to walk their dogs without a leash while I am running. In fact, it is against community policy and if they want to ignore the letters regarding said policy, it is my job to remind them bright and early while they are still in pajamas.

Anyway, since you know me so well by now, would you mind talking to my crazy side for a minute?

Adidas Energy Boost

I know these are the exact same sneakers. I realize I bought the new pair because I felt the old pair had seen their last run.

But. Lately I feel as though I like the old pair better. Originally I was alternating the two pairs to break the new pair in slowly.

Something with the new pair isn’t right. They are terrific, don’t get me wrong although I keep going back to the old pair instead.

Please don’t ask me what the exact problem is; I don’t know where I feel the issue I just know there is one. Maybe.

Luckily I won’t have to deal with the issue (that’s probably in my head) today since I will be wearing my sneakers-reserved-for-crosstraining-day.


Momentum Foot Notes

Ohhh, you like my Foot Notes, do you? Why thank you.

What do you think of my new bracelet?

Motivate Wrap

Kind of cool, yes?

Momentum Bracelet

Both the sneaker charms and the bracelet are made by Momentum, a company that offers hand-crafted, workout-friendly jewelry for fitness-focused individuals.

As part of my ambassadorship with Girls Gone Sporty, I jumped at the chance to see these adorable pieces and host a giveaway where one of will receive a Motivate Wrap bracelet!

momentum giveaway

I have been wearing the bracelet basically every single day since I received it and just love it. Like for real, love it.


It is so soft, doesn’t leave a mark on your arm and is so comfortable that you forget it is there.

The bracelets are available in a variety of colors along with a variety of cute and inspirational sayings to choose from. The Foot Notes are available as single charms or coordinating pairs.

Now, you may wonder why I put the foot charms on my nonrunnable shoes. The Saucony’s are in fact running shoes- I just don’t like running in them hence the term “nonrunnable”. Don’t ask me why, it’s another one of those things I can’t explain just know to be the case.

Truth: I was afraid to mess with the laces in my Adidas sneakers in order to properly place the charms.

It is super easy to thread on but I really didn’t need anything else in my mind as to why I may not be liking my sneakers. Just the thought of lacing my running shoes wrong and feeling another problem with my feet sends me back to the sneaker store for a new pair/counseling session with the sneaker store employee.

Motivate Wrap Giveaway:

One reader will be randomly chosen from the comments on today’s post to receive one Motivate Wrap in the color/saying of their choice.

To enter, check out Momentum’s site and let me know what color you would most want to wear on your wrist. Pink, always pink for me. 

I will announce the winner Friday morning!

In addition to the giveaway, use this code (GGS158) to receive 15% off your total Momentum website purchase valid through July 15, 2014.


Good luck!


*Momentum sent me the bracelet and sneaker charms. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Do your sneakers are bother you yet you can’t figure out why?

What is your favorite color?

Am I really not cool enough to have a catch with?









Thinking Out Loud – Dark Chocolate Chips, McDonald’s and Kimmy Gibbler


Do you get frustrated when you get stuck in traffic, appointments run late, plans get screwed up or when things don’t go as you envisioned?

I used to let the little things bother me until I took a step back and gave thought to the idea that Everything Happens For A Reason.

Like maybe you were supposed to run late to avoid or encounter something different, maybe certain things fell apart for better things to come together and maybe chocolate chips went on sale specifically for you because weeks later you would need them for a random Wednesday night craving.

unnamed (6)

Remember my stash of chocolate chips? They came in handy last night.

Those Dark Chocolate Chips on the bottom really hit the spot. And Trader Joe’s semi-sweet chunks weren’t half-bad either. Yeah, it was a major chocolate craving attack last night.

Don’t you love my randomness this morning? We have Thursday to thank since it is time to link up with Amanda for another round of Thinking Out Loud.


Let’s continue my random thoughts for this foggy Thursday morning:


These two yellow pairs of sneakers may appear similar but trust me – my feet know the difference.

I made the mistake yesterday in the early foggy and dim morning light of slipping my feet into the Saucony pair (on the left) to head out for my run.

Within one step I knew something was wrong. Sure enough, I looked down to find the wrong pair of running shoes on my feet.

The feet always know.

The Saucony are comfortable and lovely, but more for aesthetic reasons than running reasons. I usually wear them casually when they match my clothes which is why they were by the front door.

I wore them on Tuesday which was also the day that I attended my monthly Nutrition Committee meeting.

Something very interesting was addressed at the meeting. So interesting that I just couldn’t wait to share it with you.


Ever hear of the McDonald’s experiment of testing how long a McDonald’s burger and bun can be left out without showing signs of mold?

I had never heard about this until Tuesday when the Nutrition Chairperson brought in her burger THAT SHE BOUGHT BACK IN AUGUST.


It doesn’t look almost 6 months old, does it? Not a sign of mold anywhere. Nor did it smell. It appeared as fresh as any other burger.

Explain it? I can’t. Some say it is because of the chemicals, additives and who knows what else McDonald’s uses to preserve and prepare their foods but McDonald’s of course gives their scientific reasoning so we don’t further hate them and their fast food.

I did a little googling (my form of research) and came up with a few articles on the subject. Click here to read up on the experiment.

I don’t know what the true reasoning is behind the invincible burger is but this is one of those times I am thankful I don’t consume fast food as well as thankful for going vegetarian.


I will never fully follow a vegan diet but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t excited when my copy of the Happy Herbivore arrived on my doorstep the other day! I actually won this cookbook in a giveaway from Hannah’s blog, Clean Eating Veggie Girl.

All of the recipes look delicious and easy so I can’t wait to test a few out. I already know which will be first and I intend to tackle it over the weekend.

I have a feeling flipping through this cookbook put me in the mood for baking last night. I haven’t baked in a couple of weeks so I told the little boy I would make something for dessert.

Since we couldn’t agree on a cookie, donut, muffin or brownie recipe from all of my yummy-looking pins on Pinterest, I opted for the easy route and chose for him – a simple Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Mug Cookie.

This mug cookie in particular was from one of my favorite dessert blogs, Crazy For Crust. What I love about my Pinterest boards is that I really only pin recipes from the blogs I follow. Whenever they post a recipe I know I would like, I just pin them immediately so that I have them for nights such as last night. I may be reluctant to love technology but I do like my Pinterest.

While on the subject of hating technology, do you still read a good old-fashioned book or do you use a Kindle type thing?


I really haven’t been reading enough lately but when I do, I like to hold a real book. Did you see DJ Tanner has a book out? Have you read it?

I used to love Candace Cameron as a kid and I love even more that she married Pavel Bure, the hockey player.


I saw this photo posted somewhere earlier this week. I was just wondering what happened to good old Kimmy Gibbler.

Ah the memories.

Time for me to get this Thursday going. I am super tired this morning so I am hoping a good run is on my horizon in order to fully wake myself up.

Have a great day!


Ever hear of this McDonald’s experiment?

Favorite Full House character? I want to say DJ since she was around my age when I started watching the show.

What did you have for dessert last night?




New Snacks and Quinoa Flakes

Remember these sneakers?

IMG_3196 (2)

So cute, right? Yeah well, appearance is their only positive attribute at the moment for me.

Since I became all adventurous with changing my running route, I decided yesterday to throw real caution into the wind by switching up the sneakers as well.

Bad move. I barely made it a mile before running myself straight into the gym and hopping on the elliptical machine.

Sure, I could have gone home and switched my shoes but I didn’t feel like it. Besides, I have been trying to alternate my run days with cross training days to keep myself feeling super fine and injury free.

So far it is working.

I guess we can’t base all things on appearance. Including this new snack.

IMG_0022 (2)

I thought by the looks of the package that this new squeeze fruit/veggie applesauce thing would make for a good snack for the little boy.

He really likes the novelty of the squeeze snacks and I like the novelty of hiding vegetables in his food.

But don’t get excited – he said this Del Monte Fruit Burst was disgusting.

You know  what he does like though that is squeezable?

IMG_5144 (2)

Chocolate pudding in a squeeze pouch that is made without the funky ingredients.

I don’t know why the kids like these squeeze snacks. I recall the emergence of the squeeze yogurts and I also recall him squeezing and it landing on my ceiling.

Speaking of chocolate, I really do love the new Double Chocolate Chunk Quest Bars.

IMG_5544 (2)

I know we have discussed them already but they are worth mentioning again. For a protein bar, they are quite delicious, as are most of the Quest Bars. I really don’t eat protein bars often at all and I don’t eat these every day either but I have been making them part of my evening snack on occasion.

Don’t worry, I haven’t gone insane and given up my favorite dessert.


See, here it is, all pretty and fresh and inviting.

Can you even tell that I mixed PB2 in with regular Crunch Time peanut butter? You can’t from the picture and you really can’t tell when you eat it either. So delicious.

You know what else is delicious? Dinner. Last night. In my house.


Meet my new favorite baked eggplant parm made with an incredible “breading” using Quinoa Flakes.

IMG_0034 (2)

Over the best spaghetti squash I have ever made. Delicious dinner to say the least. I will have to figure out the measurements for the Quinoa Flake breading so that I can share the recipe with you.  Stay tuned – it is so worth it. No bread crumb involved.

IMG_0039 (2)

Now, to be fair, I can only take partial credit on the above plate. I had leftover linguini and garlic knots from dinner the other night so all I made was the chicken parm and roasted carrots.

I think though that it is safe to say that I was semi-homemade Italian Queen for the evening though.

I can live with that title.

Have a great Wednesday!



Do you switch up your sneakers often?

New favorite snack?

Quick – Eggplant Parm or Chicken Parm?


Sunday Recap – Crosstrain and Cheesecake

Rise and shine people, time to start the week!

I am getting ready to go for my morning run shortly.

I forced myself to cross train yesterday because I realized I have been running every day without many elliptical or spin days in between.

But I know me. I know that there is always a chance that as soon as I open the front door, the best of cross training intentions may be out the window and I will simply turn left and start running on the path.

To prevent this scenario from occurring yesterday, I switched up my sneakers before leaving the house.

IMG_4465 (2)

While I like these Saucony’s, and while they are a running shoe (minimalist), they are not my Gel Nimbus 15’s.

I knew back at the end of May and into June that the new Asics felt like they were the right shoe for me.

Since I try not to jinx things or speak to soon, I kept testing out the other shoes while still breaking in the Asics just to make sure.

Once I decided the Asics were my perfect running companion, I stopped alternating my shoes and have been happily running ever since.


I don’t love the elliptical; I don’t hate it. It is simply there.

I always do the random program alternating high resistance levels. I don’t bother plugging in my weight to monitor the calories because a) I don’t know what I weigh and b)I don’t think the calorie counts are accurate.

Before I leave for my 5 mile run now, can we quickly discuss for a minute that we are in the last week of July with August to begin on Thursday?

The only exciting thing about July ending is that National Cheesecake Day tomorrow.


Considering I don’t like cheesecake at all, this holiday would mean nothing to me except for the fact that Cheesecake Factory is honoring the day with the debut of the Toasted Marshmallow S’mores Galore Cheesecake AND EACH SLICE OF CAKE IS HALF PRICE.

You know I like a good savings. Hmm, I wonder if slashing the price in half makes the calories half too?

I was actually at The Cheesecake Factory yesterday. Not for dessert but for brunch.

IMG_4468 (2)

In addition to their regular menu and Skinnylicious menu, they now have a “specials” menu.

Now, there were many appetizing featured items on the menu yesterday.

IMG_4472 (2)

But I stick to my favorite BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad (without the chicken).

I just can’t go there and order anything else.

 What if I didn’t like what I ordered as much as I love my giant salad? It would just ruin my day.

Call me weird but if I am going to eat something, I better enjoy it. If not, it is a complete waste of a meal and of a dining experience as well as a complete and total waste of calories.

IMG_4469 (2)

The little boy though knows how to diversify his selections. He went with the special “Belgian Waffles Elvis Style” which involved peanut butter, bananas and bacon.

Can I just say how nice it is to have a child that loves to eat out and enjoys a good meal? My my my, I have raised him so well.


One waffle left = leftovers for this morning’s breakfast.

Have a great Monday!



Do you alternate your sneakers?

Elliptical – love it or hate it? Do you pay attention to the calories burned?

Do you like cheesecake?

Are you a creature of habit at your favorite restaurants or do you always order something different?

Peanut butter and bacon – good combo or gross? I think peanut butter could go with anything.


My run yesterday was nowhere near as glorious as the last few have been.


The conditions were perfect, even after the flooding rains from Tropical Storm Andrea.

I blame my sneakers.


I just don’t know about these Brooks Glycerins. Some days they are great.

And then some days, they hurt the tops of my feet. Or the bottoms. Or, to put it simply, they just feel wrong lately.

I feel I have given them a fair chance. I even stop my runs to tie/re-tie and tie again.

To make matters worse, I don’t even know about the Saucony, Reebok or Asics I have lying around either.


I can’t fully explain my issues here. None of my sneakers are “THE ONE”.

I realize I am a Gemini. Please understand that I am not normally indecisive or bi-polar.

I have never had any form of a commitment issue.


Is it wrong to be looking for my glass slipper?

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