Running & Workouts (Running Round Up June 2017)


Every six months or so I round up the latest running-related posts I’ve written for a few reasons.

First, going back to see what I’ve written helps me to determine what I haven’t talked about in while, what I’ve already covered and what is still needed to be shared.

Second, it’s possible someone missed a really good running discussion or workout so I think it’s important that I  share it again!

running roundup

After reviewing the last few months of the blog, I noticed a lack of new running workouts created by me.

How can this be? Hopefully this summer I come up with a new running workout or two for us!

60 minute treadmill workout – This is a great treadmill workout to try if you are bored inside and not sure how to mix things up. Trust me, you will feel it!

60 Min Speed Interval Treadmill Workout / The Cookie ChRUNicles

Don’t Hate The Treadmill (Treadmill Workout Roundup) – We all go through phases with the treadmill, some of us more than others.

This post rounds up a great collection of treadmill workouts along with ways to make the treadmill work for you.

There's no reason to hate the treadmill! Check out this round up of treadmill inspiring posts and workouts!

While I didn’t create a ton of running workouts, I did a lot of writing about running.

It’s Okay To Not Sign Up For A Race  – Social media makes it seem like everyone is running races all of the time. That’s not true and not necessary if it’s not what you want to do.

Sometimes We Need To Run on Autopilot  –Getting out there to run isn’t always easy.

Even People Like Me Want To Sleep In Sometimes –  It can be hard to get out of bed, even for people like me!

Are Bad Runs Really Bad Runs? – I really don’t think there’s such a thing as a bad run.

is a bad run really a bad run?

Not Your Average Runner – I often do things my way which can sometimes be considered different from the stereotypical runner.

not your average runner

5 Basic Tips For Running Next Half Marathon – I kept these 5 basic tips in mind even for my 10 mile race last month. It really doesn’t matter the race distance, being mentally prepared and organized for the race you are about to run is key.

5 basic tips for running your next half marathon

And since I do SO MUCH Pure Barre, here’s my review of Pure Barre Pure Results (focus on thighs) online workout. I don’t think I would still be running so consistently and injury-free for so long without complementing my running with Pure Barre.

Reviewing the Pure Barre Pure Results online workout with featured focus on thighs!

Now that Pure Barre On Demand has been released, expect a full review in another month or so. I love it so far!

Previous Running Round-Ups:

Summer Running Strategies

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What’s on the workout agenda for today?

Do you run on the treadmill year round or more often in the winter?


Hi From Hershey & Running Round Up


Hi from Hershey Park! We have been having the best time this week and the chocolate isn’t half bad either…

hershey bar

I have lost count of how many chocolate bars and Hershey Kisses I have eaten but hey, it’s Hershey Park. If you are here, you eat chocolate with every meal. 🙂

Anyway, I will be back soon to recap our fun but in the meantime, I have been wanting to share a round-up of my favorite running-related and running workout posts from the last six months or so. I find it extremely helpful not only for me to see what I have been writing about in the last few months but for new readers who may have missed a great running-related post and workout idea!

running round up

Let’s start with the workouts:

Tempo Interval Workout < – This workout is challenging in a really good way, I swear! Work on your speed, ability and endurance.

Easy Run on the Treadmill Workout < – I ran this one yesterday for a few miles in the hotel gym!

Treadmill Workout < – A fun speed interval workout for the treadmill is always necessary.

13 Mile Long Run Workout < – A great way to run 13 miles and watch the time fly by fast.


Running Topics:

5 Benefits of Treadmill Running For Outdoor Runners < – Even if you prefer to run outside, there are benefits to running on the treadmill.

Treadmill Running: The Pros & Cons List < – Some of the positives are also negatives but hey, the treadmill is our friend and available to us when we can’t run outside!

5 Things I Do Everyday To Make Myself a Better Runner <- Really, it’s what I do when I am not running to make myself a better runner.

Surviving Summer as a Runner < – A few things I do both when running and not running to get through the warmer weather as a runner

Running Realizations < – So many things about ourselves as runners realized while running.

The Benefits of Tune Up Races < – Terrific guest post from Laura about how and why we should run a tune up race during our training.


Running & Health:

Laura and I worked together on this finding balance series. I really enjoyed writing it, learning and sharing the information. These posts are pretty popular which means I should probably put more posts like these together soon.

Finding Balance Between our DIets & Workouts

Finding Balance Between Our Diets & Workouts – How many calories do you really need?

Finding Balance Between Our Diets & Workouts Part II –  Good discussion about fueling for our workouts.

NEDA Week/Amenorrhea – The Female Athlete Triad is a serious topic and one female runners need to be aware of during their training.


Girl Talk: Body Image Chat – I can be nuts when it comes to the clothes in my closet!

The Dangers of Running on Anti-Inflammatory Medications – I didn’t know there were side effects of running after taking ant-inflammatory medications until seeing it as a warning in a race info packet!

Race Recaps:

I ran two races this Spring. I am still planning my fall race calendar but remain super happy with my current half PR. 🙂

Aspire 10k Race Recap – The tune up race during my half marathon training!

Long Island Half Marathon – My current PR half marathon!

Long Island Half Marathon Over The Years – Running the same half marathon a few years in a row is a pretty cool experience since you are able to look back at where you were in your life at the time of the race.

Other Running Round Ups:

Running Round Up June 2015 – This round-up of running posts was written a year ago already, wow.

Turkey Trot Running Round Up – Good round-up of running workouts.

Running Helps Me Think – So many great post ideas are thought of while running. This round-up includes all topics including divorce.

Running Round Up 2014 – I shared this post while we were away in Disney World! Feels like yesterday.

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What did you have for dessert last night (I have desserts on my mind since I am eating a lot of chocolate)?

What types of running/running-related posts are you interested in seeing more of?

What’s on the workout agenda for today?

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