City Food + Pizza Tour Stop + Roasted Vegetables

Let’s back up a bit, back to late last week when I was in the city.

Indoor dining in the city has been closed (but is set to reopen this Friday).

While downtown in lower Manhattan, we stopped at Little Italy pizza for some pizza to eat outside. It’s a bit strange to eat pizza outside at a table in February, two days after a big snowstorm no less, but hey, it’s a sign of the time.

Remember my New York City pizza tour I started last year around this time? Even though Little Italy Pizza was not on our list, I’m counting this pizza stop and this grandma slice as part of our pizza tour. It’s been hard (to say the least) to continue our pizza tour mission but hopefully, by summer, we are back in action.

grandma pizza

I was also in the city on Friday. All I wanted was a bagel with vegetable cream cheese.

I can’t begin to tell you how this lightly toasted bagel hit the craving spot.

bagel with vegetable cream cheese

We stopped at Pick A Bagel. Pick a Bagel is the same bagel store I used to stop at with my dad when I was a kid and back then, I ALWAYS picked a black and white cookie on our way home from the city.

I don’t think you can find a more perfect looking black and white cookie if you tried!

black and white cookies

This time around, I wanted one rugelach. Just one. I felt like a kid when I asked for just one rugelach and the lady gave it to me for free.


It’s so rare for me to order a slice of salad pizza but sometimes it happens. This salad pizza from Monte was really good!

salad pizza

If you think I live on pizza, it’s more like I live on tea this winter.

I start with Raspberry Leaf Tea in the morning. Then I choose between Trader Joe’s Organic Ginger Turmeric Tea or Organic Peppermint Tea during the day. I’m someone who can be sensitive to tea (I can’t drink caffeinated tea and even caffeine-free tea can make me dizzy) but thankfully, all three of these tea varieties are fine for me to drink. Remember my birthday tea at The Plaza? Such a good time. 🙂

donut care mug

Look who got back to her roots and roasted a full pan of vegetables!

Here’s how this happened. I went to Trader Joe’s on Saturday. Between the Super Bowl and snowstorm on way, the shelves were pretty empty. I grabbed what I could kind including a package of organic peppers (red, orange, yellow) and cauliflower, and had to buy organic tomatoes at Target.

On Sunday, when it was snowing (once again!), I decided to roast the vegetables in the oven with a diced sweet potato too. I figured this pan of roasted vegetables would last a few days and would be great for adding to salads.

roasted vegetables

I also made quinoa and lentils. I’ve been living on chickpeas for too many weeks in a row as my protein source so it’s nice to mix things up with quinoa and lentils instead. I really don’t make quinoa and lentils enough, to be honest. It’s such a quick combo to cook together with great texture and excellent nutritional benefits.

And oh, I just came across this post from a few years ago about the only diet-related article you ever need to read. Check it out. It still holds so true.

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