Still The Same Yet Different


My brain goes to interesting places while I am running, yesterday’s nine mile run is no exception.

Based upon this post, it shouldn’t be any wonder why I don’t say hello to others as I pass them…I am clearly in another world trying to solve all of life’s mysteries for us.


Have you ever taken a trip back to a school you once attended only to think it looked much smaller than you remembered?

The building isn’t so big, the hallways aren’t so long, the desks are really tiny and how the heck did you ever fit your tush in the chair?

Did you have a favorite packaged snack growing up such as Entenmann’s cookies, Hostess Cupcakes or a specific Drakes Cake like Ring Dings or Yodels and think it was the yummiest dessert on the planet only to taste it years later and discover it to be a poor excuse for chocolate and a complete waste of calories?

hostess cupcakes


Was it never as good as you thought? Did the company alter their recipe?

Or, did your palate get all fancy and learn to expect true quality chocolate, fresh from scratch goodies with real ingredients versus artificial flavors, colors and preservatives?

Have you ever suffered a running injury to the point where you needed to take up another form of exercise in order to rest and heal your injury only to find you love that activity possibly more than running? For the record this has never happened to me but I have heard of it happening so just go with it.

Or, maybe you still love running but have come to realize that you could also love Spin just as much or in another way?

And when it comes to love, what about those relationships in your life that you thought were forever yet suddenly out of nowhere come to end leaving you convinced that you will never recover, move on or fully get over it.

In fact, you assume that should the opportunity present itself to you again, you will welcome the day with open arms no matter how many years later it may be.

But something interesting happens over time.

You grow and get stronger from the experience and from living life, become more resilient than you ever could have imagined yet remain clueless to this change in you and to how over something you really are until it does come back to you.

And then, you suddenly find yourself seeing that former situation like you view a package of Ring Dings.

ring dings

You once thought those cute little Ring Dings were really good but eh, they really weren’t best dessert out there.

It’s like your elementary school from childhood.

Still the same yet different. Only it isn’t different, it’s you that is different.

You outgrew it.


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