Just a Runner Who Likes Ice Cream

“You are not cool, mom. You are just a runner who likes ice cream.”


Correction dear child of mine. I am all about the chocolate dipped bowl. With sprinkles. And fudge, whipped cream, cookie dough, chocolate chips….

I can probably do with or without the ice cream.

But thank you for referring to me as a runner.


I may not be cool according to 9 year old standards, but if you stick with me, the very sight of this Cookie from the ChRUNicle will make the owner of Cold Stone Creamery scramble to ensure that there is a freshly dipped waffle bowl (with sprinkles) waiting for us.

So, either it is  cool to be known at your local Cold Stone Creamery, or rather lame that one is known at their local Cold Stone Creamery.

My son may say I am not cool, but he had no problem joining me.


In my opinion, the fact that I took the boy last night for a surprise after dinner treat signifies my mom coolness.

I actually had a few reasons to venture out to Cold Stone on a Thursday night during a so-called snowstorm.

I had a coupon (of course I did). And a gift card!

cold stone gift card

I also let you all down again by failing to acknowledge another holiday. Please forgive me.

Happy Belated National Cereal Day! (Geez there really is a holiday for everything).

cereal day


I seldom eat a bowl of cereal but I did feel the need to honor my former love of the Cocoa Pebble.

All holidays and occasions should be honored with a good dessert, yes?

cocoa pebble

To be honest, I actually didn’t need a gift card, coupon or holiday as my excuse.

Sometimes one just needs a big dessert made for them.

cold stone

So before my run yesterday I debated taking a rest day.

I do not take full rest days often and wasn’t so sure I had it in me for a run on the treadmill or even a workout on the elliptical.

There is something about my minimum of 30 minutes of exercise a day though that gives my day such a boost that  I seldom go without it.


I decided to run an easy, slow 3 miles on the treadmill knowing that if I didn’t have it in me during the first mile I could just walk to complete my 30 min a day requirement.

I actually felt great. My slow pace turned into a speed work session which seems to always happen on the treadmill. I think because I am staring at my distance and have control of my pace with a tap of a button I just can’t help but speed up to be done.

In addition to feeling great, Pandora blessed me with a fabulous mix of music.

pandora thumb

Including the Harlem Shake. I like to think I am a cool mom since I listened to it?

harlem shake

Anyway, even though I ended up having a great run, it is probably important that one takes enough rest days and listens to their body.

Coincidentally, I just came across an article regarding intuitive training complete with a biofeedback test in Experience Life Magazine.

You can view the article/test by clicking on the picture.


In addition to providing information on how to listen to your body through intuitive training, conducting biofeedback tests can help you determine your level of readiness for exercise.

According to the article, “If you want some hard data on your readiness for hard exercise, try one of the biofeedback tests. Any one of them will give you a quick assessment of the current state of your central nervous system- the combination of your brain and spinal cord, which communicates with the rest of the body- and whether you should make it a high-, medium-, or low- intensity day at the gym.”

Who knew that by conducting a “Finger Tapping Test” in which you count how many times your pen can tap a piece of paper  in 10 seconds will determine your body’s readiness for exercise?

I intend to conduct these tests this morning, as soon as I can get myself up from my kitchen chair and get a pen.

I may be able to get out the door in a jif to run 12 miles but ask me to get up and get a pen? Not just yet… In a minute…. I am coming…. Soon.

I need to know:

Do you like ice cream sundaes for the toppings and extras like me or for the ice cream?

Do you take enough rest days?

Did you try out the biofeedback tests?

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