Thinking Out Loud 4.7.16


I think it’s great that Amanda (our weekly Thinking Out Loud host) has been enjoying herself in Hawaii but if you want my opinion, it’s time for her to come home already. My days are not the same without talking to her all day long!


Saturday night following the 10k race, I had to drive my son to a Bar Mitzvah party which just so happened to be along the race course. We were a little bit early so I felt the need to drive certain points of the race to point out to him not only where I ran (no, he didn’t care) but the fact that we were driving on hills. It’s amazing how a road can seem flat until you run on it.

Along this same point, the Long Island Half Marathon is a flat course aside from this one little hilly portion of road which I never noticed before until I ran three races on it. I drive that hilly portion all of the time and always feel the need to say out loud, this is a b*tch of a hill on foot even if we don’t feel it in the car.

Also along the 10k race course is the frozen yogurt store we frequent when no one else is there since I am embarrassing to be seen with in public. Once again the other day, my son needed to scope out the scene before we could go in. I told him to imagine how bad it would be if I actually looked and acted embarrassing. He told me I do look embarrassing. I don’t even understand.

Thankfully there was no one he knew in the yogurt store so I was allowed in to fill up a cup. They had chocolate-covered mini marshmallows in the toppings bar which I don’t think I had ever seen so I had to try them – very good if you were wondering.

frozen yogurt

I am 37 years old, quickly approaching my 38th birthday and still think to bring some laundry of mine to my mother. I had three white tops that needed more attention than I could give them because my laundry capabilities are less than stellar.

She was really happy to help me out but unfortunately my son witnessed the laundry exchange which scares me — I absolutely do not want him bringing me laundry when he is an adult. I don’t even want his laundry now. I am hopeful that if he needs my assistance at the age of 38, that it’s in the form of baking cookies for school bake sales or something of that nature for my grandkids. Not laundry. Please, not laundry.

My Islanders made the playoffs. I can’t even believe it’s going to be a year ago this weekend that they played their last regular season home game at the Nassau Coliseum and my article was a trending top story Sunday featured article in Newsday about my team.

If hockey or my childhood is of interest to you and you want to read the article, the link is available if you click on the below image 🙂 That’s my son in the picture!

Islanders article in Newsday


I haven’t shared a text from my son in a bit. Here’s a classic one from yesterday morning which he sent me from his room regarding breakfast.



Lucky for him, I was able to make it happen. He actually goes into school late most mornings this week because of these silly New York State ELA tests that we parents “opt out” of for our children. I don’t understand it either – if we have the option to opt out then why have the tests at all?!

So, on the way to school at 10:00 am, I agreed to take him for his a requested bagel.


And yes, he totally checked to make sure he didn’t know anyone in the bagel store.

I am happy about this going into school late thing because it allows me to sleep a little later this week too. I have been sleeping so well lately that I am in no rush to get up in the morning. Laura said it’s part of the half marathon training – I definitely feel like I need my sleep so I am happy to be getting it!

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Are you noticeably more tired when training for a race?

Do you run any local races that involve streets you drive often?

Are you good at getting the laundry done? Can I bring mine to you?



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